What does abbreviation CH mean?

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Ch. is a written abbreviation for chapter.

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Also to know is, what does Ch mean in text?

ch@ means "chat"

Subsequently, question is, what does Ch mean on a floor plan? C.L. - Center Line. CH. - Channel. C.I. - Cast Iron. C.I.P. - Cast in Place.

Also Know, what do the initials CH stand for?

Acronym. Definition. CH. Confoederatio Helvetica (Swiss Confederation; Switzerland)

Is Ch a word?

CH is a valid scrabble word.

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What does Ch mean in biology?

medical, chromosome, genetics. CH.

What does Ch mean in clothing?

Abbreviation: CH. There doesn't seem to be total uniformity in how manufacturers use the abbreviations, but frequently in the United States S/CH/P means size small. S is for small; CH is the Spanish (chico), and P is French for petit which means small in French.

What does CH stand for on road signs?

CH stands for Chemin (French: Path; Canada Post street designation)

What country is CN?

People's Republic of China

What does Ch mean in medical terms?

List of medical abbreviations: C
Abbreviation Meaning
CGN chronic glomerulonephritis
CH congenital hypothyroidism
CHC combined hormonal contraceptive
CHD chronic heart disease congenital heart defect coronary heart disease

What is CH after a name?

GCVO : Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. GBE : Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire. CH : Companion of Honour.

What does CC mean construction?

C.C. in Construction
C. Center to Center + 3 variants. engineering, design, blueprint. CC. Center to Center.

What does BR stand for on house plans?

br. bedroom. bt. brick walls with tiled roof. bv.

What does PDR stand for?

Physicians' Desk Reference

What does F mean in floor plan?

Finished floor level. FL. Floor level (note: the floor level is provided as a figure relative to a datum, or universal reference point) FW.

What does WC stand for in house plans?

This stands for “typical” and means that if you see this listed once, everything else like this has the same note or dimension applied to it. WC – Water Closet (Toilet Room) Typically a powder room with a sink, but every now and then I see a true “WC,” featuring a door and a toilet and that's it.

What is DN in floor plan?

I.C – Walk in Closet. – Linen closet. DN. - Used on stairs, indicating the stairway down.

What does Cos mean in construction?

Compulsory Open Space

What is CA in architecture?

CA/ Construction Administration: If you're mailing a letter, it may stand for The Golden State, but in architecture, CA means Construction Administration or Contract Administration. CA refers to the architectural phase and architect's duties during the construction of your project.

Is Ao a word?

No, ao is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Zo a Scrabble word?

ZO is a valid scrabble word.

What is the meaning of C?

The Meaning of C:
C: means "Very happy" So now you know - C: means "Very happy" - don't thank us.