How far is Sarasota from Longboat Key?

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There are 9.46 miles from Sarasota to Longboat Key in northwest direction and 12 miles (19.31 kilometers) by car, following the FL 789 route. Sarasota and Longboat Key are 19 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how far is Longboat Key from Siesta Key?

12 miles

Also Know, how long does it take to get to Longboat Key? The route takes you around Siesta 7 days a week from 10-10 p.m. Leave the car behind and discover downtown Sarasota, St. Armands Circle, Ringling Bridge and Lido Key by Segway. Three tour times a day are offered 7 days a week.

Keeping this in view, how far is Longboat Key from Tampa?

39 miles

Where in Florida is Longboat Key?

Longboat Key is a town in Manatee and Sarasota counties along the central west coast of the U.S. state of Florida, located on and coterminous with the barrier island of the same name. Longboat Key is south of Anna Maria Island, between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Which beach is better Clearwater or Siesta Key?

Both beaches are fantastic but have a distinctly different vibe. Clearwater beach has a much younger crowd with a lot of night life. The beaches are amazing and there is so much to see and do along the coast all the way down to St Pete beach. Siesta Key is much more laid back with a casual atmosphere.

Which is better Anna Maria Island or Siesta Key?

There are many more attributes to Anna Maria that I could go on all day long. But we love the charm of Anna Maria best. One major difference is in the dining. Siesta key has no dining on the gulf..whereas Anna Maria has plenty of places on the gulf and bay side.

Which is better Siesta Key or Longboat Key?

Both Siesta and Longboat are beautiful. Longboat is quieter, more residential, and perhaps the people are a bit older. Siesta has a large public beach that is either the best beach on the gulf coast (purest, whitest talcum powder sand) or the 2nd best (to Longboat's pure white talcum powder sand).

What is Siesta Key known for?

Known for its brilliant quartz sand, turquoise waters and many beachside amenities, Siesta Key is a must-visit island paradise. Siesta Key offers something for everyone. Siesta Key is a romantic getaway for lovers, a family vacation destination and a playground for active sports enthusiasts.

Is Longboat Key nice?

Longboat Key is absolutely wonderful. It is quiet, peaceful, without the traffic and crowds of Siesta Key or Lido Key. It has an upscale feel with beautiful resorts, restaurants, and landscaping. The beach has white sand and beautiful green water.

Is Siesta Key Beach man made?

Siesta Beach (sometimes known as Siesta Key Beach) is a beach located on Siesta Key in the U.S. state of Florida. Unlike beaches elsewhere that are made up mostly of pulverized coral, Siesta Beach's sand is 99% quartz, most of which comes from the Appalachian Mountains.

How long is Lido Key?

Re: Lido Beach how long is it? It's about a 3-mile distance from one end of the Key to the other.

How did Siesta Key get its name?

Barely a year after opening the hotel, Cpt. Robert teamed up with other two partners to form the Siesta Land Company, which mapped out the island and renamed it to Siesta Key. It was renamed to a far more appealing and fresher name than her predecessors, Clam Island, Little Sarasota Island, or Sarasota Key.

How do you get the Longboat Key?

The nearest airport to Longboat Key is Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ). However, there are better options for getting to Longboat Key. You can take a bus from Orlando (MCO) to Longboat Key via International Drive And Hawaiian Court, Orlando, FL - McDonalds, and St. Petersburg, FL - Pilot Travel Center in around 3h 52m.

What airport do you fly into for Longboat Key?

Tampa International Airport. You can also catch a flight 59 miles from Longboat Key in Tampa, at the Tampa International Airport. This airport is much larger than Sarasota-Bradenton, offering direct flights to 146 destinations via the following airlines: Air Transat.

How wide is Longboat Key?

Longboat Key: Land Area: 4.26 square miles. Length: 10.8 miles. Width: .

How big is Longboat Key Florida?

41.44 km²