Are vinyl fences worth it?

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Overall, however, vinyl is one of the most durable fencing materials on the market. It's also worth noting that vinyl fencing requires a larger investment upfront. That said, you'll definitely save money in the long run. Vinyl requires much less maintenance than wood fencing, saving you valuable time and money.

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Simply so, how well does vinyl fencing hold up?

If it's longevity you're looking for, there's a clear winner. Vinyl – It's difficult to damage and can last up to 100 years with minimal maintenance. Wood – With regular maintenance, it usually lasts about 20 years. Higher-quality lumber may last longer.

Also, why are vinyl fences so expensive? Vinyl fences have a similar range of costs, mostly due to the style of the fence rather than the material. Vinyl does cost more than wood at the outset, but it lasts longer and requires no maintenance, which may offset the higher costs in the long run.

Likewise, which is better PVC or vinyl?

Vinyl is a radical of ethane that refers to many different ethylene-based compounds and PVC is polyvinyl chloride and a polymer of vinyl chloride. PVC is a type of vinyl and is one of the most popular construction materials on the market. PVC in present time is created in a lab through a process called polymerization.

What is better a wood fence or a vinyl fence?

Winner: Wood costs less upfront, but vinyl is a better value in the long run. Many people prefer the look of a real wood fence. It is traditional, offers an all-American appeal, and has a lot of character. However, wood also breaks down more quickly.

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How many years does a vinyl fence last?

How Many Years Does a Vinyl Fence Last? Compared to wood and other fence materials, vinyl fence offers impressive durability. On average, a vinyl fence that receives regular care and maintenance can easily last for twenty to thirty years.

How much wind can a vinyl fence withstand?

The average vinyl privacy fence is designed to withstand normal wind. Provided the fence is correctly installed and supported, it should hold up against winds of up to 100 mph.

Do vinyl fences crack?

Vinyl fencing will not last as long as fencing that is made out of rock or stone, which is very solid and can last generations. Vinyl fences do not have a long lifetime in very sunny climates because too much exposure to sunlight can cause them to crack and crumble.

How long should a fence last?

The first thing you should know in estimating the life of your fence is the natural life of your wood. The most commonly used wood types for fences are cedar, spruce, and pine. Depending on the species, cedar may last for about 15-30 years, spruce may last for about 4-7 years, and pine may last for about 5-12 years.

What type of fence lasts the longest?

The most commonly used wood types for fences are spruce, cedar and pine, so the longevity of your fence naturally depends on the type of wood it's made from. Cedar may last for 15-30 years, spruce may last for 4-7 years and pine may last for 5-12 years.

Do vinyl fences fade?

Like vinyl siding and windows, vinyl fencing will lose a little of its sheen overtime. However, it will not fade. Today's vinyl fencing has a chemical formulation similar to sunscreen. It is designed to permanently reflect the sun's rays and hold its colors.

What is the best vinyl fence brand?

  • Veranda Linden Vinyl Pro Privacy Fence – Best Vinyl Fence.
  • Zippity Outdoor Products Manchester – Best Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence.
  • WamBam Premium Vinyl Classic Picket Fence – Best All-Around Value Vinyl Fence.
  • Zippity Outdoor Products Newport – Best Budget Vinyl Fence.
  • WamBam Nantucket – Best No-Dig Vinyl Fence.

How much does the average vinyl fence cost?

Vinyl Fence Cost
The average cost to install a PVC or vinyl fence is $15 to $30 per linear foot with most homeowners spending $2,848 to $5,696 for both materials and professional installation. A typical 6-foot vinyl privacy fence costs $3,702 to install on average.

Why is vinyl toxic?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl) is the most toxic plastic for our health and the environment. During its lifecycle — from production to use to disposal — vinyl releases some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet that have been linked to cancer, birth defects and other serious chronic diseases.

Are there different grades of vinyl fencing?

There are two types of vinyl fencing, consumer and professional grade. Consumer grade vinyl fencing is what you might find at your local “big box” hardware store.

What is the difference between PVC and vinyl fencing?

A vinyl fence starts with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin; so, in terms of the material used, the two kinds of fences are actually interchangeable. The vinyl fence, on the other hand, would mean the PVC-vinyl fences that are molded or made by manufacturers to be sold as alternative to wood fences.

What colors does vinyl fencing come in?

Many people are familiar with the white vinyl fencing but often ask about other vinyl fence colors that are available. Our wide variety of colors are well made. They do not experience excessive fade outdoors like many plastics. We stock the following vinyl colors: Adobe, Beige,Maple, Tan and White.

Are all vinyl fences the same quality?

While all vinyl fences have some characteristics in common, it is not true that every fence that is vinyl is of the same exact quality as another vinyl fence.

What is vinyl fencing made of?

Vinyl fence is a type of plastic fence made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The PVC resin is combined with special ingredients that give vinyl fence exceptional impact strength, durability and weatherability. Vinyl is an easy-care alternative to other fence materials.

Is PVC fence toxic?

Vinyl Fencing is Non-Toxic: Unlike many plastic materials, vinyl fencing is not treated with harsh and hazardous chemicals. As vinyl is recyclable, it is spared from being treated or coated with such chemicals as to protect the surrounding environment.

How long does a metal fence last?

How long do they last? Protect the finish and you can get 20 years or more from hollow steel. A solid-steel, cast-iron, or tubular-aluminum fence can last a lifetime.