What is the largest district in Uganda?

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Uganda - 10 Largest Cities
Name Population
1 Kampala , Central Region 1,353,189
2 Gulu , Northern Region 146,858
3 Lira , Northern Region 119,323
4 Mbarara , Western Region 97,500

Similarly, you may ask, what is the biggest district in Uganda?

These include Mbarara (Western/Ankole), Kasese (Western/Tooro), and Mbale (Eastern/Bugisu) which are in the top 10 district economies and the largest economies in their respective sub-regions. Other better performing districts are Arua (West Nile), Lira (Lango), and Gulu (Acholi) in northern Uganda.

Subsequently, question is, how many districts are in Uganda to day? Districts of Uganda. Uganda is divided into 134 districts and the capital city of Kampala, which are grouped into four administrative regions. Since 2005, the Ugandan government has been in the process of dividing districts into smaller units.

Subsequently, one may also ask, which is the poorest district in Uganda?

Kagadi ($56), Alebtong ($64), and Otuke ($66) are the three poorest districts based on this model. 6 of the 10 poorest districts per capita are in Northern Uganda. Kalangala and Buvuma -- island districts in Lake Victoria -- are also among the 10 poorest districts in Uganda.

Which is the richest tribe in Uganda?

Here are the richest tribes in Uganda.

  1. Banyankole. This group of Ugandans come from the western region of Uganda and currently, they are the people who are ruling the Ugandan government and so it is not a surprise that they are the richest people in Uganda.
  2. Bakiga.
  3. Baganda.
  4. Batooro.
  5. Banyoro.
  6. Bateso.
  7. Acholi.
  8. Basoga.

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Who is the richest woman in Uganda?

Top 10 Richest Women In Uganda 2020
  • Jyotsna Ruparelia. Jyotsna Ruparelia is the eminent and wealthy wife of Sudhir Ruparelia –one of the leading business tycoons in Uganda.
  • Maria Kiwanuka.
  • Julian Adyeri Omalla.
  • Sylvia Namutebi.
  • Nina Karugaba.
  • Maggie Kigozi.
  • Amina Hersi.
  • Morine Wavamunno.

Is Uganda a poor or rich country?

The proportion of the Ugandan population living below the national poverty line declined from 31.1% in 2006 to 19.7% in 2013. Similarly, the country was one of the fastest in Sub-Saharan Africa to reduce the share of its population living on $1.90 PPP per day or less, from 53.2% in 2006 to 34.6% in 2013.

What is the smallest district in Uganda?

The road connects the towns of Mubende, Kakumiro, Kibaale, and Kagadi. The Ugandan government had plans in 2012 to split the district into three smaller districts.

What is the second city of Uganda?

Growth and expansion
As of 2014, Mbarara was the second-largest city in Uganda after Kampala and also second to Kampala in importance, industry, and infrastructure.

Is Uganda a real place?

Uganda is located in eastern Africa, west of Kenya, south of South Sudan, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and north of Rwanda and Tanzania. While much of its border is lakeshore, Uganda is landlocked with no access to the sea. The country is mostly plateau with a rim of mountains.

How Uganda got its name?

Uganda takes its name from the Buganda kingdom, which encompasses a large portion of the south of the country, including the capital Kampala. The people of Uganda were hunter-gatherers until 1,700 to 2,300 years ago, when Bantu-speaking populations migrated to the southern parts of the country.

Who is the youngest member of parliament in Uganda?

Proscovia Alengot Oromait (born 1 January 1993) is a Ugandan university student and politician. She served as the elected member of parliament (MP) for Usuk County, Katakwi District from 2011 to 2016. At age 19, she was the youngest member of parliament in Uganda, and on the African continent.

Does British Airways fly to Uganda?

British Airways has said it is stopping all flights to and from Uganda as they are "no longer commercially viable". The last flight out from Entebbe airport to London's Heathrow will depart on 3 October 2015, the UK carrier said. British Airways operates four flights a week to Entebbe.

Which district is in the middle of Uganda?

District Population (Census 1991) Chief town
Kalungu 152,028 Kalungu
Kampala 774,241 Kampala
Kayunga 236,177 Kayunga
Kiboga 98,153 Kiboga

Who heads a municipality in Uganda?

The District A district is made up of several counties and any municipalities in that area. A district is led by an elected local council V (LCV) chairperson and his executive. There is also an elected LCV Council, with representatives from the sub-counties and technical staff in the district.

Is Entebbe a district in Uganda?

Entebbe sits on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake. The town is situated in Wakiso District, approximately 44 kilometres (27 mi) south of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city.

How many MPs does Uganda have?

The Ugandan parliament is composed of 238 Constituency Representatives, 112 District Woman Representatives, 10 Uganda People's Defense Forces Representatives, 5 Representatives of the Youth, 5 Representatives of Persons with Disabilities, 5 Representatives of Workers, and 13 ex officio Members.