What is latest version of MIUI?

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MIUI 11 Development
The company confirms MIUI 9.8. 29 versionis the last beta version of MIUI 10 under its betatesting program. Today, the company started pushing MIUI 11closed Beta based on Android 10 with limited availability. Ofcourse, the latest MIUI11 stable ROM will take some time indevelopment.

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Also to know is, what is Miui nightly update?

Global Nightly Stable ROMs serve as a test buildfor the Global Stable ROMs. These are rolled out to random usersbefore a complete rollout to minimize impact of critical bugs. Incase, any critical bug is found in the Nightly ROM,Xiaomi suspends the particular update and startsworking on fixing the bug.

One may also ask, is Miui 11 released? Xiaomi is set to launch MIUI 11 as itsnewest interface for mobile devices. The Chinese smartphone makerhas been working on the next version of its custom Androidinterface for some time now. It seems that MIUI 11 willarrive as early as September.

Accordingly, what does global version of a phone mean?

INTERNATIONAL VERSION MEANS, YOU CAN USETHE PHONE ON ANY CARRIER OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.. So thephone is open to work on any carrier globally...

What is meant by global version?

The Global version is the officialinternational edition of the phone model prepared by Xiaomi.The International version is usually a Chineseversion of the phone with the Global Rom installed inthe store.

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Is Miui better than Android?

MIUI is far better than stockAndroid. 1 .MIUI provide you regular updates ofMIUI versions ( not Android version) .these updateare only for stability of interface and hence makes less buggythan stock. 2 .miui , because of its UI makes thingvery easy such as one hand mode , etc it allows customisation ofphone.

How do I know my MIUI version?

Here's how:
  1. On your device, go to the Settings app > About phone andwrite down the MIUI version. Using my Redmi 1 as an example, theMIUI version is JHBMIBL29.0.
  2. Go to MIUI's Downloads.
  3. Here, you can confirm whether the latest firmware on your phoneis MIUI V5 or 6.

Is Miui 10 based on Oreo?

The MIUI 10, which should be based onAndroid Oreo (Xiaomi does not have a log yet), islargely focused on artificial intelligence. The first closed betaof MIUI 10 will be rolled out on June 1, in China. Thecompany is yet to announce a time-line for MIUI 10 globalbeta roll-out.

Which is better stable or developer ROM?

Stable ROM gets update every month andDeveloper ROM gets update every week. A stable rom isone which is tested by the developers and doesn't containany bugs and is safe to flash. Whereas a developer rom isunder development rom which might have some bugs which mayharm your device's software or hardware.

What is difference between Android and Miui?

MIUI is a user interface of XIAOMI brand and itis not an OS. It works on the top of Android os. MIUIis a collection of software that runs on top of android toprovide a better user interface than stockandroid.

What is the difference between beta and stable?

Stable vs. Beta Releases. A stablerelease is a version that has been tested as thoroughly as possibleand is as reliable as we can make it. A "beta" release is aversion that has been tested internally and is being tested by thewider community.

What does global ROM mean?

global rom is firmware that meant forpeople around the world.

What is beta ROM in Miui?

Xiaomi says in its official forum post thatMIUI Global Beta ROM releases are meant for publictesting, and they aren't aimed at giving users a way to experiencenew features.

What does CN version mean?

Answered Aug 25, 2018. By CN, it alwaysmeans the China varient. CN stands for China, a typeof code.

Which is better global or China ROM?

China ROM has also more updated featuresthan the Global ROM. Lastly, it supports all the networkbands in China. On the other hand, the Global ROM isdeveloped for the international users. It was developed withmultiple languages available, has no Chinese apps but hasFULL Google apps support.

What is the difference between global version and global ROM?

Global ROM and Global Version isn't thesame. Global version means the phone itself more LTEfrequencies used for 4G, while Global ROM is just aMIUI ROM with multilanguage support and pre-installed Googleapps.

Is xiaomi a china phone?

Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August2011 and rapidly gained market share in China to become thecountry's largest smartphone company in 2014. Xiaomi has15,000 employees in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and isexpanding to other countries including Indonesia, the Philippines,and South Africa.

What does it mean when a phone is unlocked international version?

"Internationally unlocked" means it may becarrier locked in the country where you purchased your iPhone butunlocked for use oversees.

What's the difference between a smartphone and a regular phone?

Smartphones Are Tiny Computers
Think of a smartphone as a miniature computerthat can place and receive calls. Most smartphones connectto a virtual store with thousands of apps that turn thephone into something much smarter than a regularcellphone. Cellphones place and receive voice calls and send textmessages.

What is Global Unlock?

The Global Unlock feature allows a generalpurpose input to be used to automatically unlock all onlineand functioning doors in the access control network. When theGlobal Unlock input is activated all doors willunlock and when it deactivates those doors will re-lockagain.

What is global version MI band 4?

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Global Version)Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is with Heart rate, sleep, step count,health management. AMOLED color display, up to 50 meterswaterproof. Social application, incoming calls and other messagecontent directly display.

What GSM unlocked mean?

Is Your Carrier a GSM or CDMA Provider? The firstmajor point to know is that the whole “unlocked”concept applies to Global System for Mobile (GSM) phones.GSM is a worldwide cell standard that ties your phone numberand all cell service to a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card,not the phone itself.