Who was Moesha first boyfriend?

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Fredro Starr (Q)
Fredro was already a successful rapper when he played Moesha's boyfriend Q (who always called her 'Shorty') on the show.

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Also asked, did Moesha and Hakeem get together?

Moesha is offered a summer job touring as a business manager for Q's rap group. They later went on tour together and Moesha broke up with him and she and her boyfriend, Hakeem ended their relationship. After Moesha and Q call of their engagement Hakeem and Moesha get back together.

Additionally, how old is Moesha? Moesha is 15-16 in Season 1, 16 in Season 2, 16-17 in Season 3, 17 in Season 4, 17-18 in Season 5, and 18-19 in Season 6. Franklin "Frank" Mitchell (played by William Allen Young) – A Saturn car dealer and father to Moesha and Myles.

Beside this, who does Moesha end up with?

When UPN decided they didn't want to renew the show after Season 6, the series ended with Myles being kidnapped, a mysterious pregnancy test found in Moesha's dorm room trash, and Mo mulling over the idea of moving in with Hakeem.

What college did Moesha go to?

Moesha Mitchell. high school to college moesha does it all with her success!!!

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Why did the Parkers get Cancelled?

Vaughn said she terminated the pregnancy because she believed the series, which was conceived as a vehicle for her, would likely have been canceled had she gone through with the pregnancy. The character of Nikki Parker is 18 years older than her daughter Kim.

Why did Moesha resent her father marrying Dee?

Why did Moesha resent her father marrying Dee? She thought Dee was after her father's money. She wanted to run the household herself. She had another girlfriend in mind for Frank.

Who was pregnant on Moesha?

If you recall correctly, the UPN series ended on a major cliffhanger. Moesha was wondering if she should move in with Hakeem (R.I.P. Lamont Bentley), a mysterious pregnancy test found in Moesha's dorm room revealed positive results and Myles was kidnapped by a rival of Dorian (portrayed by Ray J).

What happened to the white girl on the Parkers?

Jenna von Oÿ - Stevie Van Lowe
Known as the white girl with a booty on The Parkers, the singer/actress remains under the radar these days. When the show ended, she appeared in a television movie Marsha Potter Gets a Life and an episode of Cold Case. She released her debut album in 2007 entitled Breathing Room.

In which season do Hakeem and Moesha first kiss?

In which season do Hakeem and Moesha first kiss? This happened on the episode "Basket Case." In it, Moesha "wins" a date with Hakeem in a school fundraiser in which the girls date the boys whose basket they bought.

What happened to Lamont Bentley?

"Moesha" Star Killed in Crash. The Moesha family is mourning the loss of one of its own. Lamont Bentley, who starred as Hakeem Campbell on the UPN sitcom, died Wednesday when he was thrown from his vehicle just outside Los Angeles. He was pronounced dead at 12:23 a.m. Wednesday.

Is Moesha and The Parkers connected?

The Parkers is an American sitcom that aired on UPN from August 30, 1999, to May 10, 2004. A spin-off of UPN's Moesha, The Parkers features the mother-daughter team of Nikki (played by Mo'Nique) and Kim Parker (played by Countess Vaughn).

When did Moesha end?

May 14, 2001

Who played Moesha's dad?


Who played Moesha stepmother?

Brandy Norwood just revealed some major news. While attending the 29th annual DIVA Foundation event that was hosted by Sheryl Lee Ralph, who played her stepmom Dee Mitchell on Moesha, Brandy was asked by Ralph if she'd be interested in reviving the show, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Why did Sheryl Lee leave Moesha?

Moesha's mom quit the show
Sheryl Lee Ralph, the actress who played Moesha's mom, left the show after she didn't like the storyline of one of the episodes, "Secrets & Lies." In the episode it was revealed that Dorian, played by Ray J, was a bastard child.

What was the last Moesha episode?

Paying the Piper

Did Kobe Bryant play on Moesha?

`MOESHA' BRINGS KOBE BRYANT'S ACTING DEBUT. He'll make his acting debut Tuesday at 8 p.m. on "Moesha," the UPN sitcom (locally on WTXX, Channel 20) that stars singer Brandy Norwood. In the episode, called "The Whistle Blower," Bryant plays a student who gets help from Moesha in preparing to retake his SATs.

How was Dorian related to Moesha?

The child Dorian Long, (portrayed by Brandy's real life brother Ray J. Norwood) was raised as Frank's sister, Sandy as his nephew. Dorian believed Sandy Mitchell was his adopted mother but it turned out that Barbara Lee that was his real birth mother.

How old was Brandy when she did Moesha?

Brandy explains how 'Moesha' almost didn't happen
After the success of her debut album, she received the shock of a lifetime in an unexpected career opportunity. While working on her sophomore album Never Say Never, a then 16-year-old Brandy was approached by her mom/manager, Sonja Norwood, with a stack of papers.

Where is miles from Moesha?

A Los Angeles native, Paulk made numerous TV appearances as a child actor before landing the role of Myles Mitchell on “Moesha,” which was set in South Central Los Angeles. Brandy played Moesha, and Myles was her smart-mouthed kid brother.