How do you make a candy sleigh?

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  1. Glue the candy canes onto the bottom of the Kitkat.
  2. Stack the candy bars into a pyramid formation on top of the KitKat, gluing them down as you go.
  3. Wrap the ribbon around the sleigh, tying it on the bottom {as if you were wrapping ribbon around a gift}.
  4. Put the bow on top.

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Similarly, you may ask, how do you make a candy train?


  1. Glue the roll of Lifesavers candy to the pack or gum.
  2. Glue the peppermint candies on each side to make the wheels.
  3. Glue the Hershey's Kiss on the top-end of the Lifesavers to make the train smokestack.

Furthermore, how do you make a Santa sleigh out of Popsicle sticks? INSTRUCTIONS

  1. Paint the small craft sticks whatever color you would like. Allow to dry.
  2. Stain the regular sized craft sticks using a rag.
  3. Glue on the stained sled runners to the smaller popsicle sticks. Again this is much easier to do if you use a skewer or large toothpick to apply the glue.

Also, how do you make a candy cane reindeer?

How to Make Candy Cane Reindeer

  1. Place a dab of craft glue or hot glue on the end of a candy cane's hook and press a red candy or red pom-pom onto the glue.
  2. Smear a strip of glue about 1 inch above the nose and press two googly eyes onto the glue.
  3. Twist a brown pipe cleaner at the top of the candy cane, right where it starts to curve.

How do you make a Hershey Kiss Christmas tree?

Place an inverted (top side down) green-foil peanut butter cup on top of the first one. The bottom peanut butter cup is the pot/planter and the top peanut butter cup is the bottom/base the tree. Brush some corn syrup on top of the tree base. Top with a green-foil hershey kiss.

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What can I do with leftover peppermint candy canes?

Instead of tossing all of your candy canes out in the trash, try some of these inventive recipes, both edible and non.
  1. Peppermint Leftover Candy Cane Brownies.
  2. Peppermint Simple Syrup.
  3. Candy Cane Cupcakes.
  4. Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Mix.
  5. Candy Cane Vodka.
  6. Candy Cane Milkshake.
  7. Candy Cane Cookies.
  8. Candy Cane Sugar Scrub.

What can you do with old candy?

25 Things to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy
  1. Freeze it. Throughout the year, add it to milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream and plain cookie dough.
  2. Bake it into cakes.
  3. DIY trail mix.
  4. Bring it to the Thanksgiving table.
  5. Pair it with wine.
  6. Make homemade flavored vodka.
  7. Put chocolates into your coffee.
  8. Keep some in your purse.

How do you preserve candy canes?

The best way to store candy canes that I have discovered over the years is to place them in an air tight plastic bag, suck all of the air out and then store them in a dry location. Don't put them in the fridge or freezer there is simply to much moisture in there.

How many candy canes come in a box?

Candy Cane Peppermint Flavored | 12 Pieces in Each Box - Net 5.08 Oz Pack of 3 - 36 Total…