How wide is Pergo flooring?

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Pergo Outlast+ Somerton Auburn Hickory 10mm Thick x 7-1/2 in. Wide x 47-1/4 in. Length Laminate Flooring (19.63 sq.

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Then, is Pergo going out of business?

Pergo. The word Pergo itself became synonymous with laminate flooring. Pergo was acquired by Mohawk in 2013 and has not closed down any of its North American manufacturing operations. The company offers many laminate flooring options in both attached and not attached underlayment.

Similarly, do you need underlayment for Pergo flooring? Yes! If your Pergo floors do not come with underlayment, then it's important that you purchase it and lay it over your subfloor before installing your new Pergo floor. If you don't add underlayment to your Pergo floors, you'll violate the floor's warranty.

In respect to this, is there a difference between Pergo and laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is type of product where layers of materials, including photos of the material are stacked and compressed together to give the look of natural finish, like wood. (Similar to plastic laminate.) Pergo is a manufacturers product name - one type of laminate flooring that can be purchased.

Is Pergo laminate flooring really waterproof?

Pergo Waterproof Laminate Unlike other laminate floors on the market, select Pergo laminate floors feature complete waterproof protection. This revolutionary technology withstands against splashes, spills, and pet accidents to ensure maximum waterproof durability.

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How long do Pergo floors last?

Expected Lifespan. The average lifespan for laminate flooring is between 15 and 25 years, but it can vary from as short as 10 years to as long as 30 years. The difference in life expectancy depends on the quality of the flooring, whether it was properly installed and the amount of traffic it receives.

Is Pergo flooring good?

Pergo says that their laminate is water resistant, giving you a 30 minute window to clean up spills. If wood floors aren't your thing, Pergo offers laminate flooring in stone and ceramic styles as well. Essentially, Pergo offers everything except for the kitchen sink; they're a flooring company, after all.

Do Pergo floors scratch easily?

All Pergo floors, including Outlast+, feature a SurfaceDefense wear protection layer, which is scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Here is some information that might help you down the road to prevent or minimizes scratches.

Are Mohawk and Pergo the same?

Mohawk acquired Pergo from its German parent company, Pfleiderer AG, which decided in late 2011 to sell all of its North American operations, including fiberboard maker Uniboard.

What is the best brand of laminate flooring?

All the big brands – Mohawk, Shaw, Tarkett, Pergo, etc., have excellent selection. But Armstrong outdoes them all. Armstrong has the best laminate selection in two ways – The most style options and options for every budget.

How do you start laying Pergo flooring?

Prepare your floor.
  1. Acclimate flooring inside installation space at least 48 hours prior to installation (72 hours for solid hardwood)
  2. Remove any carpet and padding.
  3. Check your subfloor for moisture; correct if needed.
  4. Make sure your subfloor is flat and level.
  5. Fill any holes in your subfloor.

What is the difference between Pergo Max and Pergo outlast?

An important difference between Pergo Outlast plus and Pergo XP is that the Pergo Outlast+ includes two features not found in Pergo XP. Outlast Plus includes Pergo's SpillProtect24™ which prevents liquid from seeping into joints for up to 24 hours and SurfaceDefense wear protection.

Is Pergo expensive?

Pergo flooring is one of the most popular brands of laminate flooring on the market. The average price to install Pergo flooring is between $1,500 and $7,000, based on a 500sf space. The final cost will also depend on materials purchased, which contractor you hire and the floor space you want covered .

How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of laminate flooring?

The average cost to install laminate flooring per square foot is between $2 and $8. This cost includes the cost for a mandatory foam underlay 4 and other adhesives or glues that are required for the project.

Is Pergo better than laminate?

Pergo is a brand of laminate flooring, and many who have used it claim it is the best. If you are considering installing a new laminate in your home, Pergo is a great choice to consider, and here's why. Easy Maintenance, Durable Materials. Pergo flooring, like most laminate flooring choices, is easy to maintain.

Can I use Swiffer wet jet on Pergo floors?

Use Pergo Floor Cleaner -- just follow the directions. Use a Swiffer Wet Jet with the regular Swiffer Cleaner (not the Swiffer Cleaner for hardwood floors). Don't use the wet jet to spray the liquid.

How can you tell good quality laminate flooring?

There should be no gaps or unevenness while installing at your floor. The laminate floorings of good quality should provide a seamlessly flat surface. Check the patterns: If the patterns on the laminate floor do not give a smooth and natural look then it is a low quality floor.

What is the best Pergo laminate flooring?

Laminate selections: Bourbon Street oak, bainbridge oak, crestwood tile, chateau maple and Winchester apple are just a few of the nearly 130 choices in laminate flooring offered by Pergo. Best for: Pergo is especially beneficial in homes with pets and kids, as well as luxury shoppers.

What is the best waterproof laminate flooring?

Best Waterproof Laminate Brands
Brands Type Cost/sq. ft.
Mohawk RevWood Plus Waterproof $2.50 - $3.35
AquaFlor Water-resistant $1.99 - $2.19
Dream Home Water-resistant $1.79 - $2.69
Shaw Repel Water-resistant $3.10 - $3.75

What is better than laminate flooring?

The overall thickness for vinyl flooring ranges from 1.5 mm for sheet vinyl to 5 mm for luxury vinyl planks. Laminate flooring is similar to luxury vinyl planks in its look and method of installation. But the critical difference is that its core is made from wood byproducts bonded with resins.

Can you use Pergo flooring in a bathroom?

BATHROOM INSTALLATIONS—Because the Pergo surface is resistant to water, Pergo laminate flooring can be installed in bathrooms. However, it is very important to prevent water or moisture from getting under the floor. Installation in bathrooms must be made in accordance with the following instructions: a.

What does Home Depot charge to install laminate flooring?

On average, this process will cost homeowners $1.95 per square foot of old flooring. This rate depends on the existing flooring type and the amount of effort required for removal.