What is JCR army?

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The Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) is the Army's next generation of mission command and situational awareness software. With JCR, Army logistics units and the joint forces they support operate on the same network, which gives them visibility of each other.

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Thereof, what does JCR stand for Army?

Joint Capabilities Release

Likewise, what does KGV 72 stand for? programmable in-line encryption device

Also, what does fbcb2 stand for?

FBCB2 stands for Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below Suggest new definition.

What is a KGV 72?

Developed as part of the Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below (FBCB2) Type-1 Encryption Device (T1ED) Program, the KGV-72 is a high-grade security solution that is compatible with existing and future Blue Force Tracking (BFT) terminals and transceivers.

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What is JCR log?

JCR-Logistics (JCR-Log) integrates FBCB2/BFT capability with the Movement Tracking System (MTS), a vehicle-based system that tracks combat support and combat service support vehicles, as well as other assets.

What is a BFT army?

The Army is beginning a long-term initiative to significantly upgrade its key situational awareness network Blue Force Tracking, commonly known as BFT, which provides friendly force tracking information and is integrated on more than 98,000 platforms across the Army and joint services. (

What is JBC P?

JBC-P is a networked battle command information system that enables units to share near real-time friendly and enemy situational awareness information, operational maps and graphics, and command and control (C2) messages.

How much does a KGV 72 cost?

Pricing & Availability
Historical pricing for this product is between 2476.5 and 3238.5 USD. Depending on quantity, availability, condition, lead time, and possible discontinuation of an item, we cannot guarantee pricing until we provide you an up to date quote.