Why is Kevin not in BSB anymore?

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When news of Kevin leaving the band was fresh, he claimed that he had made the tough decision in order to move onto the next chapter in his life. And AJ said that this was partly true. “Back in 2005 Kevin left the band for personal reasons to start a family and pursue acting,” started AJ.

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Then, when did Kevin come back to BSB?

band announces at London concert over the weekend. Kevin Richardson is Backstreet's Back, all right. The fifth member of the Backstreet Boys has announced that he is formally rejoining the group after leaving in June 2006.

Also Know, where does Kevin Richardson BSB live? Kevin Richardson's House in Lexington, KY (Google Maps)

Simply so, why did BSB break up?

Fans of The Backstreet Boys went into a meltdown when Kevin Richardson left the group in 2005 for 'personal reasons', prompting theories the band may have broken-up. AJ said after Keith left the band, the other boys continued without him, releasing Unbreakable in 2007 and This is Us in 2009.

Is the Backstreet Boys still alive?

The group consists of AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell.

Backstreet Boys
Years active 1993–present
Labels K-BAHN RCA (current) Jive BMG (former) Legacy
Associated acts NKOTBSB New Kids on the Block NSYNC Aaron Carter Nick & Knight
Website backstreetboys.com

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Who is the richest Backstreet Boy?

Backstreet Boys: $210 Million
  • Nick Carter: $35 million.
  • Howie Dorough: $45 million.
  • AJ McLean: $45 million.
  • Kevin Richardson: $40 million.
  • Brian Littrell: $45 million.

Who is the oldest BSB?

Born on 20 February 1975, Brian Littrell is now 43 years of age. Brian would have been just 18 years old when the pop group first formed. AJ McLean is currently 40 years old – he was born on 9 January 1978. The Backstreet Boys vocalist was just 15 years old in 1993.

Who is Kevin Richardson's wife?

Kristin Richardson
m. 2000

Are Kevin and Brian Cousins?

Personal life. Kevin is a first cousin of fellow Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell. Richardson has been married to Kristin Kay Willits, a dancer, actress, photographer and model, since 2000. They met when they both worked at Disney World.

What's wrong with Brian Littrell's voice?

Among many of the struggles the Boys get candid about in their story, it was revealed that group member, Brian Littrell has been suffering from Muscle Tension Dysphonia. This is a condition that causes the sound and feel of his voice to change due to extreme muscle tension in and around the voice box.

Where does Brian Littrell live now?

As of 2019, the family lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, near Atlanta.

Who came first Backstreet or nsync?

Prior to 'N Sync's 1998 release, Backstreet Boys had just cracked the code. While not yet the phenomenon they would become with 1999's Millennium, they did make it to Number Four with their self-titled U.S. debut in January 1998.

Are Nick Carter and Brian Littrell friends?

Brian Littrell was “almost a father figure” to Nick Carter, and the two were inseparable. Nick Carter was almost a decade younger than the oldest member of the band, Kevin Richardson, and about a half a decade younger than Brian Littrell. They were Frick and Frack, which fans had nicknamed them,” McLean said.

Are all the Backstreet Boys back together?

The Backstreet Boys celebrate their 25th anniversary. Everybody: Backstreet's back! Or more accurately, they've been here all along — for 25 years, now. On Friday, the Backstreet Boys — Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, and Kevin Richardson — celebrated their 25th anniversary.

What is Nick Carter's middle name?

Nickolas Gene Carter (born January 28, 1980) is an American musician, singer and actor. He is best known as a member of the pop group the Backstreet Boys.

Is there an opening act for the Backstreet Boys DNA tour?

The opening
Indeed, it was his 16-year-old son, Baylee Littrell.

Where is Kevin Richardson now?

Kevin Richardson, 44
Today, Kevin lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters. He works as an advocate for criminal justice reform, and continues to speak about his experiences at various events.

Where did Kevin Richardson meet his wife?

Happily ever after -- Disney style. Kevin Richardson and his wife, dancer-actress Kristin Willits Richardson, met while the pair were working together at Florida's Walt Disney World in 1993. Kristin was playing Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" while Kevin was performing as Aladdin.

Is Hannah B dad a Backstreet Boy?

To be clear: Hannah Brown's dad is not Joey Fatone, and he is not a Backstreet Boy. Back in the day, he did look a lot like him, though.

Where is Kevin Richardson from?

Lexington, Kentucky, United States

How long has Kevin Richardson been married?

After almost seven years of dating, the couple announced their engagement on MTV in February 2000 and married in June 2000 in Kentucky. Since then, the couple have expanded their family and have two sons: Mason, who was born in July 2007, and Maxwell, who was born in July 2013.