What is a PAR bulb?

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PAR Light Bulbs
PAR or parabolic aluminized reflector lights are electric lamps that illuminate a limited area. The diameter of the bulb is found by dividing the number after the bulb by eight. We carry bulbs ranging from PAR16 to PAR64, which means you can get PAR bulbs ranging from 2 inches in diameter to 8 inches.

Similarly, you may ask, what does PAR mean in light bulbs?

Parabolic Aluminized Reflector

Secondly, what is the difference between a par30 and par38 light bulb? Now the bad news: PAR38 and PAR30 refer to the physical characteristics of the bulbs. PAR = Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, 38 = thirty-eight eighths of an inch, or 38*1/8"=4.75". 30 = thirty eighths of an inch, or 30*1/8"=3.75". As you can see, PAR38 has a larger diameter than a PAR30 bulb or can.

Additionally, what is the difference between par and BR bulbs?

BR (for bulged reflector) bulbs are lamps with “wide flood” beam angles, which means that they provide more than a 45 degree angle when lighting an area. PAR (short for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) bulbs are available in these angles: Flood, 33-45 degrees. Wide flood beam, over 45 degrees.

What is the difference between par20 and par30 light bulbs?

PAR20: 20 denotes, the exact measurement from brim to brim of LED lights, that is to say, 20/8 inch in diameter, approximately 64mm; PAR30 is standing for 30 denotes, 30/8 inch in length near to 95mm, PAR38. 38 denotes, 38/8 inch in length, is equal to 120mm.

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What does r20 bulb mean?

According to this site: R20 bulbs have reflectors that direct light forward and produce more narrow soft-edged beam that is less precise than PAR20 bulbs. R20 bulbs also produce less shadow than PAR20 bulbs. PAR20 bulbs control light more precisely and produce more concentrated light than R20.

What are par lights used for?

A parabolic aluminized reflector lamp (PAR lamp or simply PAR) is a type of electric lamp that is widely used in commercial, residential, and transportation illumination. It produces a highly directional beam.

What does PAR can mean?

A Crash Course In Par Lamps. The PAR can is perhaps the most widely used light for concerts, nightclubs and touring productions. PAR is an acronym for parabolic aluminized reflector and is used to designate a sealed-beam lamp similar to the headlight in an automobile.

What are the different sizes of light bulb bases?

(For example, E12 has a diameter of 12 mm) There are 4 common sizes of screw-in sockets used for line-voltage lamps:
  • Candelabra: E12 (diameter of 12 mm)
  • Intermediate: E17 (diameter of 17 mm)
  • Medium or Standard: E26 (diameter of 26 mm)
  • Mogul: E39 (diameter of 39 mm)

What does PAR stand for in business?

Performance and accountability reporting (PAR) is the process of compiling and documenting factors that quantify an institution's profitability, efficiency and adherence to budget, comparing actual results against original targets.

What is HMI light?

HMI (Hydrargyrum Medium-Arc Iodide) is a type of light which uses an arc lamp instead of an incandescent bulb to produce light. Efficiency: 2 to 5 times as efficient as incandescents. This means they use less power and run cooler.

Can I use br30 instead of par30?

PAR30 bulbs are commonly used in both recessed lighting fixtures and track lighting, so they come with short neck and long neck options to accommodate this usage. PAR30 short necks are more often used in track lighting while the long necks are often used in recessed lighting cans. BR30 bulbs do not offer this option.

What does par30l mean?

Parabolic aluminized reflector

What are the different types of light bulbs?

5 Different Types of Light Bulbs
  • Incandescent Bulbs: Incandescent bulbs are the typical bulbs.
  • Fluorescent Lamps: The fluorescent bulbs are more complex than the incandescent bulbs.
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL):
  • Halogen Lamps:
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED):

What does par38 mean in bulbs?

PAR38 LED Light Bulbs | PAR 38 LED. What are PAR38 Bulbs? Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) 38 bulbs control light more precisely. LED PAR lights produce about four times the concentrated light intensity of general service A shape incandescents, and are used in recessed and track lighting.

What is par in LED lights?

PAR (short for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) bulbs are lamps with "spot light" features, meaning that they provide a beam spread that is typically lower than 45°. Use PAR bulbs when attempting to put a focused beam of light on an object such as in track lighting or illuminating artwork.

What kind of bulbs to use in recessed lighting?

The four light bulb types used in residential recessed lighting are incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL), and light emitting diode (LED). Incandescent aka traditional light bulbs are the oldest and least efficient technology.

Will br40 fit in par38?

It's actually even easier grasp than you might think. The difference between a BR20, BR30, and BR40 is actually the size or diameter of the light bulb. For example, a BR30 is 30/8ths of an inch or 30 divided by 8 which equals 3.75″ in diameter. The same example applies to a PAR38.

Can I use br30 instead of br40?

For general lighting, most cans are 4" or 5" or 6". For 4" cans, you cannot choose BR40 bulbs -- they're too big. For 5" cans, a BR30 will fit with a little space to all sides while a BR40 will fit with little to no space on the sides.

What is par rating for lighting?

PAR is essentially a measurement of light emission within the photosynthetic range of 400-700nm. This represents the area of light that plants use for photosynthesis, or to grow. PAR is measured by the amount of micro moles of light per square meter per second.

What are br30 bulbs?

What are R/BR30 Bulbs? Reflector (R) or Bulged Reflector (BR) 30 bulbs have a reflective coating on the inside of the bulb that directs light forward. Flood types (FL) and led floodlight bulbs spread light. Like all light bulbs, the 30 value represents the diameter of the bulb in 18 of an inch.

What is a par38 fixture?

PAR 38 is a type of halogen or LED light bulb. In PAR 38 lighting, both the lens and reflector are internal parts of the lamp. The gas within PAR 38 bulbs rebuilds the filament and creates a bulb that is longer-lasting than many other types of halogen lighting.