Why is the chapter entitled The sound of the shell?

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Why is the chapter entitled "The Sound of the Shell"? Because they discover the conch and use it to call everyone to the beach. The conch symbolizes authority and parliamentary order. He had a natural leadership about him and he had the conch.

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In this regard, what does the sound of the shell mean?

Significance of Chapter Titles in Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 is called "The Sound of the Shell." This refers to the conch shell which Piggy finds on the beach. He gives the shell to Ralph and shows him how to blow it. When Ralph blows the shell all of the other children assemble.

Also Know, why is Chapter 10 entitled the shell and the glasses? Piggy's glasses quickly become the symbol for life because with them the boys can make fire for nourishment and rescue. In chapter ten, though neither the glasses nor the shell are physically destroyed, both of them are symbolically destroyed, as are order, civilized behavior, and life.

Consequently, what is Ralph's attitude towards piggy in the first chapter?

Ralph's attitude is one of shaky friendship mixed with condescension. He seems callous and unaware of Piggy at first: when Piggy asks his name, he does not ask Piggy in return. He replies "Sucks to your auntie" and "Sucks to your ass-mar" to Piggy's attempts at casual conversation.

What does the sound of the shell represent to the boys?

It represents civilization and democracy. Ralph first blows the conch to call all the other boys on the island together to form a civilization. All the boys then vote him as the leader because he called them together and they all see Jack as an unattractive threat. The boys then use the conch as a right to speak.

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What is the irony of the dead parachutist landing on the mountain?

The irony of the dead parachutist is that he represents the world of adults. But, hey, he's dead as a result of war caused by adults. War is chaos. Chaos is coming to the island because the boys cannot agree and be civilized.

Why are we not given their names at first?

Why are we not given their names first? We are given the imagery first so we can form our own thoughts about the character, then later on the author starts to make the reader feel that they are a character in the story instead of just reading the story.

How is piggy excluded from the group?

How does this help the group? Initially Piggy is excluded when Ralph reveals his nickname to the group. Later he is excluded again when Ralph leads an expedition to explore the island. The group seems to join together when its members exclude Piggy.

Why does Jack hesitate to kill the pig in Lord of the Flies?

Jack's brief hesitation allows the piglet to escape from the creepers. Immediately after the piglet escapes, Jack insists that he was choosing the right place to bring his knife down, which is why he hesitated to kill the defenseless animal.

Why does Piggy want Ralph in charge?

Piggy is adamantly against the notion of Ralph stepping down from being the chief. He reasons with Ralph that Jack respects him more. Piggy's own well-being is his central interest in persuading Ralph to remain as the chief of the boys. Piggy fears what Jack might do without Ralph to stand in his way.

What is Chapter 2 about in Lord of the Flies?

In Chapter Two of Lord of the Flies, Ralph, Jack, and Simon return from their expedition and tell the group about it. A small boy tells Ralph that he has seen a snake-like beast and is afraid of it, though Ralph brushes him off.

What is the scar?

The scar refers to the area of the island that is damaged when the plane carrying the boys crashes into it. The plane makes an indention on the beach that continues into the trees at its edge. Symbolically, the scar represents the encroachment of civilization into the previously natural and undisturbed island.

How does Jack treat Piggy in Chapter 4?

When Piggy shrilly complains about the hunters' immaturity, Jack slaps him hard, breaking one of the lenses of his glasses. Jack taunts Piggy by mimicking his whining voice. Ralph goes to Piggy to use his glasses to light a fire, and at that moment, Jack's friendly feelings toward Ralph change to resentment.

What is Jack's main priority in Chapter 4?

Ralph allows Jack to hunt as long as his group of hunters maintain the signal fire. Another one of Ralph's main concerns is that the signal fire stays lit. In Chapter 4, Ralph spots a ship passing the island, but when he looks at the mountaintop, the signal fire has gone out.

What starts calling Piggy Ralph?

Piggy, in his desire for friendship, makes his first mistake on the island by revealing the name given to him from former tormenters. Later during the first meeting, Jack calls him 'Fatty' but Ralph interrupts with a shout: 'His real name's Piggy!

Why is Piggy afraid of Ralph?

Piggy fears that Ralph will give up being chief and allow Jack to tyrannically rule freely over the boys. Piggy knows that without Ralph, he will not be able to defend himself against Jack and his savages. Ralph's main fear is never getting off of the island.

What does Ralph always say in response to Piggy's asthma?

What does Ralph always say in response to Piggy's asthma? "Sucks to your ass-mar." "Too bad.

How does Jack treat the Littluns?

Ralph and Jack treat the littluns very differently. They are both natural leaders, but in different ways. Ralph is respectful and somewhat gentle with the littleuns, and is willing to listen to them at meetings. Jack treats them differently.

How does Ralph and Piggy's relationship change?

Ralph and Piggy have a normal relationship in Lord of the Flies as if it was a real life situation. The boys' new nothing about each other but the longer they were together the more they got to know each other and the more they understood each other and agreed upon things.

How does Piggy spend his days?

How does Piggy spend his days? Why? He mainly spends them alone since he feels left out of the group. It is as if his opinions and ideas count for nothing.

What question does the Littlun with the birthmark raise?

The littleun with the mulberry colored birthmark raises the question of the "beastie." He says it's a snake-like thing and he is afraid of it. Ralph tells him that there is no such thing.