What do I serve for an Oktoberfest party?

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Party Menu
  • Hot Dog Paprikash.
  • Chicken or Pork Schnitzel with Quick Sweet 'n' Sauerkraut & Apple, Onion & Potato Salad.
  • Knocks 'n' Brats & Red Cabbage & Potatoes Rosti.
  • White Asparagus Bread Salad with Hollandaise.
  • Beef Schnitzel a la Holstein & Braised Green Beans.
  • German Chocolate Praline Cake.
  • Apple Cider Barley.

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Simply so, what do you serve at an Oktoberfest party?

Here, 11 traditional Oktoberfest foods.

  • Roast Chicken.
  • Schweinebraten (roast pork)
  • Schweinshaxe (roasted ham hock)
  • Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick)
  • Würstl (sausages)
  • Brezen (pretzels)
  • Knödel (potato or flour dumplings)
  • Käsespätzle (cheese noodles)

One may also ask, what do they drink at Oktoberfest? All the beer that is served at the Oktoberfest comes from famous Munich breweries, such as Paulaner and Augustiner. If you don't like one of Germany's favorite beverages, you can also get all kinds of other drinks, including non-alcoholic beverages, wine and cider.

Also asked, what are Oktoberfest colors?

The traditional Oktoberfest Bavarian colors are blue and white, so feel free to mix and match any of our Oktoberfest decorations.

What is a German snack?

Besides the usual suspects of chocolate bars, candy and salty snacks such as potato chips and pretzels, Germans also love to snack on more healthy products including fruits, nuts and a huge selection of dairy products like yogurt, quark snacks, puddings or rice pudding.

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How do you decorate a German party?

Decorate your party with blue and white tableware, balloons and festive streamers. Blue and white streamers can decorate the inside of your home to create the atmosphere of the German festival. Also incorporate red, black and gold, the colors of the German flag, in dressing up your party for festivities.

What side dishes go well with brats?

Top Ten Best Bratwurst Sides
  1. Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut and bratwurst go together like, well, sauerkraut and bratwurst.
  2. German-style potato salad. This is basically a typical potato salad but minus the mayo.
  3. Spaetzle.
  4. Grilled corn on the cob.
  5. Cabbage.
  6. Baked beans.
  7. Not a salad.
  8. Potato pancakes.

What are the traditions of Oktoberfest?

5 Oktoberfest Traditions to Know Before Attending
  • Lederhosen and Dirndl. It doesn't matter if you have German heritage or simply want to embrace the festivities—everyone is encouraged to wear traditional Bavarian attire during Oktoberfest.
  • Beer and Steins.
  • The Chicken Dance.
  • Music and Yodeling.
  • Delicious Food.

Why are Oktoberfest colors blue and white?

The blue and white colours signify the true spirit of any festival, namely, harmony and peace. The Oktoberfest can rightly be termed as the celebration of autumn abundance as the various colours of Oktoberfest beers represent the shades of autumn.

What are some traditional German foods?

Traditional German Food
  • Sauerbraten (Roast Beef Stew)
  • Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle)
  • Rinderroulade (Beef Roll)
  • Bratwurst (Grilled Sausage)
  • Kartoffelpuffer (Potato Pancake)
  • Kartoffelkloesse (Potato Dumplings)
  • Sauerkraut (Fermented Cabbage)
  • Spätzle (Egg Noodles)

What do you wear to Oktoberfest casual?

Women should wear or mimic the look of a traditional dirndl dress, which is worn with a white blouse and white apron. Men typically wear lederhosen, which are knee-length pants with suspenders attached. Once you get these essential pieces in place, you can add other clothing and accessories to enhance your look.

What is typical Bavarian food?

Bavarian cuisine
  • Schweinshaxn and Obatzder in a beer garden.
  • Münchner Weißwurst with a pretzel and sweet mustard.
  • Dampfnudeln.
  • Leberknödelsuppe.
  • Schweinsbraten with bread roll Knödeln and cabbage salad.
  • Steckerlfisch with potato salad.
  • Bread roll Knödel.
  • Obatzter.

How do you decorate for Oktoberfest?

Interior Oktoberfest decorations:
When decorating, start with the ceiling. Add hanging decorations and garland coming down from the ceiling running the entire length of the space. Next, decorate the walls. Pick several Oktoberfest cutouts to hang on the wall.

How do you throw a beer tasting party?

Here's are eight easy steps to hosting a beer tasting:
  1. Keep it Simple. You don't want to lose your guests' interest by packing everything homebrew and craft beer into your party.
  2. Send the Invitation.
  3. Prepare Your Event.
  4. Make Them Blind.
  5. Get Competitive.
  6. Keep Your Guests Interested.
  7. Announce the Winners.
  8. Hand Out The Prizes.

What should I bring to a German dinner party?

Gifts are definitely Willkommen
Especially if it's an official dinner party or social gathering, the custom is to bring something along. It's best to ask before bringing a dish of your own, but otherwise good choices are wine or often flowers - but no roses as those are too romantic.

Can you wear normal clothes to Oktoberfest?

Can you wear normal clothes to Oktoberfest? Technically, yes. If you so choose, you can wear jeans and a t-shirt to Oktoberfest. But 95% of festivalgoers dress in lederhosen or dirndls, so I highly recommend wearing Oktoberfest attire as well.

What should you not wear to Oktoberfest?

If you don't plan on wearing a dirndl or lederhosen to Oktoberfest, just wear your normal clothes. Plenty of people show up to the Oktoberfest tents wearing just their everyday sweatshirt and jeans attire. This is especially perfect for Oktoberfest-goers looking to stay on a budget.

Can I wear jeans to Oktoberfest?

Just wear whatever. Oktoberfest is not the type of event where you need to be concerned about being festive and cultural sensibilities. Jeans and a shirt is completely fine. If there is one place and time in the entire world where it's OK to wear Lederhosen, it's Oktoberfest.

What do girls wear to Oktoberfest?

The staple of a woman's outfit at Oktoberfest in Munich is a white blouse under a tight-fitting Bavarian dirndl (DEERN-dul) dress with an apron tied around it. A dirndl dress can come either all in one piece or in two pieces with a separate bodice and skirt.

Can you rent a dirndl at Oktoberfest?

Dirndl rental. For more than five years we rent Dirndl to both private customers and corporate clients for the oktoberfest in munich. Even traditional shirts and traditional socks and shoes are in our rental portfolio. You can visit our store and rent a costume or even reserve your right size online in advance.

How much do lederhosen cost?

Lederhosen combos usually cost around 200 euros.

What do you wear to Oktoberfest?

Black, white, gray, or ivory ones will do just fine! And for warmer temps, I go with either black no-show “socks” or some kind of decent-looking boot socks. For example, here are some 2020 Oktoberfest sock recommendations: 3-pack of cable knit knee socks in black, gray, and ivory.