What was the last Oldsmobile?

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April 29, 2004

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In this regard, why did they stop making Oldsmobile?

OldsmobileAnother General Motors brand, Oldsmobile was founded as the Olds Motor Vehicle Company in 1897. GM pulled the plug in 2004, citing that "Oldsmobile production has remained unprofitable" and that it would therefore end manufacturing.

Secondly, are Oldsmobile cars still made? "Oldsmobile production has remained unprofitable and, therefore, GM's current planning is to end production with the 2004 models," General Motors, the world's biggest automaker, said in September 2001. The last 500 Aleros produced will be painted metallic cherry red and carry special Final 500 markings.

Also to know is, what happened to Oldsmobile?

The Oldsmobile division's last completed production car was an Alero GLS 4-door sedan, which was signed by all of the Olds assembly line workers. It was on display at the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum located in Lansing, Michigan until GM's bankruptcy, when it retook possession of the car.

What cars did Oldsmobile make?

Full List of Oldsmobile Models

  • Oldsmobile Cutlass. The Oldsmobile Cutlass is a line of automobiles made by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors.
  • Oldsmobile 442.
  • Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.
  • Oldsmobile 88.
  • Oldsmobile Alero.
  • Oldsmobile Bravada.
  • Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser.
  • Oldsmobile Curved Dash.

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Is Oldsmobile coming back?

Toyota didn't buy the Oldsmobile name, and nobody is reviving the brand yet. But we can still hope. Nearly four years to the day that the final Oldsmobile rolled off the assembly line in Lansing, Michigan, comes word that Oldsmobile is back.

Is mercury better than Ford?

Mercury was supposed to be a "junior Lincoln"; the brand for someone who hasn't quite reached the point of buying a Lincoln yet, but who is better off than someone who is buying a Ford. They've become an upmarket Ford anymore though. Lincoln, of course, is the high-end of Ford's range.

How much my car is worth?

The result is a clear picture of what your car is worth, or how much you should pay. You may pay less for a car with an accident, or more for a car without one. Only CARFAX gives you the VIN-specific price for every used car based on its history.

Is Oldsmobile a good car?

Available as a sedan or coupe, the Oldsmobile Alero was considered by most to be a sporty-looking car thanks to its bulging wheelwells, sleek greenhouse, fluted side panels and large jewellike taillights. The front-drive Alero was also relatively entertaining to drive. Buyers could choose four-cylinder or V6 power.

Why did Mercury stop making cars?

Ford discontinued the Mercury brand in 2011 as sales dropped to less than 1 percent of US sales share. Ford recently announced the end of sales of most of their passenger cars due to shifting sales trends.

Is the Pontiac Solstice collectible?

GM's accidental collectible
The Pontiac Solstice Coupe, affordable, sweet looking and rare, positively reeks of a future collectible. Experts advise caution, though. Cars just make lousy investments, especially mass-produced domestics. The potential pay-off is both unlikely and far in the future.

Who owns Oldsmobile name?

Ransom E. Olds

What brands did GM drop?

The disclosures by G.M., contained in a viability plan submitted to the government, means that G.M. plans to cut its brands in half, to four: Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC. It said last fall that it would try to find buyers for Hummer and Saab.

How much HP does a 350 rocket have?

The 350 generated 325 horsepower and 360 foot-pounds of torque. The 350 stood well against the 350-horsepower 400 V-8 that came with the W-32 option.

Do they still make Buicks?

Buick will end the year selling about 15,000 Regals, or one of every 14 Buicks sold and one of ever 70 GM vehicles sold. This continues the transition of Buick from upper-echelon sedan from and for North America, below only Cadillac, to a brand with as much as 80 percent of sales coming from China in recent years.

Why did they stop making Saturn cars?

The production of the Saturn Ion was temporarily stopped for three weeks in 2003 due to Saturn dealerships having an overstock of Ion vehicles. The Saturn L-Series was discontinued after the 2005 model year due to poor sales.

Who owns Mazda?

Ford Motor Company

Why did GM discontinue Pontiac?

Why Did GM Discontinue Pontiac? There were two primary reasons for GM's decision to dispense with the brand. Pontiac has been unprofitable during the last few years of its existence. This put Pontiac in a fatal position given that GM was experiencing severe financial problems ahead of its bankruptcy in 2009.

Are Saturn's good cars?

The most dependable car can be a terrible, unreliable car if it's been treated badly and maintained poorly. For the most part, Saturn vehicles were good, reliable cars.

Who bought Mercury cars?

Mercury (automobile)
Former type Division
Key people Edsel Ford, founder
Products Automobiles
Parent Ford Motor Company
Website www.mercuryvehicles.com/

What car brands are no longer made?

Today, we will bring you a number of car brands that are no longer being produced, and shortly describe their most popular models.
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  • Mercury.
  • Oldsmobile.
  • Plymouth.
  • Pontiac.
  • Saab.
  • Hummer.