Where is the best place to plant lettuce?

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The ideal lettuce growing location for spring and fall is in a spot that receives full sun. If you plan on growing lettuce during the summer or in warm planting zones, partial shade can provide protection from the heat.

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Likewise, how do you plant lettuce?


  1. Choose a head lettuce variety for indoor planting.
  2. Prepare seed trays.
  3. Sow the seeds 4-6 weeks before the last spring frost.
  4. Give the seeds plenty of sunlight and water.
  5. Transplant into the garden.
  6. Fertilize the lettuce three weeks after transplanting.
  7. Cut mature leaves.
  8. Store harvested lettuce in the refrigerator.

Also Know, will lettuce grow back after cutting? Head lettuce will die back, but most leaf-lettuce plants renew efforts to produce leaves, if regularly watered after trimming. Results will often be smaller than the original plant, but you may be able to harvest a second, good-tasting crop within as little as two weeks.

Secondly, when should I plant lettuce?

Time of sowing depends on when the crop is wanted: For a summer/autumn crop: sow outdoors from late March to late July. For an even earlier crop, sow indoors in early February in seed trays and plant out in early March under cloches or plastic tunnels.

Does lettuce need direct sunlight?

Although lettuce grows fastest in full sun, it is one of the few vegetables that tolerates some shade. In fact, a spring crop often lasts longer if shaded from the afternoon sun as the season warms. You can grow lots of lettuce in a small space, even a container.

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How do you make lettuce grow faster?

Lettuce prefers soil that is high in organic material, with plenty of compost and a steady supply of nitrogen to keep if growing fast. Use organic alfalfa meal or a slow-release fertilizer. Make sure the soil remains moist but is well drained. Lettuce will tell you when it needs water.

Can you grow lettuce in pots?

Planting Lettuce in Container
Growing lettuce in containers requires the right type of pot and planting medium. Lettuce needs ample room for roots but you can grow several varieties in 6 to 12 inch pots. Transplants should be buried ¼ inch deeper than they would be in garden soil and set 6 to 12 inches apart.

How long does it take to grow tomatoes?

Tomatoes take 20 to 30 days to reach maturity from the time they first appear, so expect your tomato plants to begin producing fruits 40 to 50 days after planting them in the ground.

How do you pick lettuce so it keeps growing?

Cut the outer lettuce leaves about 1 inch above the crown. This protects the crown so the lettuce can continue growing. Cut off the amount of lettuce needed when the leaves reach a length between 3 and 6 inches. Water the lettuce regularly to encourage continued growth even after you begin harvesting.

How do you grow lettuce in hot weather?

Meet the Heat Challenge
  1. Grow loose leaf varieties that are heat-resistant or slow-bolting, rather than varieties that form heads.
  2. Use transplants or germinate seeds indoors in containers away from heat.
  3. Provide shade.
  4. Don't skimp on water.
  5. Mulch lightly with an organic mulch to retain soil moisture.

How many lettuce seeds do you plant in one hole?

In general, two to three seeds should be planted per hole. Seeds do not have 100% germination rates, so not every seed planted will sprout.

Does lettuce like manure?

If you want to grow lettuce organically, you can mix compost, well-rotted manure, fish emulsions, etc into the soil before planting lettuce. This will also give your lettuce plants the nutrients they need to maximize production.

How much water does lettuce need a day?

Water the lettuce once or twice per week, or every four to five days, whenever rainfall is inadequate or the soil about an inch below the soil surface feels dry to the touch. Moisten the top 6 inches of soil with each watering session.

Can you grow lettuce in the summer?

How to Keep Lettuce Growing in the Heat of Summer. Lettuce is regarded as a cool-season vegetable, and in most home gardens it is planted in the early spring, harvested in late spring to early summer, and is then discarded in favor of other vegetables for the middle of the summer.

Should I cover my lettuce?

Lettuce is tolerant of cold temperatures for short periods of time, although growth will slow down. To protect lettuce in frost prone areas, plant romaine or butterhead lettuce, which are the most cold-tolerant. When frost is predicted, cover the garden with sheets or towels to provide some protection.

Where is the best place to plant strawberries?

Planting Strawberries and Keeping them Happy. Strawberries can be placed in the ground in early spring as soon as the soil is workable. Choose a site with loamy, well draining soil. A pH between 6 and 7 is ideal.

What is the ideal temperature for growing lettuce?

Lettuce is adapted to cool growing conditions with the optimum temperatures for growth of 60 to 65°F. At 70 to 80°F, the plants flower and produce seed. Lettuce can tolerate a few days of temperatures from 80 to 85°F, provided that nights are cool.

Do you soak lettuce seeds before planting?

In warmer temperatures, imbibing or soaking the seeds in water for at least 16 hours before planting in a well-lit area will increase the germination percentages greatly. Shading the lettuce plants can give enough of a temperature drop to keep them from bolting, sometimes up to 3 – 5 weeks.

Should I let my lettuce flower?

Yes, bolting means "flowering and ready to set seed". When it sends up that long flower stalk, it's all done. As for "is it edible": it will probably be bitter enough that you won't want to eat it. Lettuce in summer is tricky -- long days and heat makes it want to bolt.

Is bolted lettuce poisonous?

Bolted lettuce can still be harvested and eaten, although the leaves will taste unpalatable and bitter if they are left on the plant too long, so it is best to pick the leaves as soon as possible after bolting and remove the plant entirely once all the edible leaves are removed.

How do I stop my lettuce from bolting?

If you plant lettuce late and wish to avoid premature lettuce bolt, try using a shade cloth over the row to reduce the intensity of the light. Additionally, it is essential to fertilize new plants with a 10-10-10 fertilizer. Make sure the plants receive plenty of moisture.