Does Vue cinema have an unlimited card?

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Join Unlimited for a minimum of 12 months, pay your subscription and use your Unlimited Card to access Cineworld Cinemas and watch any public 2D film screening (sitting in one of our comfy standard seats in a standard auditorium), as often as you like.

Besides, how much is an unlimited cinema card?

Cineworld Unlimited price options

All Cineworld Cinemas (Except London West End) All Cineworld Cinemas (Including London West End)
Cost per month (12 months) £17.40 £19.90
Annual cost (one off cost) £202.80 £238.80

Also, can you drink in Vue Cinemas? Vue Cinema, Birkenhead You can take your own cold snacks and non-alcoholic drinks into Vue cinema, but not hot food or alcohol. “We are also happy for our customers to bring in their own cold snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Considering this, is Vue Cinema 3.99 on Mondays?

Vue have a great new offer 'Super Mondays' where all films (excluding event cinema, last chance to see and special showings) are only £3.99 a ticket for anyone every Monday! On Super Mondays, you can enjoy big screen entertainment at your local Vue for a discounted price.

Do Cineworld check unlimited cards?

To use the Unlimited Card in cinema, the Unlimited Member must present it at a Cineworld Cinema box office or Ticket and Concessions stand. The Unlimited Card will be scanned to check its validity and additional identification may be requested.

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What is the cheapest day to go to the cinema?

The cheapest days to go are always Monday to Thursday. Most cinemas have lower prices on these days, and cheaper still before 5pm.

Is it cheaper to buy VUE tickets online?

Is it cheaper to buy Vue cinema tickets online? Generally speaking, ticket prices don't vary in price whether you're buying them online or at the ticket desk. However, buying tickets online will often incur a booking fee on top of the ticket price.

How much is Odeon limitless per month?

To join the Odeon Limitless scheme it will cost you either £17.99 per month for cinemas outside Central London and £19.99 per month for cinemas within Central London (see list of cinemas below). You can pay for your Limitless membership from Odeon monthly by direct debit or 12 months up front in full.

What is unlimited screening?

Take a giant leap into the unknown and see a secret screening of a major film before general release. The screening is for Unlimited members only so make sure your side-kick is an Unlimited member too. Fly in and join us for a wild ride, your fellow Unlimited members are depending on you.

Can you get a Cineworld Unlimited card for just a month?

Enjoy Unlimited Films
Being an Unlimited card holder gives you access to all the 2D films you can handle for one monthly price. Watch what you want, when you want, as many times as you want. Plus, save money when watching films in 3D, Superscreen, IMAX, VIP, D-Box, 4DX, ScreenX and Event Cinema.

Can I cancel limitless?

First, please check the Limitless terms and conditions to make sure you have the right to cancel or terminate If you do have the right and still wish to do so, you'll need to speak to us directly. Please call the Limitless customer service line on 0333 004 4411. Calls are charged at local rates.

Can I cancel my limitless membership?

c) You can cancel your membership within 14 days from the start of your membership without giving any reason. If you want to do this, you must tell us within 14 days from the day your membership starts. You should do this by calling us on the ODEON Limitless customer service number (0330 0246 782).

Can you take your own snacks to Cineworld?

Cineworld is proud to cater for all budgets but as Nicky discovered, Cineworld, although it is not encouraged, does allow customers to bring their own cold food and non-alcoholic drinks as long as they are not deemed inconsiderate to other customers.

Why are Vue cinema tickets cheap?

All Vue tickets are 5 quid now, presumably because they just don't get the audience any other way. They started a trial last year by offering tickets cheaper on Mondays and Tuesdays.

How do I get a discount at Vue Cinema?

5 Top Vue Cinema Discount Codes for March 2020
  1. Enjoy Tickets at Vue Cinema from £4.99.
  2. Enjoy 2 for 1 Cinema Tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Vue Cinema with Meerkat Movies.
  3. Treat the Family to a Day Out at Vue Cinema and Get Family Tickets on Any U, PG or 12A Rated Films.

How do I get 2 for 1 cinema tickets?

  1. Download the MEERKAT MOVIES app or visit
  2. Log into or set up your account to activate your membership and claim your voucher code. You have one voucher code to use every Tuesday or Wednesday at any ODEON cinema.

How do I book a Super Monday at the Vue?

Register at Vue Super Mondays and click 'Activate' to be emailed a unique code. Enter the code online (there's a 75p booking fee), or quote the code to staff at the cinema box office (find your nearest). Tickets can only be booked up to seven days in advance of the film screening.

What is every film every day Vue?

Vue Cinemas, which has Essex locations in Thurrock, Romford and Dagenham, has introduced a new 'Every Film Every Day' offer, which applies to a standard seat in all 2D films.

How much discount is Vue Super Monday?

Vue is offering a "Super Monday" discount and it means you can get tickets for as little as £3.99 every Monday.

How much is popcorn in Vue?

For example, a large Vue sweet popcorn is 198g whereas a large Vue salt popcorn is 158g. This is consistent across all chains.

How much is VUE tickets?

Vue Cinema Prices
Children (2-12 years) £7.79 - £9.39
Teen (13-18) £8.29 - £9.89
Student (with valid ID) £8.79 - £10.39
Adult (19+) £10.39 - £12.29

How do I get cheap Vue tickets on Monday?

On Super Mondays, you can enjoy big screen entertainment at selected Vue venues for a discounted price. Log in and click on the button below to reveal a unique code which we'll send to you via email. When buying your tickets, add it as a promo code to reveal the discounted price.