How are abbreviations and symbols alike?

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An abbreviation is a shortening of a word. An example of an abbreviation would be "intro." instead of "introduction". Note that abbreviations are followed by periods. On the other hand, the word for the characters representing Chemical elements, and certain physical constants is "symbol".

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In this regard, what is the shorthand symbol for and?


Symbol Meaning
″ ″ ditto (same as above)
& + and

Also Know, are acronyms and abbreviations the same? An abbreviation is typically a shortened form of words used to represent the whole (such as Dr. or Prof.) while an acronym contains a set of initial letters from a phrase that usually form another word (such as radar or scuba). Abbreviations and acronyms are often interchanged, yet the two are quite distinct.

Similarly, what is the symbol for Same as above?

A ditto mark (or ditto sign) is a symbol (“) which signifies ditto, meaning the same as above or before. The plural is ditto marks.

What are some popular abbreviations?

Top 10 Text Abbreviations

  • ROFL means Rolling on floor laughing.
  • STFU means Shut the *freak* up.
  • LMK means Let me know.
  • ILY means I love you.
  • YOLO means You only live once.
  • SMH means Shaking my head.
  • LMFAO means Laughing my freaking *a* off.
  • NVM means Never mind.

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What does NB mean?

nota bene

What does IE mean?

While similar, they are not interchangeable. I.e. stands for id est or 'that is' -- and it's used to clarify a statement or word that came before it. E.g. means exempli gratia or 'for example. ' It's used to introduce examples and illustrate a statement. Both i.e. and e.g. are abbreviations for Latin expressions.

Is there a symbol for with?

There is a symbol for it in predicate logic. "And/or" is just called "or" and is represented as ∨ , from the Latin vel meaning or. But note that it's a separate symbol from the letter "v", though similar.

What does it mean to write long hand?

Noun. 1. longhand - rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper.

What is this symbol name?

Computer keyboard key explanation
Sl. No. Symbol Name
1 & ampersand or and
2 ' apostrophe or single quote
3 * asterisk
4 @ at

What are the medical symbols?

Health and Medical Symbols
  • The Caduceus – Winged Rod With Twisting Serpents. the Caduceus.
  • The Rod of Asclepius – Rod With One Twisting Serpent. the Rod of Asclepius.
  • Red Cross. the red cross.
  • Red Crescent. the red crescent.
  • Red Crystal. the red crystal.

What is a meaning of dictionary?

A dictionary is a listing of words in one or more specific languages, often arranged alphabetically (or by radical and stroke for ideographic languages), which may include information on definitions, usage, etymologies, pronunciations, translation, etc. or a book of words in one language with their equivalents in

Is saying ditto rude?

Kind of rude. What she means is not just “I agree,” but “I hereby say the same.” Ditto still carries the concept of actual saying with it. It performs an act of saying by merely pointing back to already said words.

Does ditto mean love?

Ditto” is Patrick Swayze's code equivalent word for saying “I love you”. Just like saying [IQ] someone in public would be preferred than saying “I love you”. [I] means me [Q] means what something about you.

What does ditto mean?

noun, plural dit·tos.
Abbreviation: do. Compare ditto mark. another of the same. Informal. a duplicate; copy.

What does Diddo mean?

DIDDO means "Ditto (i.e., Same Again)". The word DIDDO is best described as a sweet pronunciation of "ditto," which is a typographic symbol indicating that the text above is repeated. For example: Black masking tape.

What does this mean €?

The euro sign () is the currency sign used for the euro, the official currency of the Eurozone and some other countries (such as Kosovo and Montenegro). The design was presented to the public by the European Commission on 12 December 1996.

What do you say after ditto?

Ditto is defined as something you say to show you are in agreement or to signify that something you already said can be said again. An example of ditto is what you would say when someone says "I like pie," if you also like pie.

What do ditto marks look like?

Often ditto marks. two small marks (″) indicating the repetition of something, usually placed beneath the thing repeated.

Is Ditto a formal word?

There are some dictionaries that clasify "ditto" as informal depending on its use. the same thing again (used in lists and accounts and often indicated by a ditto mark under the word or figure to be repeated).

Is ATM an acronym?

The acronym ATM is a banking-related term that means 'automated teller machine.