How do you cross rate in Navy?

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To cross rate, or change jobs, in the Navy, one must verify that they meet the minimum requirements, meet the chain of command, complete the enlisted personnel action request form and ensure they have completed all the necessary training. A Navy career counselor supplies the guidelines for each individual situation.

Just so, can you change your job in Navy boot camp?

Reclassification, Cross Rate or Change of MOS. Once you have enlisted and been assigned to a particular job the ability to change is not a guarantee. This is particularly the case for new recruits who may not have fully understood the MOS they signed up for before heading to boot camp.

Beside above, what is a Legalman in the Navy? Legalman (NOS B630) As Law Office Clerks, Legalmen work under the supervision of attorneys and paralegals to prepare and process legal documents and papers, such as tax forms, legal assistance documents, summonses, subpoenas, complaints, appeals, motions, pleadings, and pretrial agreements.

Also Know, what is the difference between FTS and active duty?

So, the biggest difference between FTS and Regular active duty is that active duty reservists pretty much stay in the states and rotate between Reserve units. That is not to say FTS folks won't get deployed. Depending on the unit, many have been called to war zones.

How do you become a career counselor in the Navy?

Requirements And Qualifications

  1. ASVAB VE and AR scores combined must be 105 or greater, with an individual AR score of at least 50.
  2. Must be at the paygrade of E-5 or E-6.
  3. Must have served at least six years in the Navy, and at least two years in their present rating.

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Can I switch jobs in the Navy?

If you are wish to "cross-rate" or change your job in the U. S. Navy, refer to the Navy Personnel Manual chapter 1440-010, the directive that describes the requirements and qualifications needed. Complete an Enlisted Personnel Action Request Form 1306/7 to formally request to cross-rate to the job you seek.

Can you change your rate in boot camp?

IF you decide to change rates while in boot camp, you really need to be careful. It should not put you back in your training, as all training there is the same for everyone.

How do I change my MOS?

Speak with your company commander or field counselor about your desire to change your MOS. Complete DA Form 4187. This form allows you to make personal requests based on your current needs. Be sure to select the “reclassification” option on the form.

Can you change jobs in the army?

According to, soldiers enlisted in the Army can switch jobs in several ways, including through re-enlistment. If you're in an overstaffed Army MOS and nearing the end of your first enlistment, the Army may let you move into an understaffed MOS.

Can I change my MOS before boot camp?

Yes you can change your MOS once you're in the Army but it's not nearly as simple or easy later on. You have more choices at the MEPS. You could always accept the MOS offered (74d) and sign a short contract (3 years).

Can you change your job while in DEP?

Yes, don't let the recruiter BS you and tell you can't. Of course you have to meet the requirements for whatever you want to change to. You aren't really in the military until you take the oath that second time on the day you ship out for boot camp.

Can you switch jobs in the Air Force?

Air Force Enlisted Re-Training Program. It's not possible to give all new Air Force recruits the AFSC (job) they want, even if they're qualified. Additionally, some Air Force enlisted jobs simply aren't available to first-term enlistees.

Can I change my MOS after AIT?

There are lots of ways that you can change your MOS, but you're going to have to graduate AIT and get to a real duty station first. My advice would be to not worry about reclassing and just get to that duty station and do the job you enlisted for at least 6 months or a year.

Do FTS sailors deploy?

Navy Full-Time Support (FTS) is a program that allows Navy Reservists to perform in positions as full-time active duty members, supporting the Navy Reserve Force. Enlisted FTS personnel serve in demanding billets both at sea and ashore, providing the support necessary to prepare Navy Reservists to deploy when needed.

Why should I join the Navy reserves?

The Navy Reserve provides a flexible employment opportunity to serve while maintaining a civilian career. In addition to regular pay for all time spent training and deployed, a member of the Navy Reserve receives top-of-the-line job training, travel opportunities and even college credit for certain experiences.

What is a Navy Individual Augmentee?

An Individual augmentee is a United States military member attached to a unit (battalion or company) as a temporary duty assignment (TAD/TDY). Individual Augmentees can be used to fill shortages or can be used when an individual with specialized knowledge or skill sets is required.

Can you be a full time reservist?

Army Reserve Full-Time AGR Positions. There are many opportunities to continue your military service as an Active Guard Reservist. AGRs Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers serve in the military reserves but are full-time and have the same benefits as Active Duty Soldiers.

What can you do in the Navy?

But if five-figure bonuses and rapid promotions sound intriguing, here are six sought-after Navy jobs you should know about.
  • Aviation Machinist's Mate (AD)
  • Cryptologic Technicians (CT)
  • Intelligence Specialists (IS)
  • Hospital Corpsmen (HM)
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians (EOD)
  • Aviation Rescue Swimmers (AIRR)

What's the difference between the Navy and the Navy Reserve?

What it means to be in the Navy Reserve. Being a reserve sailor has many of the same benefits as being an active duty sailor and also provides the sailor with the flexibility to continue a civilian job and lifestyle. The biggest difference between the two is the sailor's level of participation.

How much do you earn in the Navy reserves?

United States Navy Reserves Salaries
Job Title Salary
[object Object] - [object Object] $41,694/yr
[object Object] - [object Object] $51,602/yr
[object Object] - [object Object] $34,409/yr
[object Object] - [object Object] $1,742/mo

Is there a Navy Reserve?

The Navy Reserve is a force of highly trained men and women available to meet the expanded needs of the regular Navy. Reservists serve as officers or enlisted personnel, depending on their qualifications and interests. For more on general Reserve benefits and pay, the Benefits section.