Is Kyrie coming back to Cleveland?

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CLEVELAND -- On Sunday, Kyrie Irving was asked by reporters if it still means anything to him to return to Cleveland, where he spent the first six years of his NBA career. In that span, Irving has made the return to Cleveland just once, having yet to do so since the 2017-18 season opener.

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Likewise, people ask, will LeBron come back to Cleveland?

Tonight, LeBron James will return to the Quicken Loans Arena for the second time in a different jersey. Tonight, he will face the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. The three-time champion signed a four-year, $153.3 million deal with the Lakers in the summer.

One may also ask, how many years did LeBron and Kyrie play together? Irving's separation from the Cavs in 2017 was an unambiguous result of Irving's wish to separate himself from James. The duo had been together for three seasons, since James had returned from Miami in 2014 to rejoin a franchise Irving assumed as his. They went to three NBA Finals and won a championship along the way.

Also, why did Kyrie Irving leave Cleveland?

Kyrie Irving left Cleveland because he saw LeBron's move coming.

What year did Kyrie leave the Cavs?

Kyrie Irving

No. 11 – Brooklyn Nets
Playing career 2011–present
Career history
2011–2017 Cleveland Cavaliers
2017–2019 Boston Celtics

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Why did LeBron return to Cleveland?

LeBron James cemented his legacy in Cleveland when he powered the Cavs to their first NBA title in 2016. Two years later, James fulfilled his goal when he led the Cavaliers past the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, ending a 52-year major sports championship drought in Cleveland.

When did LeBron leave Cleveland?

Return to Cleveland Cavaliers
In July of 2014, after opting out of his contract with the Heat and considering other teams, James announced that he would be returning to the Cavaliers.

Who is lebrons dad?

Anthony McClelland

Will LeBron finish his career in Cleveland?

In September, the 33-year-old Ohio native confirmed his intention to finish his career in Cleveland but noted he'd reassess the situation after the season ended. In the same interview, LeBron said he'll give the city of Cleveland "passion, commitment and inspiration" but noted he "owes nobody anything."

Does LeBron James play for Cleveland?

LeBron James
No. 23 – Los Angeles Lakers
2003–2010 Cleveland Cavaliers
2010–2014 Miami Heat
2014–2018 Cleveland Cavaliers
2018–present Los Angeles Lakers

Why is Kyrie not playing?

Nets guard Kyrie Irving has re-aggravated the shoulder injury that caused him to miss 26 games this season and is out indefinitely, head coach Kenny Atkinson confirmed today. He "wouldn't go there" when it came to concerns over Irving missing the remainder of the season.

Why is Kyrie called Uncle Drew?

Kyrie is called Uncle Drew not only because he plays the character in the series, but due to what he does in real life. He is widely known by many to be the best ball handler of our generation. He crosses up opponents quite well in the actual league. he is the real life embodiment of Uncle Drew himself.

What did Kyrie say about LeBron?

Kyrie on calling LeBron: “The responsibility of being the best in the world and leading your team is something that is not meant for many people. … Only few are meant for it, or chosen for it, and I feel like the best person to call was him."

Where is Kyrie Irving right now?

Brooklyn Nets
#11 / Point guard, Shooting guard

How many triple doubles does Kyrie have?

All career triple doubles (including playoffs) by Kyrie Irving
2019-2020 Regular Season 2/11/2019 11
2018-2019 Regular Season 14/03/2019 10
2013-2014 Regular Season 28/02/2014 10

Where did Kyrie grow up?

Irving was born in Melbourne, Victoria to African American parents. He grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. He went to Duke University before being selected as the 1st overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft by the Cavaliers.

Is Kyrie injured?

Kyrie Irving has been out with a shoulder injury since November 12. The Brooklyn Nets on Thursday said Irving has not been cleared for contact, and he is two weeks past when the team expected him to resume practicing.

Which city has produced the most NBA players?

(For the record, California has the most players in the league. And there is A LOT of talent from Los Angeles.

Who is better Kyrie or LeBron James?

No way at all is Kyrie Irving better than Lebron, Jordan or Curry. You Just chose the GOAT, a top three player of all time and a top three player in today's NBA/the greatest shooter of all time. Kyrie Irving will never be better than Lebron James or Michael Jordan ever in his career.

Does Kyrie Irving like friends?

Like several pro athletes, Kyrie Irving loves Friends — although that might actually be an understatement for the Boston Celtics point guard, who even has a tattoo of the show's logo on his left arm. And now Irving has a shoe celebrating Friends coming out this week.