What is the perfect storm based on?

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The tragic true story of a confluence of storms destroying the Andrea Gail and its crew off the shore of Gloucester, Massachusetts was first written about in a best-selling book by Sebastian Junger. Then, 15 years ago today, it became a hit movie starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, John C. Reilly, and Diane Lane.

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Then, is the perfect storm based on a true story?

The film only claims to be "based on a true story", and differs in many ways from the book starting with the fictionalization of the material into a "story". The events shown in the film after the Andrea Gail's last radio contact are pure speculation, as the boat and the bodies of the crew were never found.

Subsequently, question is, when did the Andrea Gail sink? October 1991

Similarly one may ask, has the Andrea Gail been found?

In 1991 several items from the Andrea Gail were found. A 406Mhz EPIRB in the off position, a propane tank, fuel drums, an empty life raft, and some flotsam were found. Fishermen note that the island is about 180 miles East Northeast of the Andrea Gail's last known position.

What is the setting of the perfect storm?

The book is about the 1991 Perfect Storm that hit North America between October 28 and November 4, 1991, and features the crew of the fishing boat Andrea Gail, from Gloucester, Massachusetts, who were lost at sea during severe conditions while longline fishing for swordfish 575 miles (925 km) out.

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Does Bobby survive in perfect storm?

Trivia. Trivia: When he was filming The Perfect Storm, Mark Walhberg lived in a small room above the Crow's Nest. That's where his character, Bobby Shatford lived in real life.

Are the fish in the perfect storm real?

No Real Fish Were Used in the Movie. Director Wolfgang Petersen is a huge animal rights supporter, so not a single fish that you see on-screen in The Perfect Storm is real. They're either animatronics or rubber.

Did Coast Guard die in perfect storm?

In the middle of the storm, the fishing vessel Andrea Gail sank, killing her crew of six and inspiring the book, and later movie, The Perfect Storm. Off the shore of New York's Long Island, an Air National Guard helicopter ran out of fuel and crashed; four members of its crew were rescued and one was killed.

What fish was in perfect storm?

The fish caracasses were rubber. The live fish were robotic.

Does anyone survive in the perfect storm?

The crew of the Andrea Gail may disappear beneath the “sea of glass mingled with fire” (a quote from Revelations that Junger uses), but all is not lost to the graveyard. We can leave the theater satisfied that at least some have survived.

How big were the waves in The Perfect Storm?

Wave heights with the 'perfect storm' reached as high as 100 feet with winds as high as 70 mph at the peak of the storm," Boston said. "Sandy's winds and waves were even higher." Some of the waves that capsized the Andrea Gail were 39 feet high.

Why is it called the Flemish Cap?

According to early written accounts dating back to 1607, the Flemish Cap's name is a reminder that fishermen from Flanders were once active in the area.

What really happened to the Andrea Gail?

Whatever happened to the Andrea Gail happened very quickly." "The Andrea Gail was always a wet vessel; she took a lot of water on deck. Once fully loaded with fuel, water and fish, she was very low to the water. "When she was modified," he continued, "the owner added weather siding on the port side.

Did the crew of the Andrea Gail survive?

But as Tyne and his crew of five were returning to port, they were caught in the middle of a rapidly developing storm caused by the collision of three weather systems, including a hurricane. Then he, his crew and the Andrea Gail disappeared.

What year was the perfect storm?

October 28, 1991 – November 2, 1991

How many Gloucester fishermen have died since 1623?

Since 1623, when the British first set up their camp just across the harbor, perhaps 10,000 Gloucester men have gone down to the sea. That's one fisherman lost every 13 days for 375 years. It's been like war.

Where did they film Perfect Storm?

The Perfect Storm | 2000
Wolfgang Petersen's account of the final trip of the fishing boat Andrea Gail, lost in a freak storm in 1991, uses Gloucester, Massachusetts, the actual setting of the events, though of course much was shot on Warner's Burbank lot.

How many lives were lost in the perfect storm?


What caused the perfect storm?

The storm happened when a high-pressure system, a low-pressure system, and the remnants from Hurricane Grace collided in a trilogy of terror. The resulting waves and high winds hit many parts of the Eastern United States causing the famed sinking of the Andrea Gail and the death of her six passengers.

Where was the perfect storm in 1991?

East Coast of the United States
Northeastern United States
Atlantic Canada
Eastern Canada

How many died on the Andrea Gail?

More than 1,000 people packed St. Ann's Church for a Mass in the memory of four of the fishermen -- three of them from Gloucester -- presumed to have died when the fishing vessel Andrea Gail was lost off the coast of Canada during last month's northeaster.

Who died in Perfect Storm?