How do I pay with GasBuddy card?

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When you go to the gas station and stick your card in, GasBuddy will pay the gas station for your purchase; then GasBuddy will recalculate your cost applying a discount of five cents off per gallon; they'll auto-debit the new amount from your valid checking account.

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Similarly, how do I use my GasBuddy card?

How to use the Pay With GasBuddy card

  1. Insert/swipe the card as directed at the pump.
  2. Select CREDIT if prompted to choose between credit and debit.
  3. If prompted to enter your odometer reading, please enter your current mileage on your vehicle (or press 99 to skip).

Likewise, is GasBuddy card legit? Free discounts are always good, and if you normally pay for gas with cash or use a debit card, then Pay with GasBuddy is certainly a better option. But with the national average gas price of $2.43, saving 5 cents per gallon is only a savings of about 2 percent.

People also ask, how do I pay with GasBuddy?

When you receive your card, and have activated it in the GasBuddy app, all you have to do is swipe the card at the pump, enter your Driver ID, and start pumping to save.

Who accepts GasBuddy card?

All major fuel retailers accept the Pay with GasBuddy card with the exception of the following brands: Exxon Mobil, BJs, Costco, Sam's Club, H-E-B, Select Walmart stations, Select Arco Stations.

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Is the gas buddy card a credit card?

The program is free to join and gives drivers cents per gallon off every fuel purchase. Pay with GasBuddy™ works at stations nationwide, is completely secure and no credit card application is required. Sign up today and start saving!

Is there an app to pay for gas?

Shell's app allows a customer to pay for gas with an eligible Chase Visa card via Chase Pay. The app is available from the Apple and Google Play app stores. Oh, and Chase Pay users can earn 35 cents per gallon in Fuel Perks savings after your first 5-gallon fill-up at Shell.

Does GasBuddy cost money?

Pay with GasBuddy is currently free, but a small annual fee may be added in the future. Those fees are a major expense for gas station operators, so the station saves a lot of money if you pay with this card that's linked to your checking account.

Is GasBuddy card free?

The program is free to join and saves you money at nearly every pump in America. Pay with GasBuddy™ works at stations nationwide, is completely secure, and no credit card application is required. Sign up today and start saving!

How do I cancel my GasBuddy card?

Deactivating your Pay with GasBuddy account
In the meantime, to cancel your Pay With GasBuddycard please submit a ticket using the link below. Be sure to select "Cancel Account" from the Account Information drop down menu. Submit your request here.

Can I use GasBuddy card at Costco?

GasBuddy said its new card works at most stations across the country, including brands like Shell and Mobil. But you won't get the discount at Costco, Sam's Club, ARCO, BJ's Gas and H-E-B stations. The card can only be used for fuel purchases.

How can I get discount on gas?

  1. Buy discounted gas gift cards.
  2. Drive like a sane person.
  3. Strategically time your trips to the pump.
  4. Use your smartphone.
  5. Consider a gas rewards card (your grocery store might even offer one)
  6. Don't let the engine idle too long.
  7. Pay the right way.
  8. Do the proper maintenance.

Is GasBuddy plus worth?

This is the Pay With GasBuddy program, and I've been able to extract some great savings so far. If you drive a decent amount, the cost of Plus ($4.99/month) could be worth it when saving 20 cents a gallon! Fill up 25 gallons and you've covered the monthly fee.

Can I pay for gas using PayPal?

Pay for gas at Shell with the PayPal app. Soon, all PayPal app users will be able to pay for petrol at Shell's stations using their smartphones, the two companies have announced. The receipt will then be sent to the smartphone. The customer never needs to leave the car at all.

Is a gas station a good investment?

Gas stations are a good investment if you have convenience stores on them and if they're off a major highway where a premium can be charged on the gasoline. Owning a gas station is a very hard business from what I understand. Their money is made on the convenience store or autobody shop.

How do I redeem my GasBuddy points?

Just go to Once you sign up, and link your Shop Your Way account with GasBuddy, you will receive a GasBuddy card in the mail. You can use this card to pay at the pump and earn points.

How do I cancel GasBuddy premium?

If you would like to cancel your paid membership prior to renewing the service, please submit a ticket here to start the process. Select Pay with GasBuddy > My Membership > Cancel Membership.

How does GasBuddy gas back work?

GasBack is redeemed by using the Pay with GasBuddy card at the gas pump. Drivers can join Pay with GasBuddy for free and save on every gallon of gas they pump. It works just like any other card you use to pay for gasoline at the pump (with added savings)!

How do you save money on Reddit gas?

Your best bets are as follows:
  1. make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  2. don't put unnecessary crap on your car.
  3. try to make your driving as consistent as possible.
  4. keep speeds lower.
  5. try to commute at lower-traffic times.
  6. plan your fuel fill-ups at stations with reasonable prices.

How much does gas buddy app cost?

GasBuddy then lists the gas stations in your area, letting you find the one with the lowest price. The app incentivizes people to post gas prices by offering a weekly drawing for a $100 gas card. GasBuddy gives users points every time they post prices.