Where does Casey Anthony parents live?

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Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – 2008) was an American girl who lived in Orlando, Florida, with her mother, Casey Marie Anthony (born March 19, 1986), and her maternal grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony.

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Furthermore, where does Casey Anthony Live 2019?

Casey Anthony is now 32 and still lives in south Florida. She's got a new tattoo just visible on her shoulder. It appears to cover the infamous "La Bella Vita" ink that she got while partying, just two weeks after Caylee had been reported missing.

Furthermore, how long was Casey Anthony in jail? July 7, 2011 – Judge Perry sentences Casey Anthony to one year in county jail and $1,000 in fines for each of the four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

One may also ask, what is Casey Anthony net worth?

Casey Anthony Net Worth: Casey Anthony is an American suspected murderer who has a net worth of -$800,000.

How old is Cindy Anthony?

61 years (June 5, 1958)

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Why did Casey Anthony go free?

On July 5, 2011, the jury found Casey not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child, but guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. With credit for time served, she was released on July 17, 2011.

How much is Anthony Bourdain worth?

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What did the medical examiner conclude was the cause of death of Caylee Anthony?

G: Medical Examiner, concluded in her autopsy report that the cause of death was "homicide by undetermined means." Based on Garavaglia's report and other evidence, prosecutors charged that Casey Anthony, 25, drugged her daughter with chloroform, and then put duct tape over her mouth and nose to suffocate her to death.