Where do Bill and Jen Arnold live?

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The back story: In September 2017, Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, stars of the long-running TLC reality show, had put their five-bedroom, six-bath Houston mansion on the market, since they'd moved to St. Petersburg, FL, so that Dr. Arnold could start a new gig at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.

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Moreover, where does Jen Arnold live now?

She was born at St. Anthony's Hospital on March 12, 1974, and now works at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, where she serves as medical director for the Center for Medical Simulation and Innovative Education. Arnold, who has a rare genetic skeletal disorder, stands 3 feet 2.

Secondly, where does the little couple live 2019? The Little Couple's Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are finally settling into their new life in St. Petersburg, Florida, and their two kids, Will and Zoey, have some new favorite activities.

Regarding this, where do Jen and Bill live in Florida?

Jen and Bill previously lived in Houston with their two kids until a new job opportunity for Jen took them to St. Petersburg, Florida. “It's great that we're going to be within driving distance of the majority of my family,” says Bill.

Where do the little couple live in St Petersburg?

The move to Florida meant the couple would need to find a new place to live. They recently purchased a $2.1 million Florida mansion in the St. Petersburg area. The home is flawless inside and out and has more than 5,400 square feet.

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How much do the little couple make per episode?

Reality producer Terence Michael told InTouch that reality families make about 10% of the show's budget. Terence's best guess is that TLC budgets about $250,000 - $400,000 per OutDaughtered episode. That means, according to the outlet, that the Busbys could make roughly $25,000 to $40,000 an episode.

What does the little couple do for work?

The Little Couple also works together
Elsewhere, the busy father also owns Rocky & Maggie's, a pet supply business with both an e-commerce platform and a physical location in Houston, which is named after the family dogs and supports local rescues and charities, as well as selling various pet goods.

How much is Bill Klein worth?

Bill Klein net worth: Bill Klein is an American reality television star and businessman with a net worth of $2.5 million. Bill Klein acquired that wealth by co-starring on a reality television show based on he and his wife's lives as little people who are raising a family.

What happened to the little couple 2019?

The Little Couple returned with not only a ninth season, but it also came back for even more episodes after that. The latest season just finished airing on TLC in September 2019, and all seems well with the sweet family.

What's wrong with Jennifer Arnold?

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold in Hospital for Hip Surgery
Jen discussed skeletal issues that are common with dysplasia. She worked 120 hours a week and being constantly on her feet as a young doctor caused the first hip surgery crisis. Jen Arnold said, “I just wore out my hips”.

Will the little couple return in 2019?

Season 12 of TLC's The Little Couple debuts August 6, 2019.

Is the little couple still filming?

The Little Couple is returning to TLC with new episodes soon, much to the delight of their anxious fans. Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein had previously noted that they were still filming for the show, but viewers have been stuck with another lengthy hiatus between seasons, with no end in sight until now.

Does Bill Klein have a job?

Bill Klein grew up in the town of Port Jefferson on Long Island, NY. After earning a degree in Biology from NYU, Bill embarked on a professional career in sales. After this career, Bill started his first endeavor into entrepreneurship. In 2011, Bill began consulting clients independently from his office in Houston.

Did the little couple divorce?

Having accomplished so much together, it was a sad surprise to all Little People, Big World fans when Amy and Matt announced back in 2015 that they were getting divorced.

Where does the little couple live in FL?

Arnold joined Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg as a medical director in July 2017, prompting their move to Florida from Houston. Aug. 6 will mark the 14th season for the show, which premiered a decade ago.

Does Jen from the little couple have cancer again?

The Little Couple and their family were dealt some serious news back in 2013 when Jen Arnold was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, choriocarcinoma, a little over a year ago. She quickly entered into treatment, and thankfully, the Little Couple star is now in remission, and has been since early February 2014.

How much was the little couple's house in Florida?

The stars of the popular TLC series "The Little Couple" closed on their new Florida residence in early June for $2.1 million.

How much does Jen Klein make?

Estimated net worth: $3.5 million
Klein and Arnold have made money from their TLC show, but it's their demanding, real-life careers that have given them such a cozy nest egg. Klein works as a successful businessman, and Arnold is a neonatologist who cares for young infants.

How old are Will and Zoey from the little couple?

It's hard to believe Zoey is about to turn 8 years old. Jen and Bill have both been posting plenty of photos of Will and Zoey, especially since the kids are headed off to school soon. And fans can't believe how much the little girl has grown since she first arrived in the Arnold-Klein household.

How much is Jen Arnold worth?

Jen Arnold net worth: Jen Arnold is an American neonatologist and reality television star who has a net worth of $3.5 million dollars. Jen Arnold is based in Houston, Texas, where she works at the Texas Children's Hospital.

How old is Jen and Bill from the little couple?

Both stars of The Little Couple were born in 1974 so for most of the year, they are the same age. Arnold's birth is in March and Klein's is in October. Currently, Jen is 45 and Bill is 44.