How do you cover wide short windows?

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The best way to use a valance above a short and wide window is to pair it with a roman shade. Mount the valance a few inches above the window in such a way that the valance covers the shade when pulled up. By keeping the valance a few inches above the window will also add the illusion of height.

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In this regard, how do you cover a wide window?

6 Curtain Ideas for Wide Windows

  1. Hang Curtains Only on the Edges.
  2. Hang Multiple Lightweight Panels to Create Continuity.
  3. Hang Sheer Curtains Seamlessly.
  4. Swap Curtains For Window Scarves.
  5. Experiment With Color and Fabric.
  6. Utilize Shades With Curtains as Accents.

Secondly, how do you hang curtains on a wide window? Wide curtains require support brackets across the rod, often as close as 24 inches apart, and the curtains must be attached to the rod in such a way that they bypass these brackets. Typically this type of rod has brackets that attach to the top of the rod, and the curtains attach to runners along the bottom of the rod.

Moreover, how can I cover a small window?

How to Cover Very Small Windows

  1. Spray a small door or bathroom window with a glass frosting spray. This is a good option if you want to retain the light source from the window, while ensuring privacy.
  2. Cut a window cling to size and stick it over the small window you want to cover.
  3. Create your own mini-curtains for small windows.

What is the best window treatment for large windows?

A good rule of thumb for covering large windows is to choose lighter materials, like single cell honeycomb shades, real wood blinds, and sheer shades. The lighter the window coverings, the less bowing will occur and the easier it will be to use.

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How do you dress a big window?

How to Choose Curtains for Wide Windows
  1. Extend your curtain pole beyond the window frame.
  2. Transform your wide windows into a statement feature.
  3. Mix and match curtains with voiles.
  4. Break up a large bay window with multiple curtains.

How can I cover a large window inexpensively?

Here are some awesome, easy, and budget friendly ways you can turn your blank window spaces stylish.
  1. Decorate Windows With Zebra Striped Cornices.
  2. Create Bamboo Roman Shades.
  3. Add Fabric to Drop Cloth Curtains.
  4. Use Napkin Rings as Drapery Ties.
  5. Make a Curved Cornice Board.
  6. Make Seasonal Curtains From Tablecloths.

How do you cover a window without curtains?

Install interior shutters on the entire window for a classic alternative to standard curtains. Use shutters on only the lower one-half or one-third of the window so as not to block the view from the room or the natural light. Mount shutters so that they can open flat against the wall for the most versatility.

What are the different types of window treatments?

Take a look at these 12 types of window treatments and learn about the unique features each product provides.
  • Roman shades. Roman shades combine functionality with the soft appearance of drapery. (
  • Shutters.
  • Solar shade window treatments.
  • Wood blinds.
  • Faux wood blinds.
  • Cellular shades.
  • Woven wood shades.
  • Panel track blinds.

How do you dress a small living room window?

Use your small windows to introduce a punch of intense color or a lively pattern into your living room by covering them with fabric Roman shades. Choose a fabric that provides striking contrast against the existing wall color, such as a black window fabric adjacent to a pristine white wall.

How do you cover a small window in a door?

  1. Install wooden or plastic shutters to create a wall of privacy between rooms.
  2. Hang lightweight or sheer curtains to allow sunlight to filter through.
  3. Apply window film to the panels to make the glass opaque.
  4. Use a pair of roller-shades to quickly cover or unveil the French doors.

How do you style a small window?

Color, trim, and cleverly hung treatments can all improve a room with small windows.
  1. Ditch the Dark Curtains and Shades.
  2. Manipulate Height and Width.
  3. Add Embellishments to Moldings and Trim.
  4. Install Plantation Shutters Over the Window.
  5. Play With Patterns.
  6. Harness the Power of Mirrors.
  7. Place Furniture Wisely.

How do you dress an awkward window?

  1. Option #1: Frame Both Windows With Long Panels.
  2. Option #2: Two Sets of Panels with Roman Shades.
  3. Option #3: Rethink Separate Drapery Rods.
  4. Option #1: Use Bay Window-Specific Drapery Rods.
  5. Option #2: Try Separate Rods.
  6. Option #3: Think Outside the Corners.
  7. Option #4: Skip the Panels Altogether.

What are small high windows called?

Clerestory: Clerestory windows were especially popular in Craftsman homes. They consist of a strip of small horizontal panes set high on a wall. Elliptical or arched: Elliptical or arched windows often placed above double-hung or fixed windows in today's new homes.

What do you do with a bathroom window?

Options Under $50
  1. A simple bathroom window curtain panel.
  2. Custom cafe curtains.
  3. Small faux wood shutters.
  4. Double-sided mirror privacy window film.
  5. DIY a roman shade with shower curtain fabric.
  6. Cordless bathroom window shades.
  7. Hang a macrame wall hanging in the window.

How do you wear a voile window?

Wrap the voile curtain around a rod rather than hanging it in the traditional sense, creating a scarf. Leave tails on either end, letting them drape down the sides of the window. Pair this with additional panels, blinds or shades hung over the window, or let the sheer frame the window on its own.

What can I do with short windows?

Simple Ideas for Short Windows
Consider installing long shades that hang well below the short window. A flat or hobbled roman shade will make an excellent statement, and it can be pulled up when light is desired. When the roman shade is down, it will appear that the window is the same size as the shade on top.

What is the most modern window treatment?

Whether it's full and flowing drapes, modern coverings, classic curtains, Roman shades, or laidback shutters, the ideas ahead are sure to inspire a better view at home. If you're lacking on windows, choose sheer panels for maximum light. It'll help keep the room from feeling too closed off.

How do you decorate a small high window?

Small Window Approach #2: Long drapery panels
Adding floor-length drapery panels will help bring visual height to the room. They draw the eye upward and add a good dose of texture. You should mount the rods at least 10-12″ outside of the width of the window so they don't block the light when they're open.

Is it OK if curtains don't touch the floor?

1. The Slight Float – Less than an inch above the floor. If you want to hang your curtains without any break at all, so they hang totally straight then the float is the best option for you. It doesn't touch the floor, but only just barely.

How wide should curtains be for 72 inch window?

Example: If your window measures 36" wide (window width x 2 = 72"), you need curtains that will give a minimum width of 72" or 2 panels for that window. In this case 2 panels will give about 100" to 120" of width which will look nice and full. Always round up to the next full number.

Are curtains out of style?

Just like a short Chanel jacket, classic pleated drapes never go out of style, can be dressed up or down, and never lose their functionality. Overdressed, overlayered curtains that match the overused wall borders are, indeed, outdated.