Where is Anthony Gonzalez from?

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Anthony Gonzalez (actor)
Anthony Gonzalez
Born September 23, 2004 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 2012–present

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Accordingly, where is Anthony Gonzalez from Coco from?

The Coco star's parents grew up on a farm in Guatemala, and emigrated to Los Angeles while in their 20s to start a new life. Gonzalez has a unique heritage that also includes family from Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy and “a lot” in Mexico — like his character Miguel.

Additionally, where does Anthony Gonzalez live? Personal life. Gonzalez, with his wife, Elizabeth, and their son live in Rocky River, Ohio.

Then, where is Anthony Gonzalez born?

2004 (age 15 years)

How old is Anthony Gonzalez?

15 years (2004)

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Did Benjamin Bratt sing in Coco?

Coco, in fact, marks the first time we've heard Bratt, who plays a crucial role as Mexican folk legend Ernesto de la Cruz, sing on screen. “When I was first given the chance to take on the role, Lee said, 'We'd also like you to sing. ' So my initial reaction was one of pure terror.

Who sang in Coco?

Anthony Gonzalez

Does Anthony Gonzalez sing in Coco?

The 12-year-old star of the movie, Anthony Gonzalez - who is the voice of Miguel, visited WCL to talk about the movie. He also performed the Oscar-nominated song "Remember Me!" accompanied by Steve Doyle of the Old Town School of Folk Music. "Coco" will be available on Blu-Ray on Feb.

How much is Anthony Gonzalez worth?

Anthony Gonzalez Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth in 2019 $1 Million - $5 Million (Approx.)
Previous Year's Net Worth (2018) $100,000 - $1 Million
Annual Salary Under Review.
Income Source Primary Income source Football Player (profession).

Who is the producer of the movie Coco?

Darla K. Anderson

Is Anthony Gonzalez in Shameless?

Santiago (played by Anthony Gonzalez, aka the voice of Miguel in the animated film “Coco”) is an asylum-seeker from south of the border — weirdly, his country of origin is never mentioned — and he has been separated from his father and sister. Points to “Shameless” for accuracy.

What party is Anthony Gonzalez?

Republican Party