How many types of bees are there in bee swarm simulator?

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There are 42 bee types that can be discovered and collected, but only 41 bee types if you don't use the Robux to buy Bear Bee. There is a 1/12000 (0.00833%) chance that your bees can transform into a gifted bee by feeding a bee its favorite treat.

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Consequently, what are the chances of getting a gifted bee in bee swarm simulator?

Every time you use a Royal Jelly or hatch an egg, you have a 0.4% (1/250) chance to get a gifted bee. Similarly, feeding a bee its favorite treat can turn it gifted, though this only happens with a 0.0083% (1/12,000) chance.

Likewise, what happens if you give a gifted bee a royal jelly? Using a Royal Jelly or a non-gifted Egg on a Gifted Bee will almost certainly make the bee LOSE ITS GIFTED STATUS. The new bee will have the same chance of turning gifted as any other bee, 1/250.

One may also ask, which event bee is the best in bee swarm simulator?

A Tabby Bee with maxed Tabby Love is the theoretical best pollen collector in the game. The only exception is if you don't play a lot. If you don't play that often, get Tabby Bee second.

What happens when you transform a gifted bee?

A Star Jelly will randomly turn a bee into a Gifted Bee of a Rare, Epic, or Legendary. Gifted Bees give Hive Bonuses which gives a permanent boost to your whole hive, the stat boost depending on what bee it is. Each bee has a different Hive Bonus. Gifted Bee boosts do not stack because it would be too OP.

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Which bees like which treats bee swarm simulator?

There are ten different types of treats: Treats, Strawberries, Blueberries, Sunflower Seeds, Pineapples, Moon Charms, Bitterberries, Neonberries, and Atomic Treats. The last type is called the Star Treat, which will turn any bee into its gifted variant.

What is the best gifted event bee?

Vicious Bee is considered to be one of the best bees to make gifted first due to its gifted bonus, -15% monster respawn time.

How do you make an event bee gifted?

All Event Bees can be gifted, even though none have a favorite treat. Giving an Event Bee a Star Treat is the only way to get a gifted event bee, mentioned by the quest-giving Onett past the 30 Bee Gate, as well as Panda Bear towards the end of his questline.

How do you breed bees in FTB?

To start the breeding process, place a princess and a drone into an Apiary or Alveary. They will be replaced with a queen of the same type as the princess; the drone is lost in the process. The progress bar on the left will decrease over time, but only if the Apiary is located in a biome favorable to the queen.

Why are my bees sad bee swarm simulator?

If a bee has a sad emoticon over its head, it means that the bee does not like that field and will gain only minimal bond from collecting pollen in that field. If it has a happy emoticon instead, it likes the field and will gain extra bond.

How do you upgrade bees in bee swarm simulator?

You level up your Bees by increasing a Bee's Bond. You can increase a Bee's Bond by feeding them any kind of treat. As your Bees continue to level up, you will need more Bond to level them up.

Ways to Level your Bees.
  1. Feed Treats to your Bees.
  2. Collect in fields.
  3. Defeat mobs.
  4. Do the Ant Challenge.

How do you get oil from a bee swarm?

Ways to Obtain
  1. Oil can be crafted in the Blender by using 50 Sunflower Seeds and 10 Royal Jellies.
  2. Redeeming certain codes.
  3. Purchasing packs in the Robux Shop.
  4. Completing Bubble Bee Man's B.B.M.
  5. Completing some of Bee Bear's quests during the Christmas event (no longer obtainable).

What is a teddy bear bee?

Amegilla bombiformis, commonly known as the teddy bear bee or golden haired mortar bee, is an Australian native bee in the family Apidae. Teddy bear bees have been recorded visiting Abelia, Buddleja, and blue flax lily (Dianella caerulea) flowers in the garden; males rest overnight attached to plant stems.

Where is the egg in bee swarm simulator?

A Cobalt Bee Egg can get obtained at the ticket tent for 250 tickets. A Crimson Bee Egg can get obtained at the ticket tent for 250 tickets. A Bear Bee Egg can get obtained in the Robux Shop for 800 Robux.