What are hints used for in SQL queries?

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Hint (SQL) In various SQL implementations, a hint is an addition to the SQL standard that instructs the database engine on how to execute the query. For example, a hint may tell the engine to use or not to use an index (even if the query optimizer would decide otherwise).

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Then, what are query hints in SQL Server?

Hints are options or strategies specified for enforcement by the SQL Server query processor on SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements. The hints override any execution plan the query optimizer might select for a query.

Similarly, what is the use of Nolock in SQL? The NOLOCK hint allows SQL to read data from tables by ignoring any locks and therefore not being blocked by other processes. This can improve query performance, but also introduces the possibility of dirty reads. Read more to better understand the use of NOLOCK.

Consequently, how do you query hints?

Query hints specify that the indicated hints should be used throughout the query. They affect all operators in the statement. If UNION is involved in the main query, only the last query involving a UNION operation can have the OPTION clause. Query hints are specified as part of the OPTION clause.

Which hints is used to control the locking mechanism of tables?

Table Hint. This hint is used when certain kind of locking mechanism of tables has to be controlled. SQL Server query optimizer always puts the appropriate kind of lock on tables, when any of the Transact SQL operations SELECT , UPDATE , DELETE , INSERT or MERGE are used.

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How do you set a Maxdop in a query?

1. At the server level with SSMS. In SSMS, right-click on the server, click Properties, Advanced, scroll down into the Parallelism section, and set MAXDOP to 1. Click OK.

What is a join hint?

Join hints are specified in the FROM clause of a query. Join hints enforce a join strategy between two tables. If a join hint is specified for any two tables, the query optimizer automatically enforces the join order for all joined tables in the query, based on the position of the ON keywords.

How do you recompile an option?

OPTION(RECOMPILE) tells the server not to cache the pan for given query. This means that another execution of the same query will require to elaborate a new(maybe different) plan. This is used in the queries with parameters to prevent parameter sniffing issue.

What is option in SQL?

OPTION Clause in SQL Server. October 01, 2018. OPTION Clause in SQL Server. The OPTION clause is used to query the table with different query hint. Only one OPTION clause can be specified in a statement.

What is hash join in SQL?

Hash join requiresequijoin predicate to join tables. Equijoin predicate is comparing values between one table to other table using “equals to” (“=”) operator. Hash join gives best performance when two more join tables are joined and at-least one of them have no index or is not sorted.

What is option Maxdop 1 in SQL Server?

SQL Server Problem Tombola: MAXDOP 1. The MAXDOP setting limits the amount of CPUs used by one query in your SQL server instance. For example: if you put your MD to 2, then the query receives the option to create a parallel plan with 2 cores to execute a query.

What is parameter sniffing?

Parameter Sniffing. When the SQL Server database engine compiles a stored procedure it looks at the parameter values being passed and creates an execution plan based on these parameters. The process of looking at parameter values when compiling a stored procedure is commonly called “parameter sniffing”.

What is the use of hints in Oracle?

Hints let you make decisions usually made by the optimizer. As an application designer, you might know information about your data that the optimizer does not know. Hints provide a mechanism to direct the optimizer to choose a certain query execution plan based on the specific criteria.

What is a lock in SQL?

Lock: Lock is a mechanism to ensure data consistency. SQL Server locks objects when the transaction starts. When the transaction is completed, SQL Server releases the locked object. Exclusive (X) Locks: When this lock type occurs, it occurs to prevent other transactions to modify or access a locked object.

Can we use Nolock in view?

The WITH (NOLOCK) table hint is used to override the default transaction isolation level of the table or the tables within the view in a specific query, by allowing the user to retrieve the data without being affected by the locks, on the requested data, due to another process that is changing it.


The IS NOT NULL condition is used in SQL to test for a non-NULL value. It returns TRUE if a non-NULL value is found, otherwise it returns FALSE. It can be used in a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.

How do you use hint in a sentence?

hint Sentence Examples
  1. Brennan offered a hint of information.
  2. The kind man's face held a hint of sympathy.
  3. I sensed his surprise, and a hint of nervousness.
  4. If it was so simple, Andre wouldn't be trying to drop a hint without betraying the confidence of Deidre.
  5. Landon took the hint and left.

What is deadlock in SQL?

A common issue with SQL Server is deadlocks. A deadlock occurs when two or more processes are waiting on the same resource and each process is waiting on the other process to complete before moving forward.

What does where 1 1 mean in SQL?

In sql if we use 1=1 in a statement in where clause it gives the true condition then the statement is executed it will give the output, if we use 1=2 in where clause then the statement will not give output as the condition is false.

What is the difference between Nolock and with Nolock?

As we can see the difference between Nolock and With (Nolock) is that, the Nolock reads that data, which has not committed and can be rolled back. Thus, we can say that Nolock reads “Dirty Data” when applied with only Select statement in SQL Server Database.

What is SQL Profiler?

Microsoft SQL Server Profiler is a graphical user interface to SQL Trace for monitoring an instance of the Database Engine or Analysis Services. You can capture and save data about each event to a file or table to analyze later.

What is full hint in Oracle?

Answer: The full hint is an optimizer directive used to force a full table scan of the specified table. The full hint should only be used to correct an optimizer error, in this case, when the optimizer chooses an index scan instead of a full-table scan.