How much is Dave Barry Worth?

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Dave Barry net worth: Dave Barry is an American author and columnist who has a net worth of $10 million. Dave Barry was born in Almonk, New York in July 1947. From 1983 to 2004 he was a nationally syndicated humor columnist for the Miami Herald.

Then, where does Dave Barry live?


Also, is Dave Barry married? Michelle Kaufman m. 1996 Beth Barry m. 1976–1993

Beside above, how old is Dave Barry?

72 years (July 3, 1947)

Where did Dave Barry go to college?

Haverford College

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Does Dave Barry still write?

David McAlister Barry (born July 3, 1947) is an American author and columnist who wrote a nationally syndicated humor column for the Miami Herald from 1983 to 2005. He has also written numerous books of humor and parody, as well as comic novels.

What happened to Dave Berry?

After five years on Capital breakfast, Dave Berry is leaving Capital and moving to a new job at Absolute Radio. He was recently joined by George Shelley and Lilah Parsons on the breakfast show after former co-host Lisa Snowdon left, but now he's decided not to renew his contract when it expires this year.

Who is Dave Berry?

Dave Berry (born David Holgate Grundy in Woodhouse, Sheffield, England, on February 6, 1941), was a British pop singer and teen idol of the 1960s. A unique, and charismatic performer, Dave Berry performed a mixture of hard R&B and pop ballads. He was extremely popular in Britain, and on Continental Europe.

Who wrote Peter and the Starcatchers?

Ridley Pearson
Dave Barry

When was Dave Barry born?

July 3, 1947 (age 72 years)

How do I contact Dave Barry?

at 800-637-4082, fax 312-222-2581.