Why is pip ashamed of Joe when he meets Miss Havisham?

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Joe spiffs himself up and heads with Pip to Miss Havisham's, where he is so intimidated by the old woman that every time she asks him a question, he directs his reply at Pip. Pip is ashamed of Joe, more so because he can see in Estella's eyes the mischievous glimmer of condescension.

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Thereof, how did Joe's visit with Miss Havisham make PIP feel?

Joe dresses up in his Sunday best to go with Pip to see Miss Havisham, the wealthy but reclusive woman he has been visiting. Joe is trying to look nice, but Pip feels that “he looked far better in his working dress” because he is so uncomfortable dressed up “like some extraordinary bird” (ch 13, enotes etext p. 70).

Secondly, why did PIP lie about Miss Havisham? Pip lies to Mrs. Joe and Uncle Pumblechook because he does not want to tell them what happens at Miss Havisham's house. He does not think they will understand. The events, and Miss Havisham, are “incomprehensible” to him (p.

Also question is, what reasons does Joe give PIP for not standing up to his wife?

Joe tells Pip he doesn't stand up to his wife because she is a master-mind.

What does Miss Havisham pay Joe for Pip's apprenticeship?

Miss Havisham wants Joe to come to her house because she wants to pay for Pip's apprenticeship. What does Miss Havisham pay Joe for Pip's apprenticeship? Miss Havisham pays Joe 25 guineas.

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Why was Pip ashamed of Joe?

Pip is ashamed of Joe, more so because he can see in Estella's eyes the mischievous glimmer of condescension.

Why does Pip confide in Biddy?

Finally, Pip tells Biddy the reason he wants to be a gentleman is that Estella told him he was coarse and common. Pip says he will always confide in her. Biddy tries to say that he won't once he is a gentleman. Pip argues that he won't ever become a gentleman, so he will always confide in her.

How do Miss Havisham's relatives feel about PIP?

Miss Havisham's relatives do not like Pip; they want him to be a failure in life and to make her think less of him. When her relatives write to Miss Havisham, they say that Pip is a trial on them. They say that he's frustrating and makes their lives worse.

Who does Pip meet in the graveyard?

a blacksmith. Who does Pip meet in the graveyard? Pip meets a convict in the graveyard. You just studied 76 terms!

How does PIP feel about becoming Joe's apprentice?

Time passes as Pip begins working in Joe's forge; the boy slowly becomes an adolescent. He hates working as Joe's apprentice, but out of consideration for Joe's goodness, he keeps his feelings to himself. As he works, he thinks he sees Estella's face mocking him in the forge, and he longs for Satis House.

What events occur during Pip's second visit to Miss Havisham?

Pip makes a second visit to Miss Havisham's house. He sees some other people who wait on her, most of them cousins and various other relations. He is taken into a room where a table is decorated with a wedding cake that has long since rotted and is now full of insects.

What does Pip find when he goes to see Miss Havisham?

Pip recognizes him, and his "smell of soap," as a man he had once run into at Miss Havisham's house years before.

Who is the mysterious stranger that visits PIP at the pub What are Pip's expectations on learning about the reason for the man's visit?

The mysterious stranger is a London lawyer named Jaggers. Pip is surprised at first, but then pleased with the news that he now has “great expectations.” One day Pip is in the pub with Mr. Wopsle reading a newspaper about a crime in London when a man who seems to have knowledge of the crime interrupts.

Did PIP marry Estella?

Pip goes to Cairo and Estella marries someone else. There are two endings of the book. Charles Dickens was advised by a friend to make the ending a little happier, so he revised it. However, in both endings Pip and Estella do not get together.

Does Biddy marry Joe?

Biddy the Wife
Much to his surprise, Pip finds that Biddy has married Joe. Joe is Pip's father figure, so that's awkward.

How old is Pip at the end of Great Expectations?

This story begins when Pip is seven years old and ends (with the alternate ending) when he is nearly 35. The first six chapters cover just a couple of days, when Pip meets the convict.

What does Pip realize at the end of Great Expectations?

When Mr. Jaggers arrives and announces Pip's "great expectations," Pip believes then that he will, indeed, be a gentleman. However, what Pip has searched for in his wealth and social rise in London has always been right at home. Then, as Magwitch passes away, Pip prays, "O Lord, be merciful to him, a sinner."

How did Havisham die?

Miss Havisham dies because she goes too close to her fireplace in her distraught condition after asking Pip to forgive her. The material of her old wedding dress, which she has worn for decades, is so rotted that it immediately goes up into flames.

Why did orlick attack Mrs Joe?

When Pip and Joe return from the town they find Mrs Joe has been attacked. Biddy suspects her attacker is Orlick because Mrs Joe draws a hammer which she associates with Orlick. Also she behaves subserviently around him, as if she is frightened of him and wants to appease him.

What's significant about pips decision to marry Biddy?

The character of Estella is important in the story since she is the first love of Pip. When Pip was a child he fall in love with Estella but he saw her as unreachable for being of an upper class. When Pip decided to marry Biddy, the story is telling the audience that finally Pip shows that he no longer loves Estella.

Who nurses PIP back to health?

Pip also gets very sick and is himself arrested for not paying his debts. Joe comes and nurses Pip back to health and tells him Miss Havisham has died, leaving a large amount of money to Mr. Matthew Pocket. Before returning to his forge, Joe also pays off Pip's debt.