What is Javier Hernandez famous for?

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listen); born 1 June 1988) is a Mexican professional footballer who plays as a striker for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy and the Mexico national team. Hernández is commonly known by his nickname, Chicharito ([t?it?aˈ?ito]; Mexican Spanish: little pea), which he wears on his shirt.

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Furthermore, what teams has Javier Hernandez played for?

LA Galaxy

Furthermore, how much does Javier Hernandez make a year? 7.28 million GBP (2018)

Similarly, who is Javier Hernandez dad?

Javier Hernández

How old is Javier Hernandez Chicharito?

31 years (June 1, 1988)

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Why did chicharito leave Manchester United?

On 29 August 2015, it was reported that Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal had told Hernández he could leave the club before the closure of the transfer window. Although with one year of his contract still remaining, it was unclear with scale of transfer fee United would demand for him.

Is Chicharito playing in the Gold Cup?

Carlos Vela, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, Jesus "Tecatito" Corona and Hector Herrera, all experienced players who have held key roles for El Tri throughout the years, will not be part of Mexico's Gold Cup plans.

Where is Chicharito playing right now?

LA Galaxy

Who is Chicharito's wife?

Sarah Kohan
m. 2019

How much is chicharito contract?

His three-year contract now makes him the highest-paid player in Major League Soccer. Chicharito's base salary is $6 million a year, with unlisted incentives that are no doubt enviable, according to Sports Illustrated.

Is Chicharito going to LA Galaxy?

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez Says 'It Was the Right Time' to Join LA Galaxy. Javier Hernandez has opened up on his decision to sign for Los Angeles Galaxy from Sevilla. Chicharito has signed a three-year deal with the Galaxy, and the move was officially announced Tuesday.

Who is Chicharito's agent?

Lorenzo Roman Garcia

What is Chicharito's real name?

Javier Hernández Balcázar

How tall is Javier Hernandez?

1.75 m

How many goals has Javier Hernandez scored?

In the current season Javier Hernandez scored 6 goals. 2 goals in national team( Friendlies). In the club he scored 4 goals ( Premier League, Europa League , La Liga). Javier Hernandez this seasons has also noted 0 assists, played 1804 minutes, with 9 times he played game in first line.

Does chicharito have a Champions League?

Chicharito winning goal - Real Madrid v Atlético - UEFA Champions League 2015.

Why is chicharito famous?

Chicharito is known as a “goal poacher” who terrorizes defenses with his pace and movement. He may not have always been in the spotlight coming off the bench when van Persie and Moye took the lead with Manchester United, but he did always deliver goals when called on in the Premier League.

Where did chicharito go to highschool?

Universidad del Valle de Atemajac

When did Mexico win the World Cup?

Mexico played France in the very first match of the first World Cup on 13 July 1930. Mexico's best progression in World Cups has been reaching the quarter-finals in both the 1970 and 1986 World Cups, both of which were staged on Mexican soil.

Mexico national football team.
FIFA ranking
Appearances 7 (first in 1995)
Best result Champions (1999)

Does Javier Hernandez have siblings?

Ana Hernández Balcázar

Did Javier Hernandez retire?

Javier Hernandez Clarifies Retirement Comments, Says It 'Could Last 10 Years' Los Angeles Galaxy striker Javier Hernandez has clarified comments he made about retirement on his YouTube channel.