How much does spring cleaning cost?

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House cleaning prices for different types of cleaning
House cleaning service Price guide
Oven Cleaning $30-$150
Rangehood Cleaning $30-$100
Spring Cleaning $70-$430
Tile & Grout Cleaning $50-$200

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Also, how much should I charge to clean a 3000 sq ft house?

House Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

Home Square Feet Standard Cleaning Cost Deep Cleaning Cost
1000 $80 $125
2000 $100 $200
3000 $150 $300

Furthermore, how much should a deep cleaning cost? On average, a deep clean costs between $200 and $400, depending on the size of your house. Standard routine cleanings after that initial visit typically cost between $100 and $150.

Similarly one may ask, how much should I pay my cleaning lady?

On average, housekeepers charge between $20 and $40 dollars an hour, and between $15 and $25 dollars per 100 square feet. A typical home cleaning service takes between 1 and 2 hours, which would cost between $20 and $80.

How much does it cost to clean a 4000 sq ft house?

Additional Services

The Square Footage of your Home Type *Deep Cleaning/IC Rate
2,501 Sq.Ft. – 3,000 Sq.Ft. House $400
3,001 Sq.Ft. – 3,500 Sq.Ft. House $450
3,501 Sq.Ft. – 4,000 Sq.Ft. House $500
4,001 Sq.Ft. – 4,500 Sq.Ft. House $550

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How long does it take to clean a 4 bedroom house?

4 beds, 2 bath. In 2 hours I can tidy the entire house to a very high standard. This includes, among other things, vacuum, mop, make beds, unpack dishwasher and clean kitchen, dusting, clean bathrooms, two loads of washing (hung out), folding done and put away, one random job (such as clean wardrobe mirrors).

How do you price cleaning jobs?

To give a customer an estimate, add the times for the areas given by the customer, divide those times by 60 to get how long it will take to clean and multiply that number by your hourly rate. For example, 200/60 = 3.33 x $30 = $100. The number you get will be the amount you charge your customer.

Is it worth starting a cleaning business?

The Advantages Of Starting A Cleaning Business
However, it is definitely worth it, according to these advantages: Low costs to start — Opening the doors to your cleaning business requires minimal start-up costs. A few overhead expenses — There are very few overhead expenses when it comes to cleaning businesses.

What does Molly Maid charge?

Molly Maid prices range from $75 to $96 for a crew of two cleaners for an hour of service. For an average 3-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot home, you might be paying $300 for 4 hours' work. Molly Maid sometimes offers $60 off three cleanings or $100 off the first ten cleanings.

Do you tip cleaning services?

If you hire someone directly for a one time or infrequent cleaning, most etiqueete professionals say you should tip. $10 to $20 per cleaning is a good ballpark range. If you have a home cleaner year round, it is probably not necessary to tip each time. Instead, you can give a cash bonus or gift at the end of the year.

How do you calculate cleaning hours?

A Simple Formula for Bidding on Cleaning Accounts
  1. Area = length x width: This is the "Square Footage"
  2. Productivity = how many feet per hour can you clean.
  3. Time = Area Divided by Productivity.
  4. Frequency = How many days in one week service is provided.
  5. Rate = Your hourly rate.
  6. Some general guidelines to follow for this calculation formula are:

How long does it take one person to clean a house?

When calculating how much time a thorough clean will take, a good rule of thumb with a four-person cleaning crew is 60 minutes for every 1,000 square feet cleaned during an initial deep cleaning. This time is due to the well-orchestrated, team approach to cleaning.

What should I expect my cleaning lady to do?

General duties you can expect your housekeeper to perform
  1. Light cleaning in the living areas.
  2. Cleaning the bathrooms, including mirrors, toilets, showers and baths.
  3. Cleaning the kitchen, including wiping down appliances, counters, sinks and cabinet doors.
  4. Washing and drying dishes and putting them away.

How do you clean your house like a pro?

How to Clean Your House Like a Professional
  1. Declutter. There's a reason we clean before the housekeeper arrives.
  2. Use the right tools. Before cleaning your house, it's essential to stock up on the right tools.
  3. Buy multi-use products.
  4. Keep everything together.
  5. Use a newspaper to clean windows.
  6. Vacuum everything.
  7. Dust it.
  8. Don't forget about the kitchen sink.

How much per hour do cleaners charge?

How Much to Charge for House Cleaning Services. The average hourly rate for house cleaning services is between $25-50 per hour, going up to $90 per hour depending on factors such as the type of cleaning and demand in your area.

What is the pay rate for a cleaner?

Find out what is the average Cleaner salary
Entry level positions start at $21,450 per year while most experienced workers make up to $40,967 per year.

How much do private housekeepers make?

The average Private Housekeeper salary in the United States is $26,860 as of January 20, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $24,363 and $30,344.

What does a cleaning lady do?

The duties of a cleaning lady include:
Vacuuming everything in the house, including carpets, furniture, upholstery, etc. Dusting the surfaces such as window ledges and furniture. Cleaning every surface in the kitchen, bathroom, and showers.

Is having a maid worth it?

If your time is worth $50 per hour and the maid charges $25 per hour, you will likely find a maid worthwhile. However, if you decide your time is worth $15 per hour and the maid charges $25 per hour, you should clean your home yourself, as the cost of the maid is higher than how you value your time.

How many rooms should a housekeeper clean per day?

On average, housekeepers clean 13 to 15 rooms a day, but it can be as high as 30 at some hotels. And they're expected to clean them all in one eight-hour shift. So, even if you do put your "Do Not Disturb" sign out, sometimes they still have to knock.

What's included in a deep clean?

Every “Deep Clean” includes the “Basic Clean” with detail emphasis and focus on build up, plus the following:
  • Ceiling fan blades (washed)
  • Light fixtures (hand washed in place / not removed)
  • Blinds and shutters (vacuumed or washed) Mini-Blinds (dusted and washed )