What does Barba mean in Greek?

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Barbas Name Meaning. Greek: from a term of address, barbas, indicating either respect for an older man or friendly familiarity, from Italian barba 'uncle', 'man with a beard' (see Barba). It may also be a reduced form of surnames beginning with Barba, for example Barbagiannis 'Uncle John'.

Also question is, where does the name Barba come from?

Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, and southern French: nickname for a man noted for his beard, from barba 'beard' (Latin barba). Italian: from a byname from a southern dialect word meaning 'uncle' (from Latin barba 'beard' via Lombardic barba, barbane), as characterizing a man of wisdom and authority.

Furthermore, what declension would Barba barbae belong to? A variant form of the Medieval Latin barbās (“paternal uncle”).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative barba barbae
Genitive barbae barbārum
Dative barbae barbīs
Accusative barbam barbās

Secondly, what does Barba mean in Croatian?

On the island, it is common for older people to be known as 'Barba' (=uncle') or 'Teta' (=aunt), usually followed by their Christian name. Sometimes the terms 'Nono' (= 'grandfather'), or 'Nona' or 'Baka' (= 'grandmother') are used instead, although the logic of this is not always clear.

What is Barba?

Barba (which means "beard" in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) is a surname.

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