Why are white cabinets so popular?

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Laundry Rooms & Bathrooms
Another reason white shaker cabinets are popular is because they look great in other areas of the house, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms. Not only do they make the room stylish, but the white makes it look clean and organized.

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Similarly, why do people like white cabinets?

Finally, white in general reflects light, so white cabinetry will help to brighten a darker space or a kitchen that doesn't have any natural light. White cabinets with a glossy finish will further help bounce light around, and can give the illusion of a larger space.

Similarly, what color kitchen cabinet is most popular? Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2019 And no surprises here—most homeowners are still choosing white cabinets (43 percent), which have held onto the top spot for the past three years. In second place is wood cabinets (25 percent), followed by gray cabinets (11 percent).

Also to know, are white kitchen cabinets still popular?

These days, kitchen cabinets are indulging in a little color or sometimes no color at all! Going into 2020, wood stained kitchen cabinets will still be popular in more traditional kitchens, but white, gray, two-toned and even blue cabinets are on the rise.

Are white or dark kitchen cabinets more popular?

If you go with dark cabinets, choose some light hues for other things. Black and white is a popular combination, especially for more luxurious kitchens. White is a go-to color that complements most darker shades, but other lighter colors, such as yellow for a backsplash or red for an accent wall, can work as well.

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Is white cabinets going out of style?

While the all-white kitchen will probably never go out of style, there are lots of new design trends for 2020 that will make you equally happy. Think: natural elements with some pops of color.

Are white kitchens still in style?

Out: Lots of white. While white has been a long-time standard in kitchens, the all-white kitchen in no longer in vogue. Try Instead: For wall color and backsplash tile, go for neutral tones. Try Instead: Concrete countertops, which pair well with the natural tones and colors being used kitchens.

Should kitchen cabinets be white?

Here's what you should consider before making a final decision for your kitchen cabinet color. White cabinets are a great choice for a clean and crisp look. However, too much white can make a space feel cold and clinical. It's also important to consider the constant maintenance white kitchen cabinets will require.

Should I paint kitchen cabinets white?

White Kitchen Cabinets
One of the reasons white is such a popular color is because it makes all of the other colors in the kitchen pop (such as the walls and counters). White painted cabinets can make a smaller kitchen appear larger just like painting the walls a lighter color can do.

Are GREY cabinets going out of style?

Something about grey works just perfectly for kitchens. More and more homeowners are opting out of the popular all-white or wood-brown cabinet styles to try out grey painted kitchen cabinets. One common reason why homeowners avoid grey is the color's association with dullness, modesty, and boredom.

How long do white cabinets last?

The Classic look that will never go out of style
This type of cabinet will still look good after five years, and some long-time homeowners have been content with this choice after 20 years, from traditional to modern homes, white kitchen cabinets can work with any home decor.

Is a white kitchen Classic?

25 White Kitchens That Look Like Design Heaven. There's a reason white kitchens are such a classic. They're bright, clean, and don't require a lot of stressful color decisions when decorating (because literally, everything is white).

Are white kitchen cabinets hard to maintain?

The question is, are white kitchen cabinets difficult to keep clean? Yes, and no! Kitchen cabinets are prone to spills from cooking, fingerprints on the cabinets, and general grime from airborne food residue. These things all build up over time, so it's not as easy to keep them clean as something like a white ceiling.

Is Gray going out of style 2020?

In fact, the majority of designers agreed that we're going to see less cool grays and whites in 2020. "Gray will move into an accent position, and no longer be a main color," one said. Designers also say there will be more of a focus on more playful decorating, when it comes to both colors and textures.

What are popular kitchen colors for 2020?

Rather than to choose just one color for the kitchen cabinets, the trend in 2020 is to choose one or several elements, like the kitchen island, kitchen wall cabinets or base cabinets in daring colors, like dark red, bright yellow, green or navy blue.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2019?

Grey is the ultimate color for homeowners who want something different … but not that different. Its neutrality allows for a kitchen that is bold and modern, while remaining clean and versatile. Feel free to marry your grey kitchen cabinets with any number of bolder colors in wall, tile, or floor colors.

What are kitchen trends for 2020?

Kitchen trends 2020 – these latest designs are ahead of the curve
  • STONE AGE. It's the time of strongly veined marble, the busier the better for unmissable luxury and next-level style.

What color kitchens are in style 2019?

The Kitchen Trends That Are Going To Be Everywhere In 2019
  • White Cabinets Are Over. Pernille Loof.
  • Minty Fresh. John M.
  • Natural Stone. Courtesy of Nicole Franzen.
  • Matte Black Everything. Douglas Friedman.
  • High Tech. Samsung.
  • Hoodless Ventilation. Westend61Getty Images.
  • Clutter-Free Counters.
  • Chunky Hardware.

What color kitchen cabinets are in style 2019?

10 Kitchen Trends in 2019 That Will Be Huge (and 3 That Won't)
  • Matte Black Cabinetry. 1/13. Matte Black Cabinetry.
  • Concealed Vent. 2/13. Concealed Vent.
  • A Curated Collection. 3/13. A Curated Collection.
  • Wood and White. 4/13. Wood and White.
  • Industrial Countertops. 5/13. Industrial Countertops.
  • Mixed Metals. 6/13. Mixed Metals.
  • Special Sinks. 7/13. Special Sinks.
  • Forged-Iron Shelves. 8/13.

Do white appliances look dated?

In fact, many white appliances lend themselves to a minimalist kitchen, providing a sleek, clean look in bright whites. If the familiar feel of all white appliances is what you're looking for, you can certainly find it. And it doesn't have to mean dated design either.

What color appliances go best with white cabinets?

Kitchens with white or light cabinetry look best with white appliances. It also works in kitchens that don't have a lot of natural light or are compact. Consider white appliances if you have light countertops, such as marble or white quartz, so that all of your surfaces blend together for a seamless look.

Are white cabinets timeless?

The classic white kitchen is sometimes critiqued for being a little boring—but there's one solid reason to opt for this color in the kitchen: It will never go out of style. According to Houzz's trend report, a whopping 43 percent of renovating homeowners opted for white cabinets.