How do I split a column in Excel 2007?

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Splitting Data into Multiple Columns in Excel 2007
  1. 1If necessary, insert blank columns to the right of the cells you want to convert into multiple columns.
  2. 2Select the cells you want to convert.
  3. 3Click the Text to Columns button on the Data tab.
  4. 4Select the Original Data type that best suits your existing data.
  5. 5Click Next.

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Just so, how do I split a cell in half in Excel 2007?

Click the ribbon's "Home" tab. Click the merged cell you would like to split. Excel displays the "Merge & Center" button and highlights it. Click that button to split the cell back into its original cells.

Furthermore, can you fill half a cell in Excel? In Excel, you cannot only shade half of a cell, but you can use the shape to solve it. Tip: If this direction is not what your need, you can click at the shape to show the Format tab in the Ribbon, and click Format > Rotate, and select the rotation you need from the drop down list.

Just so, how do I split data in one column into multiple columns in Excel?

Depending on how large your data set is, you can select one or more delimiters to split the text in your column.

  1. Select the column with the data you want to split into multiple columns.
  2. Click "DATA" and then select "Text to Columns" to open the "Convert Text to Columns" wizard.

Can I split a cell in half in Excel?

Split cells In the table, click the cell that you want to split. Click the Layout tab. In the Merge group, click Split Cells. In the Split Cells dialog, select the number of columns and rows that you want and then click OK.

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How do I split a cell in half in Word?

First select the cell you want to split. Then, right-click the selected cell and choose the “Split Cells” command from the context menu. (You can also head to Table Tools > Layout > Split Cells on the Word Ribbon if you prefer.) This opens the Split Cells window.

Where is the Layout tab in Excel?

Seek Chart Tools in Ribbon if you do not have Classic Menu for Office
  1. Click the Insert tab;
  2. Go to the Chart Layouts group;
  3. Select one chart type and insert a chart into worksheet;
  4. Select the chart, and then Design tab, Layout tab, and Format tab appear in the far right of Ribbon.

How do I split text in Excel?

Split text into different columns with the Convert Text to Columns Wizard
  1. Select the cell or column that contains the text you want to split.
  2. Select Data > Text to Columns.
  3. In the Convert Text to Columns Wizard, select Delimited > Next.
  4. Select the Delimiters for your data.
  5. Select Next.

How do I separate data in one cell into multiple rows?

Split cells
  1. Click in a cell, or select multiple cells that you want to split.
  2. Under Table Tools, on the Layout tab, in the Merge group, click Split Cells.
  3. Enter the number of columns or rows that you want to split the selected cells into.