What considered ill?

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ill-considered. adjective. If you describe something that someone says or does as ill-considered, you mean that it is not sensible or not appropriate. He made some ill-considered remarks about the cost. Synonyms: unwise, rash, imprudent, careless More Synonyms of ill-considered.

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People also ask, what does ill regard mean?

adjective. lacking thorough consideration; ill-suited; unwise.

Also, what does it mean to be impetuous? adjective. If you describe someone as impetuous, you mean that they are likely to act quickly and suddenly without thinking or being careful. He was young and impetuous. Synonyms: rash, hasty, impulsive, violent More Synonyms of impetuous. You may also like.

Besides, what does ill defined mean in medical terms?

ill-defined. adjective. If you describe something as ill-defined, you mean that its exact nature or extent is not as clear as it should be or could be.

Are considered to be synonym?

Find another word for considered. In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for considered, like: carefully thought about, treated, gone into, contemplated, weighed, mediated, investigated, examined, well-chosen, given due consideration and advised.

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What is the antonym of regard?

regard(v) Antonyms: miss, overlook, disregard, despise, dislike, contemn, hate, loathe, misconsider, misconceive, misestimate, misjudge. Synonyms: behold, view, contemplate, esteem, consider, deem, affect, respect, reverence, revere, value, conceive, heed, notice, mind.

What is the mean of regarding?

to have or show respect or concern for. to think highly of; esteem. to take into account; consider. to look at; observe: She regarded him with amusement. to relate to; concern: The news does not regard the explosion.

What does no regard for human life mean?

vb. 1 to look closely or attentively at (something or someone); observe steadily. 2 tr to hold (a person or thing) in respect, admiration, or affection. we regard your work very highly.

How do you regard a person?

  1. to look closely or attentively at (something or someone); observe steadily.
  2. (tr) to hold (a person or thing) in respect, admiration, or affection: we regard your work very highly.
  3. (tr) to look upon or consider in a specified way: she regarded her brother as her responsibility.
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What does it mean to have no regard for something?

Definition of without regard for. : without care or concern for The company acted without regard for the safety of its workers. Applicants are considered without regard for age, race, sex, or religion.

What is the meaning of kind regards?

"kind regards" is a polite ending to a letter. When you give your regards it means you are thinking of them. Kind regards means you are thinking good thoughts. This can be a nice ending for most personal letters. Another ending could be "warm regards".

What does of mean?

The Meaning of OF
OF means "Old Fart" So now you know - OF means "Old Fart" - don't thank us. YW! What does OF mean?

What are ill defined conditions?

Symptoms, Signs, and Ill-Defined Conditions (780-799) This section includes symptoms, signs, abnormal results of laboratory or other investigative procedures, and ill-defined conditions regarding which no diagnosis classifiable elsewhere is recorded.

What is an ill defined problem?

The ill-defined problems are those that do not have clear goals, solution paths, or expected solution. The well-defined problems have specific goals, clearly defined solution paths, and clear expected solutions. Problem-solving is the subject of a major portion of research and publishing in mathematics education.

What do you call a person who speaks without thinking?

impulsive. If someone is impulsive, it means that they act on instinct, without thinking decisions through. Impulses are short, quick feelings, and if someone is in the habit of acting on them, they're impulsive.

What is an impetuous person called?

SYNONYMS FOR impetuous
1 eager, headlong. Impetuous, impulsive both refer to persons who are hasty and precipitate in action, or to actions not preceded by thought. Impetuous suggests eagerness, violence, rashness: impetuous vivacity; impetuous desire; impetuous words.

Is impulsivity a mental illness?

Impulse control disorder. Impulse-control disorder (ICD) is a class of psychiatric disorders characterized by impulsivity – failure to resist a temptation, an urge, an impulse, or the inability to not speak on a thought.

What does the word ubiquitous?

adjective. existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent: ubiquitous fog; ubiquitous little ants.

What does impetus mean in law?

Definition of impetus. 1a(1) : a driving force : impulse. (2) : incentive, stimulus. b : stimulation or encouragement resulting in increased activity.

Is able a root word?

-able. a suffix meaning “capable of, susceptible of, fit for, tending to, given to,” associated in meaning with the word able, occurring in loanwords from Latin (laudable); used in English as a highly productive suffix to form adjectives by addition to stems of any origin (teachable; photographable).

Which of the following words is a synonym for impetuous?

Synonyms for impetuous
  • ardent.
  • impulsive.
  • abrupt.
  • eager.
  • fervid.
  • fierce.
  • furious.
  • going off deep end.