What is an auxiliary agency?

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Auxiliary agencies are the agencies which serve the line agencies rather than the public. They perform functions common to all the departments.

Accordingly, what are the uses of an auxiliary agency?

Auxiliary agencies do not serve the people. They provide housekeeping services to line agencies. Whether they are Public Service Commission, Public works department, purchasing agencies, they act as agent of line agencies and do not provide direct service to the people.

Also Know, what do you understand by auxiliary agencies in what way are they significant? Auxiliary Agencies do not serve the People Auxiliary agencies basically perform services common to the departments but they do not serve the people. They serve the line agencies and departments. They assist and help the line agencies in carrying out their functions. They work as the agents of the line agencies.

Regarding this, what is line agency?

Line agencies, whether in public administration, the military or various businesses, are those departments within an organization which focus on the primary function and work of the organization, whose staff agencies are those departments which provide support to the line agencies.

How many types of line agencies are there in public administration?

three types

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What is an example of a staff agency?

Some Examples of Staff Agencies:
Executive Office of the President of USA, White House Office, National Security Council set by National Security Act 1947, Bureau of Budget in the USA and British Treasury, Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Committees are the examples of staff agencies.

What is difference between line and staff?

A "line function" is one that directly advances an organization in its core work. This always includes production and sales, and sometimes also marketing. A "staff function" supports the organization with specialized advisory and support functions.

What is the role of a staff agency a line agency?

Staff agencies serve in a support capacity. They aid the chief executive and other administrators by offering advice and other assistance in the management of the organization. Line agencies perform tasks for which the organization exists.

What are the features of line and staff Organisation?

Line and Staff Organization is a compromise of line organization. It is more complex than line concern. Division of work and specialization takes place in line and staff organization. The whole organization is divided into different functional areas to which staff specialists are attached.

What are the three major groups of the federal bureaucracy?

There are five types of organizations in the federal bureaucracy:
  • Cabinet departments.
  • Independent executive agencies.
  • Independent regulatory agencies.
  • Government corporations.
  • Presidential commissions.

What does an independent regulatory commission do?

Independent regulatory agencies are federal agencies created by an act of Congress that are independent of the executive departments. Though they are considered part of the executive branch, these agencies are meant to impose and enforce regulations free of political influence.

WHAT IS department in public administration?

Public administration is the implementation of government policy and also an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil servants for working in the public service. Public administrators are public servants working in public departments and agencies, at all levels of government.

What is chain of command in business?

In an organizational structure, “chain of command” refers to a company's hierarchy of reporting relationships – from the bottom to the top of an organization, who must answer to whom. The chain of command not only establishes accountability, it lays out a company's lines of authority and decision-making power.

What is a line job?

A line position is a position that has authority and responsibility for achieving the major goals of the organization. A staff position is a position whose primary purpose is providing specialized expertise and assistance to line positions. Staff can also be defined by the type of people: technical or support.

What is functional authority?

Functional authority is the right that is delegated to an individual or a department to control specified processes, practices, policies, or other matters about activities undertaken by persons in other departments.

What do you mean by staff agencies?

A staffing agency is an entity that has employees that can be hired out for temporary or long term work. A staffing agency is also referred to as an employment agency. Staffing agencies are different from placement agencies or retained search services. Placement agencies collect a fee to recruit a full-time employee.

What is the difference between line authority and staff authority?

What Is the Difference Between Line and Staff Authority? Line managers direct the work of subordinates and make important decisions, while staff managers advise those with line authority. On the other hand, staff authority creates an advisory relationship in which they advise and support line managers.

What is line management experience?

Line management refers to the management of employees who are directly involved in the production or delivery of products, goods and/or services. A line manager is an employee who directly manages other employees and operations while reporting to a higher-ranking manager.

What is a line relationship in an Organisation?

A "line function" is one that directly advances an organization in its core work. A "staff function" supports the organization with specialized advisory and support functions. For example, human resources, accounting, public relations and the legal department are generally considered to be staff functions.

What is line and staff structure?

Line-staff organization, in management, approach in which authorities (e.g., managers) establish goals and directives that are then fulfilled by staff and other workers. In a highly centralized structure, decisions are made by a few executives or managers and flow downward through the enterprise.

What is a line function of management?

In management, a line function is any kind of daily operation such as purchasing, manufacturing, and selling that is directly involved in carrying out the purpose of an organization.

What are line departments?

Line departments are government departments at the state level, with mandates related to specific thematic sectors. A line department is generally headed by a state government Minister, assisted by a career bureaucrat, of the designation of Secretary, Principal Secretary or Commissioner, depending on seniority.