Does your coffee table have to match your end tables?

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Your furniture like your coffee tables, end tables, and tv stand don't need to match. You can feel free to match, for example, the end tables from one set, and the coffee table and TV stand from another, or any mixture of things.

Similarly, you may ask, do side tables need to match?

Keep It Together Choose side tables that are the same height and similar in color family so that the design is still cohesive. Even though they aren't identical, the side tables will feel like they belong together. You can also use matching lamps to bring more consistency to the room.

Subsequently, question is, how do I choose the right coffee table? Traditionally, your coffee table should be 12 to 18 inches away from your sofa—any more or less than that will feel uncomfortably close or far. Between your coffee table and your TV stand or fireplace, you should calculate at least 24 inches to 30 inches to leave enough room for circulating around the space.

Also to know is, how do you match end tables in living room?

Four easy ways to do that:

  1. If you do have a matched set of cocktail and end tables, pop something a little different beside the accent chair.
  2. Match one end table to the cocktail table, and then use a different end table on the other end of the sofa.
  3. Use a unique cocktail table, and match end tables.

How do you decorate a wooden coffee table?

15 Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

  1. Look High and Low. When all items are at the same eye level, nothing gets noticed.
  2. Three's Company. The age-old rule of threes comes in handy when styling your coffee table.
  3. Contrast Colors. Choose decor that plays off the color of your coffee table.
  4. Pick Sides.
  5. Go Green.
  6. Use a Tray.
  7. Be Entertaining.
  8. Examine Every Angle.

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Are end tables out of style?

Yes, they are in style. An overwhelming YES. Even if you happen to buy into arguments or believe a particular design is better without a coffee table, that doesn't mean coffee tables are out of style.

Can End Tables be higher than couch?

Right Height
With the arms of the average couch at 25 inches, this means that end tables may sit above the end of the couch. The end table should be equal to or lower than the highest point of the arm. End tables that are lower than the arm should be taller than the height of the seat cushions.

How do you match a coffee table with a couch?

An important thing to remember is to leave enough space around the coffee table for leg space. Leave at least a foot and a half between the table and the sofa. Your coffee table should be the same height as the seat of your sofa or lower.

Can you use nightstands as end tables?

Yes, there is! An end table is used to be placed next to your sofa in your living room. A nightstand is used to be placed next to your bed in your bedroom.

How high should end tables be next to sofa?

The rule of thumb is that its surface area should be equal to or just below the height of the sofa arms. For a standard sofa, that's around 25 inches, but get out the measuring tape to be sure (I did, and it's a good thing — the arms on mine hit 28 inches). Most end tables are between 22 and 30 inches.

How many end tables should a living room have?

An above view of a contemporary living room with a cowhide rug. This living room has three end tables; one dark wood, two white. Each table sits next to a different seating arrangement. The two white tables sit on one side of the sofa and love seat and are topped by modern lamps in chrome.

How do you style an accent table?

Read on to learn more about how to style accent tables and tips to decorate accent tables of all sizes and shapes.
  1. Add baskets and trays.
  2. Add plants or flowers. Or both!
  3. Play with height.
  4. Lighting definitely counts as decor.
  5. Divide a round accent table in half.
  6. Use tall objects behind a sofa.

Should living room end tables match?

The end tables serve as supporting actors in this scene, so they should match each other. If organization with a sense of flair is more your personality, try matching the end tables to each other with the cocktail and sofa table being different from the ends, but yet a match for each other.

Do my coffee table and TV stand have to match?

Your coffee table doesn't need to match your TV stand! Your furniture like your coffee tables, end tables, and tv stand don't need to match. You can feel free to match, for example, the end tables from one set, and the coffee table and TV stand from another, or any mixture of things.

Do you need end tables in a living room?

Side tables, or end tables, very often hold table lamps and decor, so their size will depend on how many items you need to place on the surface plus how much room you actually have in the space. Place them on the ends of a sofa or side chair and allow enough room for pass-through.

Should my living room lamps match?

If you don't like things to be quite so symmetrical it's perfectly fine to split up a pair and use them in different spots in the room, and if you prefer a less pulled together look use lamps that don't match.

Does all furniture have to match?

Furniture that “matches” is all in the same style, wood, fabric or finish. There may be many different finishes and fabrics involved; you may even combine new pieces with pieces you already have on hand. Coordinating pieces do not need to match.

Where do end tables go?

End tables can typically be found on either side of a sofa or bed, but they also get dotted in various areas all around the house. They're incredibly versatile pieces of furniture and often get moved around from place to place.

How do you decorate an end table?

Tip No 4: Decorate an end table that sits beside a wall with tall objects like this tall vase of dogwood blossoms. Adding a tall vase will soften that corner of the sofa and draws the wall art into a grouping that's cozy and welcoming. If you have a tall table lamp that will also work too!

What size should an end table be?

Most end tables are between 22 and 30 inches. If you can't find tables you like within your target height range, err on the side of shorter rather than taller.

What shape table is best for a small space?

A round table works well in small rooms and smaller square shaped rooms. It creates a cozy and intimate setting, so it's the best shape for a small group of people. A large round table, however, can make guests feel very far away from each other.

What shape coffee table is best for a sectional?

Round coffee tables are a great option for sectionals, especially U-shaped sectionals. Their circular shape creates space in tight quarters and is easier to navigate around, especially when surrounded by seating.