Which over the range microwave is the best?

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Our Top Picks: Summary
  • Best Overall: GE Profile Over-the-Range Microwave.
  • Best Budget: Magic Chef Over-the-Range Microwave.
  • Best Low-Profile: Whirlpool Over-the-Range Microwave.
  • Best Convection: Sharp R1874T Over-the-Range Convection Microwave.

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Thereof, how do I choose an over the range microwave?

Measure the width of the range in your home to pick an over-the-range microwave to match. Choose a microwave that provides over-the-range exhaust features if you do a lot of stovetop cooking. Many microwaves operate as an exhaust hood and use a charcoal filter went venting cooking fumes.

Additionally, what is the best microwave hood combination? Name Dimensions GE Over The Range Microwave Oven PVM9005SJSS 33 x 21 x 20.5 inches Sharp R1874T Stainless-Steel Over-the-Range Convection Microwave Oven 29.9 x 16.3 x 15.3 inches LG LMV2031ST Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave 29.9 x 15.9 x 16.4 inches

Likewise, what is the best CFM for over the range microwave?

Over-The-Range Microwave (OTR) The CFM (how many cubes of air is exhausted in a minute) is 300-400 on the average side. Most range hoods are 300-695 CFM's for a standard gas range.

How many years does a microwave last?

10 years

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What is the most reliable microwave brand?

Countertop Microwaves
Microwaves from Maytag, Avanti, Breville, Jenn-Air, LG, and Toshiba stand out as the most reliable brands. Of them, only Maytag earns an Excellent rating; the other five brands earn Very Good reliability ratings.

Do Over the Range Microwaves have fans?

Over-the-range microwaves have a light and fan built into the bottom of the appliance. After the smoke and steam are removed, the filtered fan vents the air outside your home or cleans it before releasing it back into the kitchen.

Are over the range microwaves out of style?

Over-the-range microwave
Instead of saving space in the kitchen by putting the microwave over the range, move it to a built-in cubby under the counter. While over-the-range microwaves have been stylish for years, the trend is on the way out in 2018.

What should I look for when buying a microwave?

Here are some of the most important factors to consider in order for you to find the best microwave for you.
  1. Your Kitchen. Your microwave needs to fit in to the kitchen it will become a part of.
  2. Size.
  3. Wattage.
  4. Reliability.
  5. Price.
  6. Preprogrammed Settings.
  7. Noise.
  8. Safety.

What is the quietest microwave over the range?

Best Quietest Over the Range Microwave Ovens 2020
  1. Sharp R1874T Over-the-Range Convection Microwave.
  2. GE MICROWAVES 1029481 Over-The-Ran Microwave Oven.
  3. LG LMHM2237ST Over-The-Range Microwave Oven.
  4. Sharp R-1214 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave.
  5. GE JVM3160RFSS Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave Oven.

How difficult is it to install an over the range microwave?

Most of the time, installing an over the range microwave oven is not difficult, but each house is different, and problems can be encountered.

What is the difference between built in and over the range microwave?

Dave, over-the-range microwaves are meant to be installed over a Range to assist with ventilation while built in Microwaves can be installed in most cabinet spaces. Over the range mounts on the bottom of your over the range kitchen cabinet.

Should you put microwave over stove?

We design one kitchen per week here at KTJ Design Co, and we try to NOT put the microwave over the range (also known as an over-the-range microwave or OTR) in any of them. It must double as your primary ventilation for your range or cooktop. OTR's aren't that good at venting grease, smoke, and smells.

Are microwave vents effective?

Ductless vent hoods, while not the best option, are still superior to OTR microwaves for venting kitchen fumes. Ductless vent hood filtration systems are generally more effective than the OTR microwaves, since the hoods are designed specifically to filter kitchen contaminants out of the air.

Is range hood better than microwave?

So, the range hood is more professional than OTR microwave. A range hood is also best suitable for a huge amount of cocking. However, you should choose OTR microwave to avoid the using of burners often. The over the range microwave can be your right choice if you have a lack of space.

Why are built in microwaves so expensive?

Built-in microwaves look so much nicer than countertop or over-the-range microwaves because they are designed to fit into cabinetry rather than stick out like a sore thumb. They are, however, a pretty big commitment and are typically more expensive, so it's important to choose the right one.

Is it safe to put a microwave above a gas stove?

All current over the range microwaves can be installed over gas cooking products up to and including 5 burner stoves. As long as the 66" minimum from the floor to the top of the microwave is followed there will be no performance or warranty problem. This includes Advantium ovens and convection microwaves.

Does Bosch make microwaves?

Powerful 240 Volt and 120 Volt Speed Ovens combine the cooking qualities of a conventional oven with the speed of microwave technology. The Bosch Speed oven is an upgrade over the standard microwave oven. It offers fast and oven-quality cooking with European Convection, AutoChef®, Broil, and Microwave.

Can you put a convection microwave in a cabinet?

And while many bloggers will advise you to install a microwave in your kitchen cabinets, we strongly advise against it. With oven-to-table quality ceramic turntable platter, the Sharp Matte Black Carousel Convection Microwave Oven is a simple, safe, microwave oven that can be built into your cabinets.

Do over the stove microwaves have lights?

Over-the-range microwaves have a cooktop light underneath to allow you to better see the food you're cooking.

Does a convection microwave need to be vented?

the sharp microwave/convection commonly used in newer a/s (2002-2007) doesn't need venting it can be used on a counter top or wall/space mounted wtih a kit that provides an air gap on 5 sides. it does need 2 inches of clearance on all sides to allow hot air to circulate.