What does Iago say about honor?

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Iago briefly touches on honor when he says, “Her honor is an essence that's not seen, they have it very oft that have it not. But for the handkerchief-” (4.1 16-17). Iago is stating that Desdemona's honor is not seen and that many people have honor and a reputation that they do don't deserve.

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Also, what does Lodovico ask Iago and what is Iago's response?

he asks why Othello is acting strange; he asks if he is sick or if he always acts this way. Iago says he cannot explain and that Lodovico must stay and see for himself. to get Emilia to lay out her wedding sheets and get Iago.

Additionally, what does Iago say about reputation? Iago treats reputation contemptuously, this can be proven by his words to Cassio: ”Reputation' is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit, and lost without deserving. '' (2.3. 269-270) As well, even toward the end of the play, where his evil deeds are revealed, he refuses to plead or explain.

Herein, how does Iago say he will show Othello further?

He'll catch Cassio talking about it and boasting. Iago plans to get Cassio talking about Bianca so Othello will think Cassio is talking about Desdemona.

Why should honor outlive honesty?

But ever puny whipster gets my sword. But why should honor outlive honesty? 260Let it go all. I'm not that strong, if a puny nobody can grab my sword.

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What does Emilia say about Desdemona?

Emilia insists that Desdemona was faithful; Othello replies that Cassio had been with her, and Iago knew all about it. Now Emilia has the key idea. She says "my husband" over and over, while Othello pours out his heart on justice and how he loved her and how Iago is honest.

What does Desdemona ask Iago?

Desdemona tells Emilia to lay her wedding sheets on the bed for that night. At Desdemona's request, Emilia brings in Iago, and Desdemona tries to find out from him why Othello has been treating her like a whore. Iago tells Roderigo that Cassio is being assigned to Othello's place.

What message does Lodovico bring Othello?

After Iago has gotten Othello to decide on the time, place, and method of Desdemona's murder, trumpets are heard, and Lodovico appears, accompanied by Desdemona, to deliver letters from the Senate of Venice. Saying, "God save you, worthy general!"(4.1. 216), Lodovico greets Othello and hands him the letters.

Why is Roderigo angry with Iago?

Roderigo is angry because he believes that Iago has been using him without any reward to himself. Roderigo is clearly upset and tells Iago that he provides him with some kind of story or scheme but that it appears to him as if he is, in fact, keeping him from achieving his goal, which is to be with Desdemona.

Why is Emilia upset with Othello?

emilia is upset with the way othello si acting because desdemona has given up many things to be with him. What has she given up? she thinks woman commit adultery because of the way their bad husband beat them.

What does Cassio say about Bianca?

Iago teases Cassio by saying that he has heard Cassio is about to marry Bianca. This makes Cassio laugh even more, and it makes him say things about Bianca that are true enough about her, but which Othello is hearing as scornful insults to Desdemona. Cassio describes her as a "poor caitiff [wretch]" (4.1.

What is Iago supposed to arrange for Roderigo?

Iago reveals to Roderigo that it is in his (Iago's) nature to plot and tell lies to get what he wants and that he has a plan. He hates Othello for promoting Cassio to the position of lieutenant, a position that Iago wanted for himself. Iago plans to bring about Othello's downfall, and Roderigo will have Desdemona.

What names does Othello call Desdemona to her face?

During Act 4, Scene 2, Othello confront Desdemona over what he believes are her adulteress ways. In this scene, Othello calls Desdemona several harsh names including "a cunning whore," "a public commoner," and "an impudent strumpet." In response to these insults, Desdemona is confused and heartbroken.

Why does Othello slap Desdemona?

When Desdemona hears the news that she will be leaving Cyprus, she expresses her happiness, whereupon Othello strikes her. Lodovico is horrified by Othello's loss of self-control, and asks Othello to call back Desdemona, who has left the stage. Othello does so, only to accuse her of being a false and promiscuous woman.

Why is Roderigo upset with Iago what is he threatening to do and why?

What is he threatening to do and why? Roderigo is upset because Iago promised him Desdemona in exchange for some jewels, but nothing has happened yet so Roderigo is losing faith in Iago and threatens him with a duel if nothing happens.

How was Desdemona faithful to Othello to the end?

Desdemona is faithful to Othello to the end because she lied right before her death. Not only does she take the blame for her husbands murder, but by lying before her death she has condemned herself to hell.

What does Othello ask of Cassio What does he want to know from Iago What is Iago's response?

What is Iago's response to Roderigo's claim that he will drown himself? Iago tells him that he will never love him for being so stupid. He feels Roderigo is a fool and is only using him for money, he hates Othello for "sleeping with his wife", and his plan is to make Othello jealous and think Desdemona is cheating.

Why does Othello say goats and monkeys?

Othello's reference to "goats and monkeys" in Shakespeare's play is a sign that his mind is beginning to break down - he is treating his own wife, a girl that he has no reason to think is not totally pure, as a fallen woman - Iago's constant pressure is beginning to pay off.

How does Desdemona react to Othello's accusations?

He believed she was lying for Desdemona. How does Desdemona react to Othello's accusation in Scene 2? Desdemona is shocked, hurt & confused. She doesn't understand why her husband is accusing her of being a hoe.

Why didnt Iago simply tell Othello?

Why didn't Iago simply tell Othello right away that Desdemona and Cassio were having an affair? He wants Othello to figure out/come to the conclusion that Desdemona is cheating, while looking like the good guy. Cassio had a dream expressing his love for Desdemona,and told him about the handkerchief.

How does Cassio get the handkerchief?

Cassio gives Bianca Desdemona's handkerchief, which he found in his lodgings (Iago had placed it there) and asks her to make a copy of it for him, as he will have to return the original when he finds the owner. Bianca immediately recognizes it as belonging to a woman and berates Cassio for having another mistress.

What did Iago do after he wounded Cassio?

What did Iago do after he wounded Cassio? He left, but he returned later to "help" Cassio and finish off Roderigo who had been identified as one of the attackers. Othello stabbed himself, Iago was stabbed and then was put in jail, his fate left to be determined by Cassio; Cassio was appointed "Lord Governor".