What genre is Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

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Young adult fiction

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Similarly one may ask, how long is Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. The average reader will spend 3 hours and 58 minutes reading Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Also Know, who is Lee in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie? Even though most of his friend left him (Kyle, Patrick, Mitch), he has always been himself. Lee- Lee is the new girl at J.P. Zenger high school. She's not so ordinal she may seem Goth or punk but she's but being herself. She was called bad names, publicly humiliated, and rejected.

In this manner, what is the theme of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

Growing Up: An obvious theme for a book about going from middle school to high school. Scott deals with fitting in, dealing with stress, a new baby on the way to be his sibling, and growing apart from his friends as they find their own space in high school.

Where does Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie take place?

The book "Sleeping Freshman Never Lie" is set in a modern day time period. It is never really specified in the book. The main setting in the book in mostly in Scott's highschool(JP Zenger High School), but at somepoints in the book he is found elsewhere such as his house.

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How many chapters in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie - Chapters 31 through 33 Summary & Analysis.

What is the point of view of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

Point of View
The story is written in the first person from a very limited perspective except for one distinct scene. Chapter twenty-six begins with the sentence, "Scott Hudson settled back in his seat." The first page of that chapter continues in the third person from an obviously omniscient perspective.