How much does it cost to go to the Arnold?

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The most popular ticket to the Arnold Sports Festival is the Daily EXPO Ticket, which cost $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Daily EXPO Tickets are $20 in advance or "3 For $50" online at through March 5, 2020.

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Also, where is the Arnold Classic 2019?

COLUMBUS, Ohio (August 20, 2018) – The 2019 Arnold Sports Festival and the world-renowned Arnold Classic bodybuilding championships, already the world's largest multi-sport festival, will grow even larger in 2019 when the four-day health and fitness celebration presents a record 80 sports and events February 28-March 3

Similarly, how do you get into the Arnold Classic? The fee to enter the 2020 Arnold Amateur is $200, with an additional $100 fee for crossovers. Crossovers are allowed in all divisions. Admission to the Arnold Amateur is $25 on Thursday, March 5 (Day #1) and $25 on Friday, March 6 (Day #2).

Also to know, what time does the Arnold Expo start?

EXPO opens at 9 a.m. for VIP and FAST PASS Ticket Holders.

How much are Arnold Classic tickets?

Tickets for the Arnold Sports Festival are $20 each or three for $50 in advance through Ticketmaster and are good for most events at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and all events at the Ohio Expo Center. Tickets are $25 each at the door.

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What events are at the Arnold Classic?

  • Baton Twirling.
  • Disc Golf.
  • Cheerleading & Dance.
  • CrossFit Endeavor.
  • Jump Rope.
  • Lifestyle Fitness & Yoga.
  • Ultimate Teen Challenge.
  • Wolf Pack Trail Run.

How much money do you get if you win the Arnold Classic?

The Arnold Weightlifting Championship is one of the premier weightlifting meets held in the United States. With that title comes a large prize purse, which this year comes in at over $47,000. Watch LIVE as athletes like Colin Burns and Mattie Sasser compete to take home the $7500 first place prize.

How many days is the Arnold Classic?

The Arnold Sports Festival has steadily grown into a four-day festival that features professional and amateur bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman.

What is the prize money for Mr Olympia?

Olympia Weekend is set to award more than $1.4 million in prize money, eclipsing its previous mark, making this year's event the most lucrative bodybuilding and fitness championship of all time. In addition to a $400,000 prize to the Mr.

What building is the Arnold Classic in?

The festival features more than 22,000 athletes from 60 nations competing in more than 80 sports and events. Daily EXPO Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door and are good for most events at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and all events at the Ohio Expo Center.

What is the prize money for Arnold Classic Strongman?

The best compensated is the Arnold Strongman Classic, which top prize is $72k.

What is the prize for Arnold Strongman?

At the Stone to Shoulder final event, Bjornsson finished in third place with the successful completion of one-rep. To conclude his performance, Bjornsson earned a total of 45 points and walked away with another Arnold Strongman Classic title, Louis Cyr Trophy, and $72,000 in prize money.

What is a fitness expo?

At a Fitness Expo you get to see so many cool exhibitors and learn about products and technology that are very new and upcoming! Whether it is a new flavor of almond butter, a fun wheel to spin at the Waba Grill, or fun, new fitness clothes there is SO MUCH TO SEE.

Who won the 2019 Arnold?

Brandon “The Prodigy” Curry, a veteran from Murfreesboro, Tenn., scored a stunning win over defending champion William Bonac to win the 31st Arnold Classic at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. Curry, with his wife Brandy Leaver and four children in the audience, won the Arnold Classic for the first time.

Where is the Arnold Classic USA?

The Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens EXPO will be held March 7-8, 2020 in the Bricker Building at the Ohio Expo Center. Admission is included with the Daily EXPO Ticket.

Will the Arnold Classic be streamed?

Generation Iron will live stream all IFBB events, including prejudging and finals on Friday, March 3rd and Saturday, March 4th. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself will also make a cameo appearance during the live stream broadcast. The Arnold Classic 2017 live stream will be exclusively available on

How do you qualify for Arnold Strongman?

All athletes qualify for the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships by winning or placing in a national championships conducted by their national federation. U.S. competitors will qualify at the North American Strongman National Championships.