What is Cole's reaction after Peter speaks at the First Circle hearing?

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What is Cole's reaction after Peter speaks at the first Circle Hearing? Cole glares at peter and vows to do all he can to make the rest of Peter's life as miserable as possible. Cole thinks that he hadn't meant to hurt anyone. Peter wouldn't be in this condition if he had kept his mouth shut.

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Also to know is, when Cole first sees the spirit bear what about the bear angers Cole and what does he vow to do?

' When Cole tells Edwin he would kill the bear if he saw it, Edwin warns him that what he does to animals, he does to himself. Later, when Cole sees the bear, it angers him because it doesn't appear to be afraid of him like everyone else is. He vows to kill it to teach it a lesson.

Likewise, what does Cole learn from being referred repeatedly while being told each time that it is his last chance? Banishment is the only alternative to jail. What does Cole learn from "being referred" repeatedly, while being told each time that it is his "last chance"? Cole learns that it is the adult term for passing the buck and that he can always count on having one more "last chance."

Beside above, what is the purpose of the hearing Circle?

Circle Justice is an alternative to prison. It is meant to heal, not punish. “Circle Justice is for those ready for healing. Their role now is to rehabilitate that person, not punish him, for the good of society. Everybody is a part of the process, including the victim.

How does Cole describe his parents near the beginning of the story?

Cole describes his mom as "a scared barbie doll, always looking good but never fighting back or standing up to anyone." He calls his dad "a bullheaded drinker with a temper." Cole has a habit of blaming others for his mistakes.

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What did Cole do to Edwin to try to make him angry?

What did Cole do to Edwin to try to make him angry? Cole purposely spit in the air so, the spit would come back to hit Edwin.

Why does Cole spit at the bear?

Why does Cole spit at the bear? to show the bear he is ready to die.

Who does Cole argue with at the circle?

Chapters 6-8, pp. 47-73, Study Guide Questions
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1. Who does Cole argue with at the Circle? his father
3. What does Peter feel will make things better? smashing Cole's head
4. When will the tide come in? midday
5. Who does Cole blame for his banishment on the island? garvey

What does Cole do after working on his shelter?

What does Cole do after working on his shelter? He claims he is "dog tired" and heads straight for his tent, telling Garvey and Edwin that they can eat cold cereal if they are hungry.

What does Cole say he would do to spirit bear?

What does Cole say he would do to Spirit Bear? What does Edwin tell him? He says he would kill it. Edwin says that whatever you do to the animals, you do to yourself.

Why did Cole cry when the spirit bear left him alone?

Why did Cole cry when the Spirit Bear left him alone? Cole cried because he wanted the bear to finish him off. Cole reached out and touched the bear because he wanted to know what the bear felt like befor it killed him.

What happens in chapter 27 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In Chapter 27 of Touching Spirit Bear, Peter and Cole's relationship begins to change. Peter lets Cole sleep in the cabin, but still makes sure to punish him by leaving the door open and disrespecting his things. Peter also makes it very clear when he bluntly says that this does not mean they are friends.

What is the first sign that Cole is starting to change?

Cole changes a lot throughout "Touching Spirit Bear." He starts out as a furious boy who craves control. He blames everyone for his mistakes. He was a walking bomb of rage, pounding his victim Peter bloody. When facing his consequences instead of admitting that he was wrong, he blames Peter.

What are the benefits of Circle justice?

It provides both victims and offenders with more satisfaction that justice had been done than did traditional criminal justice, It reduces crime victims' post-traumatic stress symptoms and the related costs, and. It reduces crime victims' desire for violent revenge against their offenders.

What is the process of Circle justice?

The goal of Restorative Justice, or Circle Justice as it is referred to in the novel, is to get offenders to take responsibility for their actions, to understand the what they have done, to give them an opportunity to redeem themselves and avoid further problems.

What is the circle of justice in history?

Circle Justice is a Native America form of justice, originating in Canada that seeks healing in contrary to the regular punishment ways and is portrayed in Ben Mikealsen's novel "Touching Spirit Bear". It is mostly practiced in Minnesota and some other midwestern states.

What object survives the fire in Touching Spirit Bear?

oow (the woolen blanket Garvey gifted to Cole) survives the fire. He finds it sitting on the shore, unharmed. He's surprised by this because he remembers throwing it in the fire. He drapes it around himself to keep warm and picks up his clothes.

Why doesn't the spirit bear's attack make sense to Cole?

Why doesn't the Spirit Bear's attack make sense to Cole? He reconigzes it's the same color of Peter and the bear's blood. Cole feels a jail cell would be preferable to what he is dealing with on the island.

Is Circle Justice used today?

The initial US use of circles in mainstream criminal justice was in 1996 in Minnesota. The process is now used throughout North America and in other parts of the world for both juvenile and adult offenders and in a wide variety of offences and settings.

What does the feather symbolize in Touching Spirit Bear?

In Touching Spirit Bear, the feather used at the Circle Justice meetings symbolizes respect and responsibility.

What is the purpose of the hearing Circle in Touching Spirit Bear?

In Touching Spirit Bear, the Native American Circle of Justice provides an alternative form of justice for Cole Mathews. In this system, the goal is to focus on the whole person and heal him or her so that the likelihood of a repeat crime is extremely low.

What does the term restorative justice mean?

Restorative justice views crime as more than breaking the law – it also causes harm to people, relationships, and the community. A more formal definition is this: Restorative Justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by criminal behavior.