How do you know if you have testicular torsion?

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Signs and symptoms of testicular torsion include: Sudden, severe pain in the scrotum — the loose bag of skin under your penis that contains the testicles. Swelling of the scrotum. Abdominal pain.

Then, how common is testicular torsion?

It is most common just after birth and during puberty. It occurs in about 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 25,000 males under 25 years of age each year. Of children with testicular pain of rapid onset, testicular torsion is the cause of about 10% of cases.

Secondly, can you have testicular torsion without pain? Symptoms usually appear suddenly, although in some cases, the torsion can develop over a few days. It is important to seek emergency care for sudden or severe testicle pain. If there is sudden testicle pain that goes away without treatment, it may be that a testicle has twisted and then untwisted without intervention.

Likewise, people ask, how do you fix a twisted testicle?

Surgical repair, or orchiopexy, is usually required to treat testicular torsion. In rare cases, your doctor may be able to untwist the spermatic cord by hand. This procedure is called “manual detorsion.” Surgery is performed as quickly as possible to restore blood flow to the testicles.

Is testicular torsion obvious?

Most of the time there's no obvious cause. Testicular torsion can happen after an injury, during exercise, or even during sleep.

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How can I check my balls at home?

How to check
  1. Hold one testicle between the thumbs and fingers of both hands and roll it gently between your fingers.
  2. Look and feel for any hard lumps, or smooth, rounded bumps, or any change in the size, shape, or consistency of the testicles.
  3. Repeat with your other testicle.

Can testicular torsion fix itself?

Testicular torsion is an emergency: When it happens, a guy needs surgery — fast. Saving the testicle becomes more difficult the longer the spermatic cord stays twisted. Sometimes, the spermatic cord can become twisted and then untwist itself without treatment.

How do you know if your balls are dead?

When the testes die, the scrotum will be very tender, red, and swollen. Often the patient won't be able to get comfortable. Any pain or discomfort in the testes is a sign to get medical help right away. Call your doctor even with no swelling or change in skin color.

Why does one side of my balls hurt?

Pain in the scrotum can be the result of serious conditions like testicular torsion or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Ignoring the pain may cause irreversible damage to the testicles and scrotum. Often, problems with the testicles cause abdominal or groin pain before pain in the testicle develops.

Is the left testicle more important?

Both testicles have veins that attach at different locations. The left testicle is bigger than the right one; therefore, the left vein is longer than the right. Because the left vein is longer, it is subject to more difficulties when draining.

Can you pop your balls?

Balls are more durable than you might think, and most of the time a little sack tap results in nothing more than a few moments of stomach-churning pain. But sometimes, when the planets align and a nut is knocked hard enough or in just the right spot, it can rupture.

Can testicular torsion be mild?

It can occur at any age but usually occurs in young males; this is an extremely painful condition and is the most common cause of testicle loss [3]. Testicular torsion in adults is less common, and ITT in adults is even less reported and may not be considered in the differential diagnosis of acute testicular pain [7].

Why does left testicle hang lower?

It is usually, but not always, the left testicle that hangs lower. The testicles hang in the scrotum by the spermatic cord. They are outside the body because they need to be cooler than the temperature inside the body, in order to make sperm. This lowers the testicles to keep them cooler.

Can a twisted testicle kill you?

When blood flow is cut off, the pain from torsion is severe. The testice becomes swollen, and it can die if not treated. Quick treatment can save your testicle from permanent damage.

Can you flip a testicle?

Testicular torsion happens if the testicle rotates on the cord that runs upward from the testicle into the abdomen. The rotation twists the spermatic cord and reduces blood flow. If the testicle rotates several times, blood flow can be entirely blocked, causing damage more quickly.

How long is recovery from testicular torsion surgery?

Rest at home for several days. You may wear a scrotal support for a week after surgery. Avoid strenuous activity for 1 to 2 weeks. Slowly start doing your normal activities.

Can a man with one testicle have babies?

Can I still have children? Yes, in most cases, people with one testicle can get someone pregnant. Remember, one testicle can provide enough testosterone for you to get an erection and ejaculate. This is also enough to produce adequate sperm for fertilization.

Can sitting for long periods cause testicular pain?

Sexual activity can aggravate the pain. CTP may also worsen when sitting for long periods of time, such as at a desk job or driving a truck. The pain and discomfort may be accompanied by: Swelling and redness of the testicles and scrotum.

What does it mean when one testicle is swollen?

Swollen testicles or swelling of the scrotum can result from testicular torsion, a medical emergency. Inflammation of the testicle (orchitis) or epididymis due to any cause can also lead to testicular swelling. Other causes include anatomical abnormalities, infections, hernia, and tumors.

How can I cool my balls?

Bathe regularly and wear clean underwear and clothes to avoid infections. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. This helps keep the temperature around your testicles lower for better sperm and testosterone production. Maintain a healthy weight.

How long does it take for a swollen testicle to go down?

Acute Epididymitis and Acute Epididymo-orchitis
It can take months for the swelling to ease. Rest with the scrotum raised for a day or two helps speed healing. Cases of tuberculous epididymitis (without surgery) may need months to heal with medicine.

When should I go to the doctor for testicular pain?

It is best to see a doctor if any of the following symptoms accompany testicular pain: discoloration of the testicles. nausea. unusual, bloody or cloudy discharge from the penis.