What lavender is grown in Provence?

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Lavandin is very resistant and grown for its profligate harvest. It's the most frequently cultivated lavender in gardens in Provence.

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Moreover, what type of lavender grows in Provence?

'Provence' lavender (Lavandula x intermedia 'Provence') is another lavandin that's raised commercially, primarily in Provence, France. It's prized for its fragrance-rich flowers on long stems. Grow 'Provence' lavender for making lavender wands and wreaths.

Also, when can you see the lavender fields in Provence? If you'd like to see the lavender fields, we recommend visiting from mid-June to mid-July to make sure you don't miss them. We strongly suggest visiting in mid-June to avoid the tourists; mid-August is the busiest time of year because the French come to Provence for their annual holidays.

Keeping this in view, where are the lavender fields in Provence?

The main lavender fields of Provence are centered on, and to the north, of the Luberon and Verdon plateau regions to the north of Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, and to the east of Avignon, with the flowering season in the lowlands being generally from mid June to early July, though it can vary slightly from year to

Where are the best lavender fields in Provence?

Luberon Valley lavender fields, Provence The Luberon Valley is the locals' favourite, with its hilltop villages and beautiful scenery. If you want a dose of authentic Provence as a side to your lavender fields, or if the village visits are the focus and lavender is the bonus, the Luberon Valley is a good choice.

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What is the prettiest lavender?

Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'
'Hidcote' is one of the best known of all lavender varieties, for good reason. It's a compact variety of English lavender with mid-purple flowers and is ideal for planting in borders or as dwarf hedging.

What is the most aromatic lavender?

The most fragrant Lavender plants are the Lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia). Several cultivars of English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) are also prized for their delightful scent. Lavandula x intermedia, also called Lavandin, is a hybrid cross between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia.

Can lavender be used as a hedge?

Lavandula angustifolia, also called True Lavender or Common Lavender has long been cultivated for its high quality lavender oil. angustifolia, are taller with mounds of gray foliage and long loose spikes. This Lavender type is great for hedges or as an accent plant and also used for potpourris.

What is the difference between French and English lavender?

French lavender is large and will grow from about two to three feet (60-90 cm.) tall and wide, while English lavender stays much smaller and more compact, although it may grow up to two feet (60 cm.). Bloom time. The flowers on these plants are similar in size, but they last much longer on French lavender.

What colors does lavender come in?

Lavender colors include white, pink, blue violet and of course a wide range of purples! Here is a selection of our favorite Lavender flowers per color.

How many types of lavender are there?

Currently there are over 45 different species with over 450 varieties. More lavender species/varieties have yet to be classified. Lavender belongs to the genus Lavandula. In Northern latitudes the two most common species are angustifolia and x intermedia (also called lavandin).

Is all lavender edible?

Lavender Varieties that are Edible
The great thing about English Lavender is every variety can be used for cooking. Some varieties are more sought after than others, but all varieties are considered edible lavenders.

Which lavender is best for pots?

Lavandula angustifolia 'Lavenite Petite' (Lavender)
Compact and dense, extremely fragrant with intense violet flowers, Lavandula angustifolia 'Lavenite Petite' is a top choice for containers thanks to its short stems and tight foliage. Good for drying.

What is the prettiest town in France?

France's 15 Most Beautiful Towns And Villages
  • Honfleur, Normandy.
  • Ploumanac'h, Brittany.
  • Chartres, Loire Valley.
  • St-Guilhem-le-Désert, Languedoc.
  • Fourcés, Midi-Pyrénées.
  • St-Tropez, Côte d'Azur.
  • Grasse, Cannes.
  • L'Isle sur la Sorgue, Provence.

When should I go to Provence?

The best times to visit Aix-en-Provence are from March to May and September through November, when the weather is as moderate as the crowds. The summer months see an influx of Parisians and international travelers escaping to the south of France, so hotel and restaurant availability is scant and prices soar.

Where should I stay in Provence?

If you want to see everything Provence has to offer without having to change accommodation as you go, then Aix is the best city to stay in Provence. It's only around an hour's drive to the Camargue, Avignon, the Luberon and the Verdon Gorge. Meaning you can explore by day and wine & dine in Aix by night.

When should I go to lavender fields?

First things first. The lavender fields are only viewable from late June to mid-late July. If you go outside of this time you won't see masses of fields lovely purple lavender. In June it'll start to bloom but still be green and by late July or early August it's harvested.

What is Provence well known for?

The Provence includes the French Riviera and is famous for its sunny weather, colourful countryside, tradition, wine, food, and language (Provençal).

Can you see lavender in Provence in September?

In September you can surely seen the fields but without any Lavender. The season for is June/July. To be more exact, the lavender fields start to bloom towards the end of June, at least they did this year on the Valensole plateau , one of the major lavender growing regions.

How far is Provence from Nice?

The calculated flying distance from Aix-en-Provence to Nice is equal to 92 miles which is equal to 147 km. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Aix-en-Provence and Nice is 175.46 km.

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Cities Distance
Gap to Nice 290 km

Where are the lavender fields in the south of France?

Lavender in Provence
bloom from June to August in the Luberon, around the Mont-Ventoux, in the region of Sault and that of Valréas; such amazing scenery and atmosphere make the lavender fields one of the summer Must-Sees in Provence.

How many times does lavender bloom?

It thrives in USDA zones 8 through 9. In areas with mild summers and winters, it may bloom up to three times – in early May, June and late summer or early fall.