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You will be a full participant with Dr. Zadeh in your treatment decisions! This great tool will make it possible for you to see close up images of your teeth instantly on large monitors throughout your procedure.

With Dr. Zadeh’s expertise and the images available, you and the doctor can put together a treatment plan that addresses your dental needs and also makes sense to you.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Do you know how many Americans die of oral cancer? Sad to state the fact but it’s ONE each hour which record shows that those statistics haven’t changed in 40yrs! Though the death rates for cancers overall has decreased, the incidence of oral cancer has increased by 5.5% and the death rate has increased by 1.5%.

Too often, Oral cancer is discovered in late stage development. Early detection and diagnosis can make a tremendous difference in life expectancy so don’t wait till it’s too late. Oral cancer is 90% curable when found in its early stages, but facts state that 70% of oral cancers are diagnosed in the late stages, III and IV, leading to a five-year survival rate of 57%. If you think you must be a smoker to get oral cancer then you are wrong; 27% of oral cancer victims have never used tobacco or alcohol and have no other lifestyle risk factors.

The Vizilite Plus exam can help assist us identify abnormal tissue that might develop into oral cancer. An annual Vizilite Plus exam, in combination with a regular visual examination is crucial. The Vizilite Plus exam is painless, fast, and could help save your life so what could be your reasons to bypass such an important exam? Don’t wait any longer and ask us on how you can get a Vizilite Plus exam today.

Why should you get checked for oral cancer?

1) Your Dentist recommends annual ViziLite Plus exams. ViziLite Plus is an exam that can help your Dentist to find abnormalities in the mouth that could be precancerous or even cancer. When oral cancer is found early, treatment is less invasive and outcomes far better.

2) One American Dies every hour from oral cancer. The typical risk factors for oral cancer such as, tobacco use or chronic alcohol consumption, may be commonly known, however, a new risk factor called HPV, is now changing the face of oral cancer. HPV has long been known to cause cervical cancer in women and recent studies show that it may play a role in more that 25% of oral cancer cases. The human papilloma virus is a common sexually transmitted virus that is thought to be causing oral cancer in an increasingly younger patient population. Few people, if any, even know they have it. That is why dentist recommends a potentially lifesaving screening exam called ViziLite Plus.

3) Annual Oral Cancer Screening Exams are Important. When oral cancer is found early, treatment can be successful 82%of the time. Unfortunately, when compared to the survival rate of the other cancers, the survival rate of oral cancer has not improved greatly over the last 30 years. Because early detection is a key to survival, it is important to see your Dentist regularly. An annual screening exam called ViziLite Plus with TBlue, used in conjunction with a routine head and neck examination performed by your Dentist, can help to find abnormalities that could lead to cancer. That’s the kind of screening that could help save lives.

4) Are you at risk?

  • Patients age 40 and older (95% of all cases)
  • 18-39 years of age combined with the following
    • Tobacco use
    • Chronic alcohol consumption
  • Oral HPV infection
  • Highest risk
    • patients age 65 and older with lifestyle risk factors
    • Patients with history of oral cancer 25% of oral cancer occurs in people who don’t smoke and have no other risk factors.

5) How Does ViziLite Plus Work? The ViziLite Plus exam is a painless exam that your dentist can perform in just a few minutes. ViziLite Plus uses a light source that helps to improve the examiner’s ability to identify abnormalities that may have been missed under normal lighting. Your Dentist will conduct the exam as follows. · First the Doctor will examine your mouth and look for any abnormalities. · Next, you will rinse with a solution that will help your Dentist conduct the ViziLite Plus exam. · Then, she will examine your mouth using ViziLite. · If a suspicious lesion is detected, it will be marked with T-Blue, a blue dye, and documented.

6) What Will My Dentist See? Most of the time your dentist will conduct a thorough oral cancer screening examination that includes ViziLite Plus, and will see that everything looks completely normal. That is good news! However, there may be times where your Dentist identifies something that looks abnormal. At that point, your Dentist will use their expertise and may ask you come back in a few weeks to follow up, or may refer you and oral surgeon for biopsy.

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Digital Radiograph

Radiation is reduced by 90%!

Panoramic digital X-ray machine takes a full mouth shot of your entire teeth, in only 17 seconds!!!

The image will also show the sinus, TMJ, Wisdom teeth and the surroundings jaw bone. This is a powerful tool that will help with early diagnosis of problems that can easily be missed in conventional PA and BW X-rays.

With digital X-rays you are only exposed to 10-15% of the radiation, and all images are stored permanently on our computer for instant access and can be shared your specialist electronically; The results are high quality copies that can be used for diagnostic purposes. The color and shade adjustment tools with digital X-ray programs have made it possible for us to help you see what we see!

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Teeth Whitening

Opalescence Boost is so advanced no heat lamps, lasers, or lights are never needed! You can even watch your favorite movie while having your teeth whitened! Boost is the strongest whitening available with best results in CRA study.CRA (Clinical Research Associates) is the Consumer Reports for Dentistry, rating products on effectiveness and safety! This advanced whitening system includes potassium nitrate and fluoride to achieve stronger enamel, decrease sensitivity and prevent decay from occurring.

Results are permanent; your teeth will forever be whiter. The length of time needed before touchups depends on the foods and drinks you consume such as red wine, coffee, tea, grape juice etc, which will stain all teeth whitened or not. Sometimes a simple polish can restore the permanent whitened teeth from stains that are caused by foods and drinks you consume.

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Night Guards

A night guard is an appliance that can be worn at night while sleeping. It’s a flexible but hard plastic material that sits on the bottom teeth and acts as a barrier, protecting your teeth. The hardness of the plastic acts as a durable “wall” between the upper and lower teeth, while the flexibility allows you to gnaw away without cracking your night guard.

Custom made just for you, an impression is taken to create a night guard that fits to your individual bite. You can grind and chew as much as you want, and it slowly wears away at the material. Depending on how severe the grinding is, the night guard must be replaced as it is being worn down.

Not only can night guards save your teeth, they can also make you a healthier person, allowing you to go through your day without having to stress about headaches or soreness or jaw pain. You can sleep sound, knowing that you and your teeth are protected.

Results are permanent; your teeth will forever be whiter. The length of time needed before touchups depends on the foods and drinks you consume such as red wine, coffee, tea, grape juice etc, which will stain all teeth whitened or not. Sometimes a simple polish can restore the permanent whitened teeth from stains that are caused by foods and drinks you consume.

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Snore Guards

A snore guard is a small removable dental appliance made out of plastic that you can wear at night while you sleep. An upper tray is connected on a lower tray and both trays sit on your upper and lower teeth. There are many snore guards that can be purchased online and made at home, but the ones from the dentists show much better results because they are custom made just for you! Not only will impressions of your teeth and bite be taken so that the trays are molded to your mouth, the two trays are also fabricated so that it fixes your particular snoring problem. Each person’s snoring problem is a little different, and different snore guard adjustments may be necessary that can’t be made with at home products.

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Easy Financing Available Through Care Credit

As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer the CareCredit card, the nation’s leading patient payment program. With CareCredit you can finance 100% of your dental care and there are no upfront costs, no annual fees, and no pre-payment penalties. So, you can begin your treatment today and conveniently pay with low, monthly payments.

CareCredit offers a full range of payment plans so you can find one that works best for you. With the popular No Interest Payment Plans there are no interest charges if you pay your balance in full within the specified time period. Monthly payments can be as low as 3% of your balance. For procedure fees from $1000 and up, CareCredit offers 24, 36, or 48 month plan options with low monthly payments available.

CareCredit can be used by the whole family for ongoing treatment without having to reapply. And by using CareCredit for your dental care, you can save your other credit cards for household or unplanned expenses. It only takes a few minutes to apply for CareCredit and you’ll receive an online decision in seconds!

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