How old is Boo Boo Bob's Burgers?

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Boo Boo's age is never mentioned, but since Tina says that he hasn't hit puberty yet, and since he refers to Louise (who is 9) as a "little girl", it can be assumed that he is around 10 or 11. His birthday is in October as revealed in The Hauntening.

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Correspondingly, who is the voice of Boo Boo on Bob's Burgers?


Episode complete credited cast:
H. Jon Benjamin Bob Belcher / Matt (voice)
Kristen Schaal Louise Belcher (voice)
Brooke Dillman Lady Judge / Bus Driver (voice)
Max Greenfield Boo Boo (voice)

Also, is Bob's Burgers Cancelled? subscribe for free updates on any Bob's Burgers cancellation or renewal news. **2/12/2019 Status Update: Bob's Burgers has been renewed for season 10 on FOX.

Regarding this, how old is Logan Bob's Burgers?

This would place Logan's age at about 16-18. Logan's full name is a play on words, being Logan Berry Bush which can be rendered as Loganberry Bush, referring to the bush that Loganberries grow from.

Who sings Boyz 4 now?

Actor Max Greenfield voiced the boy band member Boo Boo and recorded vocals for one of the episode's musical numbers.

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Does Zeke have a crush on Tina?

Once the truth was revealed, Zeke avoided getting in trouble because his family "moves around a lot". It is hinted that Zeke has a crush on Tina but the latter does not reciprocate.

Is gene from Bob's Burgers a girl?

Some days, Gene's behavior is stereotypically masculine. Other days it's more feminine. Sometimes Gene is sassy like a gay best friend, but at other times, it seems he truly feels he is a girl. But Gene certainly doesn't always feel that way.

Does Jimmy Pesto have a wife?

The facts are as such; Jimmy Pesto says he has a wife, but we've never seen her, and Jimmy hates Bob for an unknown reason. It is not revealed whether he does this with his wife. Here is my theory; Jimmy Pesto's wife died while giving birth to the twins, Andy & Ollie.

Is Tina a boy or girl?

In the early production days of Bob's Burgers, Tina was originally a boy named Daniel, named after Dan Mintz.

What race is Bob Belcher?

Belcher family. For better, for worse we gave [the main characters] the name Belcher so at least one of Bob's parents hails from some French or French-Canadian lineage. But in a perfect world, we'd have the show about a sort of Greek-Armenian-Italian-Jewish-German polyglot.

What happened to Bob's mom in Bob's Burgers?

Little is known about Bob's mother. It is revealed in "The Last Gingerbread House on the Left" that she has passed away.

Why does Louise Belcher wear bunny ears?

Why Louise wears bunny ears
It's never quite explained why; maybe she has a bald spot she's hiding (like her father), or the hat allows her to hide from the world in some small way. The real reason is not so emotionally complicated. It was inspired by a manga—and later, anime—from Japan called Tekkonkinkreet.

Who is Jimmy Jr's mom?

Character Spotlight: Jimmy Pesto Jr.
Bob's Burgers character
Occupation Busboy at Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria Student
Relatives (see Pesto Family) Jimmy Pesto (father) Andy and Ollie Pesto (younger brothers) Unnamed Mother
Behind the scenes
Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin

Do the characters in Bob's Burgers age?

It would appear Bob's Burgers subscribes to the nobody ever ages style of storytelling. In terms of character ages, that's that. They don't age. So the characters ages are unique in that they introduce an minor element of discontinuity to the show, though one that is frequent in television and cartoons.

When did Bob's Burgers get taken off Netflix?

On April 1, much to the chagrin of many thousands of fans, the popular TV series Bob's Burgers was partially removed from Netflix. The full removal is slated to occur on April 17th. As a fan of the show, this upsets and disappoints me.

Can you watch Bob's Burgers on Netflix?

Bob's Burgers made a slow exit from Netflix throughout 2017 and we've had many questions asking whether the series will ever be coming back to the Netflix. The answer is sadly, no. Titles like American Horror Story has remained but Bob's Burgers was one of the casualties and it's permanent.

How many seasons of Bob's Burgers were on Netflix?

Netflix users were graced with the first seven seasons of the show, but no one realized they had a deadline to stream them by. Now, just a year later, Bob's Burgers has disappeared as quickly as it came.

Who writes the songs for Bob's Burgers?

Bob's Burgers
Voices of H. Jon Benjamin Dan Mintz Eugene Mirman Larry Murphy John Roberts Kristen Schaal
Theme music composer Loren Bouchard
Opening theme "Bob's Burgers Theme"
Composer(s) John Dylan Keith Loren Bouchard Elegant Too

What state does Bob's Burgers take place in?

Bob's Burgers is the restaurant owned by Bob and Linda Belcher, which is "conveniently located on Ocean Avenue"(Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial) in an unnamed town on Long Island, New York or the North Jersey Shore, New Jersey It is located in a rental property that also contains the family's home.