Can you be a CNA at 15?

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The standard minimum age for those who wish to apply for a license is between 16 to 18 years old. Flexible schedules as a CNA allow students to work part time while finishing their high school education and continuing their education on to a community or four-year university.

Keeping this in consideration, can you be a CNA at 16?

First, you should be at least 18 years old, although a few states allow 16- or 17-year-olds who have parental consent. A high school diploma or the equivalent is required. Next, you will need to find a CNA training program that is approved by your state. CNA training programs are 4 to 12 weeks long.

Furthermore, what disqualifies you from being a CNA? Unsurprisingly, most states will automatically disqualify a CNA who has been convicted of violent crimes such as homicide, murder, assault, battery, arson, kidnapping or rape. If the offense was committed more than a few years in past, some states will allow CNAs to apply for an exemption.

Accordingly, can you be a CNA in high school?

Many certified nursing assistant programs have flexible admission requirements, and prospective students can apply to most CNA programs online. While many programs require a high school diploma or GED to enroll, some admit high school students, as long as they are at least 16 years old.

Can you be a CNA if you have a felony?

The process of applying for certification varies by state. If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, a background check could disqualify you if you have a prior felony conviction. However, there is some hope as most states handle positive hits on a case by case basis.

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Is CNA exam hard?

Is the CNA Exam Hard? The exam can be hard if Nursing Assistants do not have the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam. The written or oral section of the exam may consist of approximately 70 questions, but the exact number of questions varies by state.

Can CNA give shots?

Scope of Practice
Drugs that may be appropriate for a CNA to administer may include: 1. Oral, topical, suppository, eye drops, ear drops 2. Single dose immunizations administered intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle; and 3. Intradermal injections for allergy testing (Department of Veterans Affairs [DVA], 2013).

Is becoming a CNA worth it?

The pay is better than minimum wage, but not a whole lot better; you'll never get rich as a CNA. Pay is better at hospitals, but you have to have a few years of experience before you can qualify for a hospital job. If you mean worth it in terms of what you get out of the work, that is another matter.

How much do hospitals pay CNAs?

According to the PayScale survey, CNAs earned hourly wages at hospitals that ranged from $9.89 to $12.84 in April 2011. The survey shows they earned wages that ranged from $9.54 to $12.14 per hour at nursing care facilities. The overall salary range for CNAs cited in the survey is $19,599 to $26,475.

Can a CNA work with babies?

CNAs acquire the necessary knowledge and skills through specialized training. Certified nurse assistants interested in pediatrics can work with children from birth to age 18. Satisfy your state's education requirements. Most states require CNA candidates to have a high school education or a GED.

How can I pass CNA exam?

How To Pass the CNA Skills Test
  1. Know your Skills. You'll be familiar with the skills during training.
  2. Practice Brings Confidence. Memorizing the skills is only half the preparation.
  3. Check your State's Requirements. There are similarities in the skills evaluation across state borders.
  4. Sweat the Small Stuff.
  5. Dress the Part.
  6. Taking the Test.

How long is CNA course?

Course Length
The average time within which students complete studies is 31 weeks.

Is a CNA considered a nurse?

A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, helps patients with activities of daily living and other healthcare needs under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). CNA's are also commonly referred to as a Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Assistant (PCA), or a Nurse's Aid.

How much do CNA classes cost?

The average nurse aide program cost is about $71.50 for one credit hour. For out-of-state students, the program cost is about $263.50 for every credit hour. Most CNA Program courses offer career-related program of about 17 credit hours. The length of general education course varies from 10 to 15 hours.

What can a nursing assistant do?

Nursing assistants help patients with activities of daily living like eating and bathing. Nursing assistants, sometimes called nursing aides, provide basic care and help patients with activities of daily living. Orderlies transport patients and clean treatment areas.

How old do you have to be to start CNA classes?

Age. The standard minimum age for those who wish to apply for a license is between 16 to 18 years old. Flexible schedules as a CNA allow students to work part time while finishing their high school education and continuing their education on to a community or four year university.

Can I take the CNA exam without going to school?

It's important to note that most states will not permit you to sit for the examination if you have attended a non-approved school. If you're considering working as a CNA while pursuing a nursing degree, some nursing schools will allow you to transfer credits from an approved CNA program.

What are CNA classes like?

In CNA classes, you'll learn about infection control, taking vital signs and delivering personal care. Topics might also include communication skills and patients' rights. Upon completing your coursework, you'll take the CNA certification exam, which usually includes a multiple-choice exam and a manual skills test.

Where can I get my CNA license for free?

Your local Red Cross may offer free CNA training as well as nursing homes, long-term healthcare facilities, and other job corp resources. The courses and resources available will all vary by state. The free CNA training programs are a risk-free way to discover if the job is for you.

How much do CNA's make an hour?

National Average
CNAs earned an average wage of $12.22 per hour as of May 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The national median rate of pay for this profession was $11.63 per hour, with the bottom 10 percent earning just under $9.00 and the top 10 percent earning almost $17.00 per hour on average.

Can I take my CNA test online?

The clinical part of the exam is done with a state exam representative watching a student perform 3 to 5 skills common in CNA work. Studying for the written part of the exam can be done by working through practice exams found online.

Do you need a high school diploma to become a CNA?

Have a High School Diploma or GED - All accredited CNA programs require either a high school diploma or GED. Complete a CNA Program - With a GED or diploma in hand, you can sign up for a CNA program. Such programs typically run from three to 12 weeks, and they include classroom instruction as well as clinical training.