What is Cole Matthews personality?

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Cole has a wide personality, he is uncaring, dishonest, unkind, immature, rude, undisciplined and many others. He also is frustrated and hates when people aren't afraid of him. Cole likes being on people if they tattle on him or aren't afraid for no apparent reason.

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Regarding this, what does Cole Matthews look like in Touching Spirit Bear?

The novel Touching Spirit Bear describes its main character, Cole Matthews, as ''an innocent-looking, baby-faced fifteen-year-old from Minneapolis who had been in trouble half his life. '' The novel follows Cole as he undergoes a personal transformation while forced to live alone on an island in Alaska.

One may also ask, how did the Spirit Bear help Cole? Spirit Bear is this big, almost magical bear that seems to be Cole's enemy when he first arrives on the island to think about his mistakes…and to escape jail time. But even though Spirit Bear nearly kills Cole, he also helps Cole grow up and take responsibility for his own life.

Also Know, how did Cole Matthews change?

Cole changes a lot throughout "Touching Spirit Bear." He starts out as a furious boy who craves control. He blames everyone for his mistakes. He was a walking bomb of rage, pounding his victim Peter bloody. When facing his consequences instead of admitting that he was wrong, he blames Peter.

How does Cole feel about banishment as a punishment?

Cole is being sent to an island for punishment because he violently hurt Peter Driscal. How does Cole feel about banishment as a punishment? He feels like the banishment is an excuse for people to get rid of him.

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Why is Cole so angry?

Because he's grown up with alcoholic parents and a father who beats him regularly, Cole is angry and thinks that violence is the only way to solve problems. His memories of his family aren't happy—in fact, he remembers distinctly the times when his father beat him up: As Cole kept screaming, his dad kept hitting him.

What happens in chapter 12 of Touching Spirit Bear?

As Chapter 12 opens, Cole lies helpless on the ground with a broken arm, pelvis, and ribs as Spirit Bear approaches him. He's sure that the massive predator will kill him, and he only hopes it will be quick. Instead, the bear licks up the spit Cole flung at him as a last gesture of defiance, sniffs around, and leaves.

What is an at Oow?

An At. oow is a blanket that can show meaning compassion and trust in someone you know.

Who does Cole argue with at the circle?

Chapters 6-8, pp. 47-73, Study Guide Questions
Question Answer
1. Who does Cole argue with at the Circle? his father
3. What does Peter feel will make things better? smashing Cole's head
4. When will the tide come in? midday
5. Who does Cole blame for his banishment on the island? garvey

How does Cole become invisible?

To Become Invisible
Cole realizes that he can only be invisible if he clears his mind. He realizes that the beaver and fish only came close to him because his mind was clear. The moment he thought of hurting them, they ran away.

What plant does Edwin say will cause infected hands?

Touching Spirit Bear Ch 1-8 Answer Key Play This Game
Chapter 2-3
#1 What plant does Edwin say will cause infected hands? Devils Club
#3 What does Garvey bring to Cole's cell? ingredients for a cake.
#4 How does Cole plan to escape from the island? Swim from island to island.
#5 What does Gavey call Cole instead of 'Champ' CHUMP

Why does Cole throw out the hair?

Cole throws out the hair because he wants people to start believing him. He doesn't want to be known as a liar. I would have done the same because I want people to believe me so they can trust me. He wants to be honest with himself.

What does Cole Matthews fear?

Cole's doesn't have many fears, but he has one major fear the Spirit Bear. The other thing he's scared of is being alone, no one caring about him anymore, and dying! Cole thinks that his best trait is being manipulative, rude, and disobeying everyone around him.

What happens in chapter 10 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In Chapter 10 of Touching Spirit Bear Cole is still stuck after fighting a bear. He is injured and unable to get up. He needs to defecate and does so, but is unable to get away from it. Mosquitoes attack him and the baby birds he saw earlier are all dead on the ground nearby.

What happened in Touching Spirit Bear?

Touching Spirit Bear ends with a scene where Cole and Peter have finally come together despite their past differences and have worked together to carve on Cole's totem to represent his anger: When Garvey joined the boys, he stared down at the log and at what they had carved.

What are some of the first tasks Cole has to complete?

What are some of the first tasks Cole has to complete upon his return to the island? He must start a fire, set up the tent, fix dinner, and build his shelter with the supplies brought to the island.

What realization does Cole have?

What realization does Cole have regarding his father? Cole realizes that the only reason he treats him the way he does is because his father is scared and doesn't know any better (168).

What happens in chapter 1 of Touching Spirit Bear?

Chapter 1 Synopsis
Touching Spirit Bear begins with a 15-year-old criminal in handcuffs on a boat awaiting to be banished for a year in Southeast Alaska. He's in trouble again; for robbing a hardware store, trashing it, bragging about it in school and then beating up the boy who snitched. Cole Mathews is his name.

What lesson does Cole learn from the wolf dance?

Touching Spirit Bear
  • From the mouse dance, Cole learned that the mouse has persistence and patience.
  • From the eagle dance, Cole learned that an eagle is proud and powerful; he learned to look at life from a different view.
  • From the wolf dance, Cole realized that wolves need the help of others, like a wolf pack.

What does Cole convince Peter to do after destroying the bear on his totem pole?

What does Cole convince Peter to do after he destroys the bear on his totem? Cole convinces him to create a totem of his own. They see a log and Cole drags it in for him.

Who has filed for custody of Cole?

4. Who has filed for custody of Cole? Cole's father. Pg263.

What is Circle justice in Touching Spirit Bear?

Circle justice is a Native American form of justice originating in Canada that seeks healing in contrast to the regular punishment ways and is portrayed in the novel "Touching Spirit Bear."