Who sings Nationwide is on your side commercial?

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You can watch the new Nationwide Insurance Commercial featuring Tori Kelly who sings a song for this commercial. Tori Kelly has played in commercial for Nationwide Insurance.

Likewise, people ask, who is the singer in the nationwide commercial?

Brad Paisley

Likewise, is On Your Side commercial? Jana Kramer Becomes the New Voice of Nationwide's 'On Your Side' Jingle. Newcomer Jana Kramer's voice will soon be heard more than ever before, as the brown-haired 'One Tree Hill' star has signed on to sing the well-known Nationwide Insurance jingle, 'On Your Side,' in a new series of commercials.

Herein, what is Nationwide is on your side?

An On Your Side® Review is a free insurance review Nationwide offers to all members. It consists of a brief chat with your Nationwide insurance professional to give you the confidence you need to know that you're protecting what's most valuable to you.

Who is the country singer that does the commercials with Peyton Manning?

Brad Paisley

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How much does Peyton Manning make nationwide commercial?

With $12 million in endorsement deals from companies like Nationwide Insurance, Buick and Papa John's Pizza, quarterback Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos makes more in endorsements than any other NFL athlete, according to Forbes.

Are Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley really friends?

Brad Paisley and Peyton Manning Team Up for Commercials. The two best friends there ever could be! Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley teamed up for a few more Nationwide commercials, and they're actually pretty funny!

Does Peyton Manning own nationwide?

Peyton Manning is not hurting for money. Manning has sold his stake in 31 Denver-area Papa John's franchises, he remains a corporate pitchman for Nationwide Insurance, and he played the part of Guapo in the Academy Award-nominated animated film “Ferdinand,” staring John Cena, in 2017.

What commercials did Peyton Manning do?

The 9 Peyton Manning commercials that make us laugh the most
  • Peyton Manning's funny commercials. Manning has done a series of DirecTV commercials.
  • Buy some bigger shirts. Manning did a series of commercials for MasterCard in which he shared his wisdom on various subjects.
  • Laser rocket arm.
  • D-caf!
  • Cut that meat!
  • -
  • Football on your phone.
  • It's like, aaaaahhhhhhh!

Is Peyton Manning in a band?

"Yes we are, we are a band," Manning says. "I am in a band." After the Cardinals announced Tuesday that they are re-naming their stadium "State Farm Stadium," perhaps the Broncos should consider "Nationwide Stadium at Mile High" for their own stadium. Manning would certainly be a great pitchman for such a mashup.

What insurance company does Peyton Manning advertise for?

The original spot for Nationwide features Peyton Manning making a series of declarative statements to the tune of the insurance giant's trademark jingle.

Is Nationwide really on my side?

Nationwide is Not on Always on Your Side. Nationwide Mutual Insurance.

What insurance is on your side?

UTV insurance is a specialized off-road vehicle insurance policy designed for owners of side-by-side utility vehicles. It provides UTV owners with financial protection after accidents or collisions. More comprehensive policies also protect the owner's investment by covering loss or damage to the vehicle.

Who are the nationwide advert couple?

The building society is now looking at working with the Met Police and other bodies to tackle the threats made against the comedy duo, whose real names are Nicola and Rosie Dempsey.

When did the Nationwide jingle first appear?

It's that jingle, written by Kentuckian J.D. Miller in 1977, to the words “Nationwide is on your side.” Once heard, never forgotten.

Who plays guitar in nationwide commercial?

And Platten isn't the only pop star singing for Nationwide. The new advertising campaign, which launched Aug. 4, also includes a commercial featuring country music star Brad Paisley playing guitar and singing about the different ways the insurance company protects its members.

Can Peyton Manning sing?

March 14 (UPI) -- Former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning recently showed off his country singing prowess. After singing with Rhett, Manning sang Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues in a solo performance, according to the Indianapolis Star.

How old is Kimberly Paisley?

48 years (September 14, 1971)