What is iManage WorkSite?

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Designed by users to work the way they work. iManage Work 10 is the first document and email management application designed with input from hundreds of professional services users and enhanced with AI-based smart features that boost productivity. Watch the Video.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is iManage used for?

The Software At its core, iManage is a system to store, organize and manage documents email and related content. You create top-level spaces called projects, each project can hold documents, emails, folders and so forth. Typically law firms will create a project for every matter in their firm.

Beside above, is FileSite and iManage the same? FileSite is a client embedded in Microsoft Outlook for iManage Document Management. However, in iManage Work 10.1, FileSite has been removed. Significantly improved the performance of Outlook.

One may also ask, what is iManage FileSite?

A law firm cloud server that users can access anywhere they go, using AI technology to store and sort all necessary files into one easy-to-use location. iManage keeps you and your attorneys informed. Our software lets you access critical information from anywhere—even offline.

How much is a document management system?

Document Management Software cost from $38 to $260 a month and the price is effected by type of product (image system / Software), number of users, and amount of documents to be added weekly. Additional considerations on total price will be cloud storage, regulatory compliance needs, and security requirements.

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Is iManage cloud based?

The iManage cloud is the only cloud for professional work product management today that provides full functionality whether connected or disconnected, and allows law firms to manage as much of their information on-premises as they, or their clients, require.

How do I add a file to Outlook?

Automatically Add Filesite to Outlook
  1. Launch the Office Customization Tool by running “Setup.exe /admin” from the Office installation source files.
  2. Create a new setup customization file.
  3. Choose your desired behavior when Outlook launches for the first time.
  4. Export your default PRF file by choosing “Export settings” and then “Export Profile Settings…”

What is DeskSite software?

As an exemple, I-Manage DeskSite is a perfect business management software as it allow you to organise and manage all communication and document content related to your company. Indeed, it has help them to improve responsiveness, productivity, and security inside their company.

How do I rename a document in iManage?

Touch the File menu (3 dots to the right of the document) and select Rename. 5. Type the new document name and select Rename. Learn how to delete a document.

Who owns iManage?

iManage co-founder and current General Manager Neil Araujo is the CEO of the management-owned company. Rafiq Mohammadi, also a co-founder and former CTO of iManage, is returning to the company as Chief Scientist.

What is iManage share?

Fast, Easy and Secure Sharing Solution for Files and Documents. iManage Share offers industry-leading security with seamless integration with iManage Work and Microsoft Outlook, so that secure file sharing is easy and convenient without sacrificing security and governance of your client's files.

What is document tracking system?


How do I open a .NRL file?

It can only be opened within the Interwoven environment. Interwoven products like Desksite or Filesite creates NRL file in the desktop Autonomy Interwoven was formerly known as iManage. Files in NRL format can be opened with Interwoven Document Management System in Microsoft Windows platforms.

How do I save an email to iManage?

Save email attachments from multiple emails at the same time to iManage Work. Insert iManage Work items as email attachments. Drag an iManage Work document into an open email to attach it as a local copy. Advanced search options for locating the desired documents, emails, clients, and matters in iManage Work.